Monday, October 20, 2014

Good bye to the MTC

                                                        New mission call to Atlanta!

Wow, what an eventful week! Where do I even begin... Well, if any of ya'll haven't heard, I'm getting reassigned to Atlanta Georgia while I wait for my visa.  I'm so excited! I'm leaving tomorrow morning at 2:30 am (blehh) and will hopefully start working right away.  My time at the MTC has been just awesome.  I've learned more about myself and about Heavenly Father than I ever have.  I've learned how to love people even when I may not have a reason to love them.  I've learned that different people can make things work if I just do it with the help of the Lord.  Oh, and a quick update on Sister Bowman: She tore her meniscus playing volleyball and she went home on thursday to get surgery, but luckily she'll be able to come back with no problem.  Once her doctor clears her, she'll go straight to Taiwan if she has her visa, and if not she'll come to Atlanta where she was originally called.

                                        Our last pictures before Sister Bowman goes home :(

Thank you for the packages, they are always very much appreciated.  I love getting them ( along with letters) and sharing with everyone.  It just brightens up my day!
Yes I see Sis Giles all the time! Even though she's in a different branch, she lives right next door to us and her classroom is just down the hallway.  I'm so glad that I met her before I came here.
So on wednesday, me and Bao JM got assigned to demonstrate 'how to begin teaching' for all the new missionaries.  On your first day, you have a big group of missionaries teach one investigator, and it's pretty much a train wreck because everyone just starts bearing testimony and stuff haha.  Anyway, we got to be the somewhat experienced missionaries to show all the new ones how to start off a lesson.  It was a good experience, and I decided it's definitely easier in English! It was good practice for Atlanta, I guess.  
The day that Sis Bowman tore her meniscus was quite an eventful one.  From the trainer's room to doctor's office and everywhere in between, I just felt so helpless.  I wished I would have had like three years of athletic training under my belt so I could at least help her out right when it happened.  Maybe Heavenly Father is hinting at me... Who knows.  That same morning though, she asked for a blessing.  It was so amazing to have 7 elders all worthy to stand in the circle, using their priesthood power to bless someone else.  That was just so powerful.  I'm so thankful for the priesthood, and especially for my dad who's been worthy of it all my life to give me blessings when I need them.  What a tender mercy. 
                                              Our district, including wang and ke lao shi

I saw Sis Pinder in the bathroom, as I'm sure you've seen that picture, and I also saw KK (Kaylee) Taylor from Celtic Storm! She's going to Hong Kong, Cantonese speaking though, but it was cool to see the same characters on her badge when I saw her on her first day.
We also had in-field orientation this week, and that was super helpful, but like 8 hours and just a long day.  We learned what you really need to know  like working with members, contacting, effective planning, and all that jazz.  I really hope I can develop good guanxi with the members, because that's really where the work starts! I hope you all remember that, as I'm pretty sure everyone that gets these emails is a member haha.
I love when we read the MEMJ together as a class.  This week, we read Alma 22 when Ammon and Aaron are teaching the king.  They're such good teachers! They ask him questions, and start with the basics (do you believe there is a god?) to get on the same page.  It just a solid chapter.
We had our final teaching appointments with Liang jiemei and He JM.  Oh boy! Liang JM's lesson was fine, but afterward, Wang lao shi told us the real story! Liang JM was actually her companion!! WHAT?! So we were teaching the pre-mish through half way through the mish Liang JM.  Haha that totally blew my mind. She's got such an amazing story though.  
Every sunday before a district leaves, they get to sing in sacrament! Our district sang "A child's prayer", I just love that song.  It was really cool because on the guys part, they changed it to first person: Pray, I am here. Speak, I am listening... It was super powerful.  I also played the piano for sacrament meeting, and it was nice to tickle the ivories again, even stumbling through "True to the faith". I can't tell you how thankful I am for that talent.  I know that it comes from Heavenly Father, and it's been given to me for a reason. 
We also had a departure devotional with everyone in the MTC that would leave this week. It was your standard devotional haha.  But afterward for the sunday night devotional, Chad Lewis was our speaker! He played football at BYU and for the Philadelphia Eagles just in case you don't know haha.  So he had a lot of really good stories about defending his faith and such.  Sister Nally told me to get a picture with her in the back room after the devotional so I went back and got it, but also a lot of people were trying to get one with Chad.  He wanted one with all the mandarin speakers (he went to Taichung!) so I got one with him too.  Sweet!                                         

                    Our si square pengyous! (4 square friends) Elder Clark, Wimmer, and Ethington

                                    Zone pic.  Of course they make the jiemeis crouch down.

                                   Look who I found! Sister (Keili) Kwong is in our branch!
                 President and Sister Nally - Grandma and Grandpa Sumner's old mission president

          Chad Lewis (back leftish) and all the mandos after the devotional.  Well, most of them. 
As wierd as it seems, I think I'm going to miss the MTC. It feels like I've been here for so long, and I might as well just serve my whole mission here.  I can't believe this time has finally come! I'm so stoked to get to serve two missions! I just know that I'm going to Atlanta for a reason, and I'm praying that I'll know what that is.  
Well, prepare yourself for a ton of pictures to come.  Good byes at the MTC means lots of pictures, and I'm sure there will be many more in the future.  
Keep the faith, and always look up.  I love you!

Feng Jiemei
                                                       Just running up the wall.

                                                 Last jiemei pic before Bao leaves

 Annie! She was in my ward at the riv, and gave me the not-gross cleaning assignments at the MTC (:

                                                    Me and Sister Meyer... or is it?

                         Twinners! Me and Sister Johnston. She's going to Taichung though :(

                               Qidao! Prayer every night with all the jiemeis in our branch!

                 Sister Christensen, Olsen, Meyer, and Chee. The three other than me and Sis Meyer
                                                         are all going to Taichung

    Me, Sister Meyer, (E Tang), E Gathwright and E Crockett, who Joseph knows.  Prime guys.

                       One last diqu pic. Although Bao JM is gone already and Zheng JM is sick :/

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