Monday, April 27, 2015

A Miracle-Full Week

Greetings, friends and family!
What an amazing week. It was quite eventful! We stayed so busy and literally had appointments every hour for a 9 hour block most of the days! Crazy stuff.  The Lord provides (: Oh mom, so I dived more into my package, and I found the vocal point CD with money! Best day ever!Thanks so much! Seriously, we needed new music haha.  The stuff we have is great, but it was time for a change. Just so you know, we can listen to hymns/nashville tribute band during the week, and EFY on p day/during exercising. 
                                                            Sis. Mahone and me
We had exchanges this week, and that went really well! Sister Mahoney came down from Peach Tree City, and we had a miracleful day! She's from Nova Scotia (Scott's mission!) and she's actually serving on temple square, so this is just her outbound mission.  
                                              I made a holder for my cups object lesson
But we found the most amazing family in our old complex! Who would have thought? So it's Kenny and Bridget, and their kids SaRhonda, Jordan, and Kyle (7, 8, and 9. Two baptismal age!) They've been wanting to get back in church and we just had the most amazing lesson with them! We taught the restoration with our new cups object lesson, and they loved it so much! Even all the kids were attentive, and when they'd talk or get up, the parents would shush them and make them listen haha. It was great though! They all accepted our invitation to baptism, and they would have come to church this week, but they already planned a trip to 6 flags, haha dang it.  Next week! They asked for our numer when we originally met them, and I gave them a pass along card with our number, and it was the one with the SLC temple on it.  He asked about it, and they're pretty much preparing to go to the temple right now! They're so prepared, it's crazy. FINALLY WE FOUND A FAMILY!!!

 We also had zone training, which means we got to go to the temple! It's been like two months since we went! Temple craving = satisfied. President Harding pretty much did the whole training, and it was awesome! Every week this transfer, we're working toward different summits.  We've had baptismal dates, member presents, and now this week is church.  President is a little intimidating, but he's the kindest, most Christlike, faith-filled, diligent, and motivational man. You just have to know he's called of God.
Before we went to the temple, me and Sister Call had a Pearl of Great Price party! We read through it all in preparation for the temple, and I didn't realize how much stuff I don't know! Seriously, Heavenly Father is so cool! We literally had to break it down sentence by sentence to understand, but it was sweet. Kolob, post-earth life and such. Good times.
                                                           Elder Facey and me 
We finally got to teach the lesbian couple, Bran and Marsha! They're the coolest! For some reason, I just kept feeling like we need to keep trying, because we went by so many times to set a return appointment, and then they weren't there but we just kept going back.  They appreciated that we were genuine, not just trying to see how they live and what not.  We taught them the restoration with cups, and they were reading the Book of Mormon before we even left. Something Marsha said about our missionary work made me respond with "Sacrifice brings forth blessings" and she loved that! Haha we're going to really nail that into their mind (:
All our other people are doing great from what we've seen! Roy is just sucking up everything that we give him and loves to learn and ask questions.  Montavious, we actually haven't seen all week, but we'll see him on Wednesday and make sure he's still progressing. We couldn't see Keegen either, but we're having FHE with them tonight and he's excited for that! I still have no idea how to get that family to church. Satan's powerful, let me tell ya. 

                                                              I love exchanges! 
I was thinking of my setting apart blessing during church yesterday as we were talking about the priesthood, and moved along to priesthood blessings.  Someone said you just know that it's not them talking when they pause for a minute, and let the Spirit work inside of them to know what to say.  I know dad's blessing he gave me was definitely not his own words.  I've just been waiting for some things to be fulfilled, and to recognize those angels that I helped, when they help me. Things are really going great.  I'm excited for an awesome week this week, and we're hoping for many more miracles to come.  I know that this is the Lord's work, and that we cannot do this alone. I know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ revealed themselves to Joseph Smith that spring morning in 1820 in an answer to his humble prayer.  I'm so thankful to be a servant of the Lord, and I wouldn't want to be doing anything else at this time in my life.  I love my Savior, and because He lives, we have this wonderful opportunity to partake of the many blessings in store for us. 
Have a blessed week, y'all (:

Love, Sister Facer


Monday, April 20, 2015

                                           Train selfie-I had to include the train...
G'dday, chaps!
I can't believe it's already Monday again.  This week went by so fast! It rained a ton, so that kind of slowed down the work, but we still worked around it and found so many miracles! This transfer we're doing a few summits. So this past week, we tried to get as many referrals from people as possible, next week will be church, baptismal dates, etc.  We prayed specifically to find more new investigators from referrals as we had been lacking quite a bit, and it was amazing! We went to see Jessica but she wasn't there, so we went and talked to a woman named Neosha, who was out smoking on her front porch.  She pretty much asked us if she could come to church! She referred us to Shaquita, and her sister Tisha was there as well, who referred us to a different Neosha (what are the odds?), who referred us to Alysha.  That was so cool! Me and Sister A had even tracted through there, so it was cool to see God's perfect timing in all of that. Later, we accidentally parked a ways away from a potential investigator we were following up with, so we prayed that if there was anyone walking down the street that we'd be able to talk to them.  We knocked on the door, she wasn't there, and we turned around and this guy comes out of nowhere! We stop him and offer to pray, and we got a return appointment.  Specific prayers work! The Lord will provide!! 
So remember how we had like 12 people on date for baptism? Haha yeah that didn't happen.  We lost contact with almost all of them.  No one has phones here! It's rough.  But Keegen, Montavious, and Roy are still legit and working towards baptism.  Finally we'll get some priesthood holders in Barnesville! I realized the other day that there's only one guy in all of Barnesville who has the priesthood, other than maybe some kids at the college.  Where are these men?? 
                   Oops, someone fell asleep in ward council. (That's my shoulder, by the way)
Keegen is doing great though, we taught him about tithing and he was so excited to fill out the slip and come to church to pay tithing! Unfortunately, we couldn't get a hold of them, and I'm sure something came up that made them not get a ride.  We'll try again next week. 
Montavious is solid, too! We went through the baptismal interview questions, and we realized we need to help him get a solid testimony of Joseph Smith, so we'll watch the resto DVD tonight and it will be great! He always works on Sundays though, so that's his big trial.  
Roy is so excited to be baptized! He's a little newer, but he loves whenever we come by.  He got shot in the head like 30 years ago, and has recently started to become paralyzed from it.  He's the most amazing man. We got him a wheelchair that could stay at the church from the Dukes, and he was so excited to go with his mom, but I'm guessing the rain yesterday kept them away.  Darn. We'll try again next week with him, too. 
Good news though! Carlos came to church!! Hurrah for Israel! He even came to the ward activity on Thursday! The ward loved him, and they were so excited to see how amazing he was.  Unfortunately, he's moving to San Diego this week to be closer to the border.  NOOO!!! I'm praying that the missionaries there will find him. He WILL be baptized one day, I know it! 
Sister Campbell also came to church too!! She finally saved enough to buy her neighbor's car and get tags and insurance and everything and she was so excited to tell us that! FINALLY!! The Lord will provide (: I'm noticing a pattern... Anyway, I love her to death.  Haha Sis Campbell is hilarious! She always tells us stories of things they did with the missionaries (which definitely aren't allowed nowadays) and random tidbits of her life.  She was at the DOT the other day, and they told her that her birth certificate was too old.  She replied, "So. Am. I." and they were able to work it all out. Hahah she's a crack up. 
                                                           Sort of sums up Barnesville... 
So we got to meet the new family that has moved in. That was quite the adventure. They live out in the woods, and they've got 92 acres behind them, so it's a big place.  The new family that moved in painted it red so it looks like a creepy barn, and we're pretty sure they're vampires! They have this creepy zombie car with handprints on the windows and the words, " when hell is full, the dead shall walk the earth", bloody dummy heads, and even a hearse with skulls all over! Haha we met the lady though, and she was pretty nice! She could still be a vampire though, and Sis Call calls her Sister Munster hahah. She said we could come back later so we can investigate... I mean teach her (:
                 The Munster's!  Complete with a creepy house, zombie slayer car, and a hearse
We went over to Shira's the other day, and she taught us how to teach the apostasy and resto with cups! It's pretty sweet.  That's how her missionaries originally taught her. It's a bit awkward at first, but I'm excited to get good at it and really help people see how Christ's church has been restored! Have a blessed week, y'all!

Love, Sister Facer

                                                            Cups!  This is so legit!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Another Great Day in Georgia

                                                  Just breaking in the new apartment (:
Happy April 13th! It's probably a special day somewhere, right? But really, happy 1st anniversary to Brig and Lisa yesterday! Also, Happy birthday to Canyon on Friday!! I can't believe my little boy is old enough to get baptized! Mom, I did get your package, thank you so much! I loved the new clothes, and all the pictures and Easter candy, and be sure and tell the YW thank you for their cards. Thanks Betsy and Andrew for your letters!
I think we had a pretty good week.  At least with our investigators that actually talk to us.  We had an awesome lesson with Montavious in Shira's home last Monday. I don't even think we touched on what we planned to teach him, but somehow it turned into 'enduring to the end' things, and he seemed really interested in the temple and baptisms for the dead! So that was great.  I got to teach my first chastity lesson.  Twice actually! Once to Montavious real quick on the doorstep and once to Keegen, who doesn't even know what sex is. Haha the joys of teaching a 9 year old... We just told him to have clean thoughts about girls and I think he'll be good—that was enough for now.
We went to have a lesson with Misty, and it was so sad! She left a note on her door and told us she's not interested anymore.  I'm really hoping she didn't get anti-ed. She was so legit! She'll come around eventually, and we'll keep praying for her.  And Brock and Shannon.  and Geisha.  and West. ahh and everyone haha.
Good news though! Sister Campbell came to church! Whoo!!! This is probably her 4th time since I've been here.  She's progressing quite nicely (: She said she still wants to work toward the temple, but she's afraid because she knows she has a lot to change.  We're so willing to help her though.  She's just the best.
Sister Maddox called us randomly the other day.  She is so good at missionary work, but can't come to church too much because of her health.  But get this.  She's been good friends with Carlos for like 3 years, and she talked to him the other day, and just testified to him and encouraged him to come to our church, the ONE true church! Sis Call and I have been debating whether to drop him because he hasn't talked to us in probably a week or two.  But I think that was our answer that we need to keep trying.  I know he's going to get baptized one day, it's just gotta happen!
                            Last pic with this disctrict! Elders Reber, Herrera, Eldridge, Stewart, 
                                                  the Benichs, and me and Sis Call
I realized this week that I've been endowed for just over a year.  That's pretty cool (:
I had another confirming witness of my visa problem/answer, although I'm not exactly sure what it means.  I was reading in the Bible somewhere, and it randomly led me to D&C 6:23 which says something along the lines of, 'did I not speak peace to your mind? what better answer than from God?" Or His prophet, I guess.  I think Heavenly Father knew that my mind was still a little bit troubled. I'm still not sure what I'm supposed to feel peace about - whether I'm staying here and it's His will, or I'll get to Taiwan eventually - but I think I'll just try to feel peace about the future, and trust that whatever happens is His will. Because it truly is. I'm thankful for the opportunity to receive personal revelation from the scriptures.  It's amazing how they work.  I love the scriptures, and I have really come to love the Bible more as I've been reading through it. Haha I still hate reading, but oddly enough, I look forward to personal study for an hour where it's just me and God's words. I still don't understand everything, and I think I just barely worked out the 4 Nephi's and their crazy family line, but it's coming to me.  I'm sure that as I keep reading and familiarizing myself with them, it will all make more sense. But until then... I'll keep trying (:
Have a wonderful week! I love you all so much, and thank you so much for your love and prayers.
Love, Sister Facer
                                       ​A little 4 year old girl painted our nails the other day.
                                               So I guess bright pink polish is allowed?

Monday, April 6, 2015

Message Received

                       Look what I woke up to on Easter morning!  Sis. Call's specialty is an 
                  egg and spinach omelet, pineapple, and a green smoothie.  Thanks, tongban!
Happy Easter/General Conference weekend! Time is flying so fast! I can't believe we already made it to another General Conference and Easter weekend.  Our week was wonderful.  We kept very busy while trying to get a ton of people to conference, moving, and who knows what. Conference was AMAZING!!! It's seriously my favorite time of year.  Haha I remember as a kid dreading 8 hours of old people talking, but now I understand why it's important and I can't get enough! We saw so many miracles this week as we talked about conference, as well as some people very turned away.  With one potential investigator, we stopped by and told him the prophet would be speaking, and he was just baffled by the thought of a living prophet on the earth.  Ah, it's just so sad! But fortunately, there were more people that were way excited to come and hear the prophet and the apostles speak.  We saw miracle after miracle as we got in touch with people we haven't talked to in forever and set them to come to at least one session. Lesson learned: the Lord will provide in time of need!  Unfortunately, not one person came haha. JUST COME TO CHURCH, PEOPLE!! I don't understand why it's such a hard thing to come! But we keep trying and loving them with persistence. I got a lot out of it, anyway, and we'll just have to share the messages that we heard with everyone. 
General Conference though.  So good! I loved Holland, of course, as well as Gerald Causse and how he talked about not taking the gospel for granted.  I also liked Dale G Renlund's talk about saints and sinners, and how Wilford W Andersen related the gospel to music.  Okay, they were just all good (: But I have to say that President Monson's talk was specifically for me this time.  I have no idea what his real message was or what any of y'all got out of it; But we've been applying Elder Kopischke's advice when he came to the mission, which is to invite people to come to church with a question.  So we did that with everyone we invited to conference, and I did it myself. I've been praying so hard and so long to know why I'm here in Georgia at this time, and I think I got my answer.  Straight from the prophet.  Some day, whether it's tomorrow or in 30 years, I will be able to use this experience to help someone else going through a similar situation.  It doesn't matter how long I'm in Georgia, or if I ever get to Taiwan.  But He's molding me into the person I need to be in order to help other people.  And I think I've finally accepted that fact.  It doesn't matter where I am, as long as I'm serving the Lord.  I would love so much to be in Taiwan and teach those people and actually learn how to speak Chinese, but I'm still doing the same service to Him right here.  And that's all that matters.
Yes mom, I did think of you while they showed the beautiful tulips in front of the Salt Lake temple, and definitely missed those mountains.  I was looking for Kristen in the choir but she wasn't there! What happened?
Oh boy. Haha so I got a haircut last week. Well, make that two haircuts.  The first time, a member cut my hair, and it turned out to be "a haircut on top of a haircut", as the real hair stylist put it.  I forgot to take a picture, she was able to fix it up and make it look good. Thank goodness.
                                 New haircut! A little shorter than I wanted, but it will grow! 
We were going to move on Wednesday, but the landlord wasn't there, so we had to wait until Friday.  We had a ton of help from Sister Parker, the Danklef's, and the office elders, so that was really nice.  We had a few problems getting the fire department to turn on our electricity, and we were going to have to wait until Monday, but then at the last minute, they said they'd turn it on without any fee because we're from the church.  I'm not sure what exactly that means, but that was definitely a tender mercy.  Haha meanwhile, before the electricity turned on, me and Sister Call were hurrying to chug milk and eat the last bit of spinach and honey mustard before they went bad sitting out.
                        All packed up and ready to go!  Who knew we had so much stuff... 
We had an AMAZING lesson with Misty this past week! I'm not sure if I've told y'all about her... But we tracted into her, and she just knew we were sent from God. We taught her the restoration, and she was just coming up with all sorts of doubts that weren't really relevant.  We decided that she just needed a firm testimony of Joseph Smith and the BOM before we moved on, so we planned to watch the restoration movie with her. We had the Benich's with us, and at the beginning of the lesson, she flat out said that she's non denominational, and she won't be baptized into any church because denominations aren't good.  By the end of the movie, the Spirit was just so strong, and we testified to her, invited her to baptism, and she accepted immediately.  AHH it was so cool to see the Spirit soften her heart and testify to her!! Seriously, without the Spirit, we are NOTHING. 
Transfers are this week, and at least two of the elders are leaving from our district and me and Sister Call are staying put.  K seriously,  I'm not just in Georgia for a reason, but I'm in Barnesville for a reason! There's gotta be someone here that I'm supposed to find, teach, and baptize.  
Well, things are just sunflowers and roses over here! Haha I'm excited for a new transfer and kind of a fresh start.  We're working hard and loving every minute of the work.  Because He Lives, we can and will all live again, and we can all find peace and joy in this life and in the life to come.

Love, Sister Facer

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