Monday, April 20, 2015

                                           Train selfie-I had to include the train...
G'dday, chaps!
I can't believe it's already Monday again.  This week went by so fast! It rained a ton, so that kind of slowed down the work, but we still worked around it and found so many miracles! This transfer we're doing a few summits. So this past week, we tried to get as many referrals from people as possible, next week will be church, baptismal dates, etc.  We prayed specifically to find more new investigators from referrals as we had been lacking quite a bit, and it was amazing! We went to see Jessica but she wasn't there, so we went and talked to a woman named Neosha, who was out smoking on her front porch.  She pretty much asked us if she could come to church! She referred us to Shaquita, and her sister Tisha was there as well, who referred us to a different Neosha (what are the odds?), who referred us to Alysha.  That was so cool! Me and Sister A had even tracted through there, so it was cool to see God's perfect timing in all of that. Later, we accidentally parked a ways away from a potential investigator we were following up with, so we prayed that if there was anyone walking down the street that we'd be able to talk to them.  We knocked on the door, she wasn't there, and we turned around and this guy comes out of nowhere! We stop him and offer to pray, and we got a return appointment.  Specific prayers work! The Lord will provide!! 
So remember how we had like 12 people on date for baptism? Haha yeah that didn't happen.  We lost contact with almost all of them.  No one has phones here! It's rough.  But Keegen, Montavious, and Roy are still legit and working towards baptism.  Finally we'll get some priesthood holders in Barnesville! I realized the other day that there's only one guy in all of Barnesville who has the priesthood, other than maybe some kids at the college.  Where are these men?? 
                   Oops, someone fell asleep in ward council. (That's my shoulder, by the way)
Keegen is doing great though, we taught him about tithing and he was so excited to fill out the slip and come to church to pay tithing! Unfortunately, we couldn't get a hold of them, and I'm sure something came up that made them not get a ride.  We'll try again next week. 
Montavious is solid, too! We went through the baptismal interview questions, and we realized we need to help him get a solid testimony of Joseph Smith, so we'll watch the resto DVD tonight and it will be great! He always works on Sundays though, so that's his big trial.  
Roy is so excited to be baptized! He's a little newer, but he loves whenever we come by.  He got shot in the head like 30 years ago, and has recently started to become paralyzed from it.  He's the most amazing man. We got him a wheelchair that could stay at the church from the Dukes, and he was so excited to go with his mom, but I'm guessing the rain yesterday kept them away.  Darn. We'll try again next week with him, too. 
Good news though! Carlos came to church!! Hurrah for Israel! He even came to the ward activity on Thursday! The ward loved him, and they were so excited to see how amazing he was.  Unfortunately, he's moving to San Diego this week to be closer to the border.  NOOO!!! I'm praying that the missionaries there will find him. He WILL be baptized one day, I know it! 
Sister Campbell also came to church too!! She finally saved enough to buy her neighbor's car and get tags and insurance and everything and she was so excited to tell us that! FINALLY!! The Lord will provide (: I'm noticing a pattern... Anyway, I love her to death.  Haha Sis Campbell is hilarious! She always tells us stories of things they did with the missionaries (which definitely aren't allowed nowadays) and random tidbits of her life.  She was at the DOT the other day, and they told her that her birth certificate was too old.  She replied, "So. Am. I." and they were able to work it all out. Hahah she's a crack up. 
                                                           Sort of sums up Barnesville... 
So we got to meet the new family that has moved in. That was quite the adventure. They live out in the woods, and they've got 92 acres behind them, so it's a big place.  The new family that moved in painted it red so it looks like a creepy barn, and we're pretty sure they're vampires! They have this creepy zombie car with handprints on the windows and the words, " when hell is full, the dead shall walk the earth", bloody dummy heads, and even a hearse with skulls all over! Haha we met the lady though, and she was pretty nice! She could still be a vampire though, and Sis Call calls her Sister Munster hahah. She said we could come back later so we can investigate... I mean teach her (:
                 The Munster's!  Complete with a creepy house, zombie slayer car, and a hearse
We went over to Shira's the other day, and she taught us how to teach the apostasy and resto with cups! It's pretty sweet.  That's how her missionaries originally taught her. It's a bit awkward at first, but I'm excited to get good at it and really help people see how Christ's church has been restored! Have a blessed week, y'all!

Love, Sister Facer

                                                            Cups!  This is so legit!

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