Monday, April 13, 2015

Another Great Day in Georgia

                                                  Just breaking in the new apartment (:
Happy April 13th! It's probably a special day somewhere, right? But really, happy 1st anniversary to Brig and Lisa yesterday! Also, Happy birthday to Canyon on Friday!! I can't believe my little boy is old enough to get baptized! Mom, I did get your package, thank you so much! I loved the new clothes, and all the pictures and Easter candy, and be sure and tell the YW thank you for their cards. Thanks Betsy and Andrew for your letters!
I think we had a pretty good week.  At least with our investigators that actually talk to us.  We had an awesome lesson with Montavious in Shira's home last Monday. I don't even think we touched on what we planned to teach him, but somehow it turned into 'enduring to the end' things, and he seemed really interested in the temple and baptisms for the dead! So that was great.  I got to teach my first chastity lesson.  Twice actually! Once to Montavious real quick on the doorstep and once to Keegen, who doesn't even know what sex is. Haha the joys of teaching a 9 year old... We just told him to have clean thoughts about girls and I think he'll be good—that was enough for now.
We went to have a lesson with Misty, and it was so sad! She left a note on her door and told us she's not interested anymore.  I'm really hoping she didn't get anti-ed. She was so legit! She'll come around eventually, and we'll keep praying for her.  And Brock and Shannon.  and Geisha.  and West. ahh and everyone haha.
Good news though! Sister Campbell came to church! Whoo!!! This is probably her 4th time since I've been here.  She's progressing quite nicely (: She said she still wants to work toward the temple, but she's afraid because she knows she has a lot to change.  We're so willing to help her though.  She's just the best.
Sister Maddox called us randomly the other day.  She is so good at missionary work, but can't come to church too much because of her health.  But get this.  She's been good friends with Carlos for like 3 years, and she talked to him the other day, and just testified to him and encouraged him to come to our church, the ONE true church! Sis Call and I have been debating whether to drop him because he hasn't talked to us in probably a week or two.  But I think that was our answer that we need to keep trying.  I know he's going to get baptized one day, it's just gotta happen!
                            Last pic with this disctrict! Elders Reber, Herrera, Eldridge, Stewart, 
                                                  the Benichs, and me and Sis Call
I realized this week that I've been endowed for just over a year.  That's pretty cool (:
I had another confirming witness of my visa problem/answer, although I'm not exactly sure what it means.  I was reading in the Bible somewhere, and it randomly led me to D&C 6:23 which says something along the lines of, 'did I not speak peace to your mind? what better answer than from God?" Or His prophet, I guess.  I think Heavenly Father knew that my mind was still a little bit troubled. I'm still not sure what I'm supposed to feel peace about - whether I'm staying here and it's His will, or I'll get to Taiwan eventually - but I think I'll just try to feel peace about the future, and trust that whatever happens is His will. Because it truly is. I'm thankful for the opportunity to receive personal revelation from the scriptures.  It's amazing how they work.  I love the scriptures, and I have really come to love the Bible more as I've been reading through it. Haha I still hate reading, but oddly enough, I look forward to personal study for an hour where it's just me and God's words. I still don't understand everything, and I think I just barely worked out the 4 Nephi's and their crazy family line, but it's coming to me.  I'm sure that as I keep reading and familiarizing myself with them, it will all make more sense. But until then... I'll keep trying (:
Have a wonderful week! I love you all so much, and thank you so much for your love and prayers.
Love, Sister Facer
                                       ​A little 4 year old girl painted our nails the other day.
                                               So I guess bright pink polish is allowed?

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