Tuesday, September 30, 2014

To Be in His Prescence

                      Sister Olsen, me, Sis. Johnston.  They're in our zone, but going to Taichung
I've already found a few situations that I just don't know what to say (like my farewell talk) but I'm trying really hard to be receptive and listen to the spirit. So what's the update on Lys and Manuel's house? I'd like to hear from them once they get settled down but for the time being, I understand they're super busy with the house and everything. I can't tell you how thankful I am that dad found all those names for me to take to the temple.  I haven't had any experiences with those people yet, but I know I will.  Someone said in a devotional or something to pray for angels to help you, and now I know which angels I'm praying for to help me.  
Thank you so much to Becky Tanner for sending me a package! Also for all your letters and dear elders.  They really do make my day so much better (:
Me and Sis Bowman are learning a lot.  We are different in so many ways, which can be hard sometimes (nonetheless, thank you so much for teaching me the importance of being on time) but we've learned to work things out so far.  Everyone in my district is going to Taipei, except for Elder Anderson who's going to Boston and his comp Elder Wimmer, going to Houston.  I'm wearing all my old clothes, except for the dresses. Sometimes you just have to throw on a dress and go, you know? But I'm definitely glad that I'm keeping all my new stuff for Taiwan. The immunizations I've gotten are ones I needed for the Taiwan visa, and my boosters were just out of date.  While I'm on the subject, we signed our new visas last monday so hopefully it should only take 30 days and we'll be able to go to Taiwan on time! But Yeah, I shouldn't need any more shots.
SO. Now for the good stuff. This week has been a great week of learning and improvement. We made new language goals, and that's been really good to help keep our district on task and working hard.  For the Tuesday devotional, another apostle came! M. Russell Ballard!! Ahh it was amazing to see another apostle.  The spirit you feel when he walks in is just incredible.  We (the choir) sang Joseph Smith's First Prayer, and it was really cool to kind of bear my testimony of that in front him.  Our choir director, Brother Eggett, said that just in our 500 or so missionaries who were singing, we'd all probably share that story a million times over the next two years.  That's overwhelming to think about! I can't imagine how much good that will do.  And I finally memorized Joseph Smith's first vision in zhongwen! That was a rough one.  Now I'm working on D&C 4... pray for me please haha. So anyway, Elder Ballard talked about missionary work, and how it's important to gain all the knowledge and skills we can right now, because it will last throughout all of our lives.  When he left, he shook the girl’s hand who gave the prayer, and it was so precious.  I can't imagine what it would be like to be in an apostle's direct presence and shake his hand. Then that made me think of would it would be like to be in the presence of Christ, and touch his hands.  What a day that will be.
On sunday nights after the devotional, we always watch some kind of movie.  This week we watched legacy, but in mandarin.  Haha we all thought it would have subtitles. Psych! It did not.  So I understood about 4%.  They talk so fast! Haha and it was weird to see Joseph Smith and all these white guys talking in zhongwen.  I guess that will be me on day though!
Our investigators this week... oh boy.  I'll start with Liang Jiemei, our less active.  So she's engaged, right? She finally told her fiance's mom and then her mom flipped and said she won't let her marry her son unless she goes on a mission! So here's our friend, Liang JM, drinking and partying on the weekends, doesn't pray, hates reading the moermenjing, hates the missionaries, and is dead set on going on a mission just so she can get married.  Me and my tongban couldn't help but just laugh when we got out because we had no idea what to think! I mean, it's great that she wants to go but it's for the completely wrong reasons.  the next lesson we tried to get down to her testimony and find out what she really knows, but that didn't end up too well.  Any insight on how to explain the atonement without being too harsh because of her sins and that she needs to repent would be much appreciated (: However on sunday, I did watch a really good talk that might help. It was an old BYU devotional with Brad Wilcox about grace.  We're going to try talking about that and see how it goes.  But hey, even if it doesn't, it at least broadened my own understanding! I highly recommend watching it (: Our lessons with He Jiemei were fine.. She's growing a testimony but it's just a slow process. I did get to teach the jiu en jihua (plan of salvation) for the first time and that was good. You just can't progress without faith though.  
On sunday I also bore my testimony for fast sunday, and it was actually pretty decent! I guess I'm better than I think I am.  Okay that's false, pretty much all I can do is bear my testimony hahah. But I'm working on everything else (: I also translated for Sister Woodfield, and that was pretty cool! We're the oldest district in our zone now, and it's crazy to think that once I had to have it translated for me.  I really am loving the MTC, I don't care what anyone else says.  We have so much fun, we learn so much, and we feel the spirit all the time.  I know that this is God's work, and that he's helping me literally through every step of the way.  I love you guys! Jia you!

Sister Facer

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

                 Sister Bowman and me with Elder Vang.  He's mhong speaking and the coolest kid ever!

                                                    Poor Jin Lao Shi--never stood a chance.

           Me and zheng JM!  Sis Jensen and I are besties.  She's one of my roommates (:

Monday, September 22, 2014

Making Connections

                                                   Middle part Monday (the elders started it)

                                    My first received text! I promise I read it once, with some help!

            Elder Gray's mom sent muffins this week and I was the chosen one to model them. Yum!

                                                 The sisterhood of the traveling skirt!

Da Jia Hao! 

This has been a great week, and I've really learned a lot. First of all, thanks so much Alicia for sending another package! It causes  quite the hype in my district (: Also, Sis Bowman already loves you and says thanks for keeping us fat and happy (:
This week we focused a lot on the 'whys' of the gospel.  We need to get baptized, but why? Jesus performed the Atonement for us, buy why? The plan of salvation is vital, but why? You would think these are easy, primary questions, but no! When you're actually teaching an investigator, they can be really hard to answer, especially in the limited zhongwen that I know haha. However, I have improved a lot this week with teaching.  Our lessons with Liang JM have improved immensely! She's our less active, and she finally opened up to us! She's engaged, but she's afraid to tell her fiance's parents because they won't like her because she goes to church.  Haha it's a long story, but we're working on it! With He JM, We're really making improvement as well. We've taught her the restoration and about the BOM and it's just great.  I'm trying to memorize Joseph Smith's first vision so it will have more meaning in my lessons, rather than just reading it.  She's so great though! I can't tell you  how amazing it is to hear an investigator pray for the first time! And this is my teacher acting as an investigator, I can't imagine what it will be like with a real investigator! What a day that will be.
We started learning how to teach  the Plan of Salvation this week, and it's a lot harder than I thought! Some things are pretty complex to explain, especially in zhongwen.  But I'm learning, and it will definitely come with lots of lianxi! (practice)
So when Sis Peine left, she left behind a few things, including a skirt.  We call it the sisterhood of the traveling skirt haha. I had the honor of wearing it this week! Also, our old teacher, Jin Lao Shi stopped teaching us a week or so ago, and we made a balloon for him so we would always remember him because he was the coolest! But he died this week, so we had a ceremony for him.  Poor Jin. 
Guess what! So to 'text' our investigators, we put a sticky on the board.  Sis Bowman texted He JM in characters, and so I received my first text in characters! It's so sweet! I also learned how to write my name in characters!! Brother Seow taught me on sunday.  Chinese is so sweet (:
OH BOY. We got to hear from Elder Richard G Scott last tuesday devotional!! It was AMAZING.  The feeling that was there when he walked in the room was just incredible.  He talked about prayer and why it's so important.  He said that if he could, he would have a personal interview with everyone in the auditorium place, but obviously he can't.  But instead, we can do something better. Just pray tonight. But of course! haha. But when you pray, its so important to have an actual conversation with Heavenly Father, rather than just talking to him.  So I had something better than an interview with an apostle of the Lord, but an interview with the Lord! Good stuff. I think we'll get an apostle tomorrow, too because the choir teacher said it's gonna be another broadcast! So I can't wait! Also, he said that only the elders will get to sing for general conference because it's during priesthood session :( So just look for my district.
I'm so glad that we got to see the rededication of the Ogden temple! Oh it was just amazing.  I'm so thankful that I've made going to the temple a priority in my life, and I can't wait for the blessings that I know I'm going to get from serving.  I'm also thankful to have worthy parents that go often, and who could take me to the temple when I went through.  You guys are such a good example to me.  I love thinking about the day that I went through the temple, and what a special day that was.  I really hope that I'll get to take at least one convert through the temple! That would be so amazing.
Last wednesday we got to host!! Ah hosting is just so much fun (: haha I don't even know why I like it so much.  Just the feeling that I've been there before, and now I get to help someone when I know how hard or scary it can be.  Huh, I just had a thought, that's kind of like the atonement.  Jesus Christ has been through everything we've been through, and he's so excited to help us get through our trials.  Anyway, sorry haha. I saw a few people I knew! That's always so fun! So Rachel Harmon, I more knew of her name but she went to Mountain View and knew Kiona and TJ. Then I hosted Whitney Winkel, who I went to maybe 1st grade with (she lived by the Bradley's)? I first recognized her mom, which was surprising, and then she hopped out of the car! It was so fun to see her and catch up with her.  Then I also saw Cami Robinson, who I worked with at the BYUstore.  I can't believe she's finally here! Also, Elder (Ian?) Berlin from Timpanogos. He's such a sweet kid.  So yeah, there's always people I know here, and it's so fun to see everyone around (:
The Taichung district got reassigned and are all leaving this week, they're all going to Portland, Detroit, and Salt Lake. We still have no idea if we'll get reassigned but by this point, I almost want to! It would be a really good experience to actually learn how to teach in my native language.  It's so weird that we're the oldest district in our zone now! Our district got all the assignments, so Sis Jensen and Meyer are sister training leaders, and Elders Sessions, Green, and Tang are zone leaders.  And me and Sis Bowman are still the cute little tech sisters (:
Well, if all goes well I should be out of here in exactly a month! Guess what day it is?? HUMP DAY!! Haha two points to whoever actually understands that reference. All is well here in the MTC.  I love the days when it rains, or we get a glimpse of what it's like in the real world with weather or something haha.  I think of you guys often and hope you're doing well.  Thanks for all the prayers and letters, they really do help and I really can feel the support that everyone gives me. Always stay true to the church.  You never know if you fall away, you could have been the differnece in someone's life.  Think what would have happened if Joseph Smith just didn't want to pray that day in the Sacred Grove? That would have affected millions of people.  We may not have that big of an effect, but it would still affect a lot of people.  Act as if everything depends on you, but pray as if everything depends on your Heavenly Father.  I've been trying to make that have meaning in my life, because that's really how things should be done.  I love you! Have a great week!

Sister Facer

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

                                        Not my best, but it felt good to play soccer for a bit...

                                                         Fun in the laundry room

                                                         Silly selfies in our class

                                                     more playtime in the laundry room

Monday, September 15, 2014

Dumb, I know, but everyone's gotta do it sometime!

                                                            Taiwan, Taipei, here I come!

Tilling our Gardens

Hey family and friends!

This week has been full of ups and downs.  We're getting to that point where we've been here almost 4 weeks (!?!?!) and I have the language decently enough that I can get by. BUT! I've got to keep working and being diligent. Thus, I am.  Thanks everyone for your letters! Sharon, that is such an awesome story! I'm so glad that you're still helping bring people unto Christ far beyond your mission. Dad and Alicia, thanks so much for the packages! I love getting them (: and the peaches were prime! We may or may not have slept in on sunday because we forgot to set our alarms the night before so we didn't have time for breakfast, so we just fasted haha.  Then today, we were going to eat breakfast in the temple but no! they don't serve breakfast on mondays! So us girls were super glad to have the peaches for breakfast (: Dad, I'm glad to hear everything is going good (: Also, I talked to brother Seow and he said dad's talks were great! I wouldn't expect anything less. Also, Pres and Sis Woodfield came up to me and said they met grandma and grandpa Sumner at stake conference so that was cool! They're going to check in every now and then to see how I'm doing when I'm in Taiwan. It's nice to have all the connections at the MTC, especially right in my branch presidency.  Pres Woodfield with gma and gpa, Pres Seow with dad, and Pres Averett and seeing him in the temple.  
Mom, I'm definitely sending home all my cotton shirts after hearing about your experience! Haha I just hope you think of me every time you're drenched in a skirt, or possible riding your bike in the pouring rain (:
All the missionaries that got reassigned are leaving or will leave by wednesday.  They've gone to Utah, Idaho, Nebraska, and California.  So who knows! I could go anywhere if we'll need to be reassigned! They're all happy about though, so that was fun to watch everyone open their 'mission calls' again. 
This week's lessons were pretty insane.  We taught Liang Jiemei twice (our inactive) and we tried to talk about temple marriages and stuff since she's gettting married soon. Bu Hao. (not good). We're stilll trying to find that outlet that we can relate to her.  Wang Lao Shi (our teacher who acts as liang JM) gave us an awesome pep talk though! She worked with liang JM on her mission for like 8 months, and she finally connected with her and now she's still active to this day! So we're praying to better understand her needs and get through to her.  Our other investigator, he jiemei, (the same person as our teacher, ke lao shi) is GOLDEN. she wants her kids to grow up with good morals, and she's accepted all our commitments so far.  So we're just moving right along with her!
We still go to choir every week, and man I just love it. The choir teacher, brother Eggett always has a story to go along with the song and it's just so sweet.  I still don't know if we'll be able to sing for gen conf, but apparently tomorrow for the devotional he said that it will be broadcast to all the MTCs in the world! So this time there HAS TO BE AN APOSTLE!! I'm pretty stoked! We also get to see the temple dedication this sunday so that will be sweet! We already bought our little handkerchiefs so we're good to go!
Study time has been great this week.  I've been reading about Christ's ministry on the earth in 3 nephi and it's amazing! I hope I can develop even a sliver of Christ's attributes.  He paid attention to every person individually and cared about them on a personal level.  His teachings are so awesome, and could you not get baptized when you read about them??? So, did I really just write about understanding the scriptures? The mission works miracles, let me tell ya. We also found this awesome study place on campus! They call it the Garden of Eden, and it's so peaceful and beautiful, because it's back by the elder's dorms away from the rest of the mtc, there's hardly anyone that walks by.  Me and Bao Jiemei (sis bowman) had the best discussion about faith, enduring to the end, the plan of salvation..,. pretty much everything haha.  I'm so glad we found that spot though! I also love in district meetings after devotionals when we just get to talk as a district about gospel topics. It's really the only time when we're not focusing on the language, and I just get such cool insights on things I've never even thought of.  Our district is super tight too, so it's always nice to have a spiritual bond as well.
Hey! We got a notice last week that we get to host on wednesday! I'm finally not a newbie! Haha i don't know why, but I've always wanted to host. 
TRC this week was pretty good! We taught wang lao shi's MTC companion so that was cool! We also taught a guy from ke lao shi's MTC district, who brought along a non member! Strike! My first experience as a missionary with a non member! So we talked about prayer and asked her to pray and read a chapter from the BOM. Prime. 
So I say this every week, but sundays are seriously the best. We always get to see music and the spoken word in the morning before relief society, and I love that! I really miss hearing that beautiful music.  I always look for Kristen Gerdy, but I haven't seen her yet.  I'll keep my eye out during general conference (: As a district on sunday, we were talking about repentance and forgiveness, and Brother Davis, our branch secretary shared an analogy (dad you're gonna like this!). He talked about how he and his neighbor started gardens, and one tilled and took care of it, and one just planted stuff with rocks and weeds in the way.  He likened it to sins. When we till our garden and get all the rocks (sins) out, we can bloom so much easier and quicker without any trouble.  He explained it way better, but I just loved  the analogy, and of course I couldn't help but to think of dad when I heard it. Brother Davis also did interviews this week, and he told me to fill in all the cracks of my time. I usually have a few minutes here and a few there, so it's important that I use those minutes wisely by going through my flash cards or whatever.  So I'm definitely going to work on that this week.  
I occasionally slip in a few spanish words on accident when I don't know the word in zhongwen, but I really am improving every week.  I hope I don't forget my spanish, but for now, it would definitely be easier if I could just forget it for 18 months. I'm so glad I have Sis Bowman to help me though, or our lessons would crash and burn haha
This week I learned the importance of diligence and using every moment to it's greatest potential.  It's so important that we use our time the most efficient way possible, because our time is so limited here on earth! Thanks for all your love and support, and I really can feel your prayers. I love you guys so much!

Sister Facer

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

At 3 Weeks

                   Sister Baker and me. She's not in our zone, but she's the sweetest thing (:

                                                 I found Karisa from grounds crew! 

Hey everyone! 
This week has been interesting.  We've been here for almost three weeks now, and we're all starting to go a bit crazy.  Thanks to everyone for your letters, and mom and Alicia for your packages! So first off, I beat the MTC soccer juggling record. 387! It's not even close to my best but that was pretty cool! I've still got it!
We got a few new teachers this week, and most of them are our investigators so that's been interesting. Jin lao shi is our golden investigator, ke lao shi is a new investigator, and wang lao shi is our less active.  With our first lesson with her, it was so hard.  She doesn't want anything to do with us, and we've only got to talk to her twice for five minutes at a time.  Hopefully we'll be able to connect with her somehow.  
This week during comp inventory, I feel like me and Sis Bowman really got to know each other better, and understand why we're companions.  She helps me so much with my zhongwen, and I'm so glad I have her during hard times. 
Oh I forgot to tell you, on the first day, I met an elder Facer! I haven't seen him since though, but I will find him! Also, I haven't seen Lizzy because she's in the Brazil MTC.  But Karisa Tyree came this week so that was so fun to see her! I worked with her at BYU grounds and we were instafriends! I always see Elder Rees and Elder (Tyler) Richardson because they're in the Asia building.  It's always nice to see people I know (:
This week I memorized our purpose in zhongwen! Now I'm working on Joseph Smith's first vision, which is a lot harder.
I swear, I couldn't say anything I wanted to in spanish when I was in Peru, and now that's all I can ever think to say.  It's hard having spanish come to my mind when I'm in 'foreign language' mode, but I'm slowly making the transition.  But I've already got to use my spanish on some missionaries so that's always fun. 
Oh man. Trouble. The group of missionaries that was supposed to go to Taipei this week, their visas were apparently done on the wrong document so they had to resubmit them all over again! They're all getting called stateside for the time being until they get their visas.  Hopefully they will have that problem fixed by the time it's our turn.  They're all going insane after being here for 10 weeks.
We had our first TRC teaching on saturday! That was a way cool experience, especially to speak with people other than our teachers.  And I saw my friend from the Riv that's from Taiwan! I even got to teach her, so that was a tender mercy from the Lord (: I feel like that was the first time I gave a solid lesson so  I'm proud of that.
Sunday was fun, we had mission conference because it was fast sunday.  So all the MTC presidency and their wives spoke.  It was just basic doctrine like priesthood, the godhead, and all that jazz but it was good.  I was surprised during sacrament meeting because I could probably understand 70% of the testimonies! It's so nice to see that I'm making progress each week.  For the sunday devotional, Richard Heaton spoke, who's Laura Heaton (my old soccer coach)'s dad. So that was fun to see Laura's sister there.  Also, Mr. Durstchi (my high school choir teacher) was the organist that day, haha but of course.  I didn't get to say hi to him, but he did a big "Joseph" ending as expected of him.  The opening him was "Army of Helaman" and I couldn't help but think of Savanna (my niece) singing that every sunday.  I miss that cute little voice. Before the meeting started, they announced what to do when an apostle walks in so we all thought someone would come on Sunday, but there's still tuesday devotional... (: I'm betting on it.  
Me and Sis Bowman got called to be the online specialists  (what the?). I'm not sure why us, considering neither of us know anything about IT stuff, but hey I'm willing to serve! All we do is help the newbies when they come with email and TALL and stuff like that. 
On friday, we had the cereal challenge.  ooohh boy. You have to empty out the cereal tower before they can refill it! So we got the whole zone just chowing down on cereal hahah. But we did it! VICTORY. 
In the temple this morning, I had an awesome experience.  We did sealings because sis bowman had never done them before.  So a little background, in the devotional last night he said that even as a missionary it's still okay to ask questions. even the basics.  So last night I prayed to know like 100% if this is the true church, if God is real, the BOM, and all the basic stuff.  I didn't really get an answer though until I was waiting in the temple and I randomly turned to Alma 22. It answered like every single question! Pretty much the whole plan of salvation. So that was really cool. The church is true! It's amazing how perfectly everything is worked out. There's just no way that it can't be true. 
Well that's all for this week! It really has been a great week with lots of growing and learning.  Keep the faith, and stay true to the truth you know! Love you all!

Sister Facer

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

                                                                 Our district girlies

                                                           All the sisters in our zone


Need I explain?

                                                    sketchy bunkbeds make for good times...

Monday, September 1, 2014

Making Progress

Ni hao friends and family!

This week has been a great week! Thank you so much Alicia and Emily for your packages! I loved them! and happy birthday to Dad and Andrew this week! Mom, if you're putting a package together, could you be sure to send my camera charger, maybe my byu hoodie, all the extra floss that's chillin in my bathroom cupboard under the sink, and maybe a little book with family pics? I don't think I actually took the ones we printed out.  To answer some people's questions...
feng jiemei means facer sister (kind of) and feng is just a surname that's kind of close to facer. Haha we can't all have it our way. The food is actually better than I expected. well, sometimes haha. The fruit is way good, and most meals are good.  The veggies are occasionally served with dinner, but they're disgusting! I miss having fresh green beans from our garden! But I could totally see how people gain so much weight.  There's just so much food! And no, they don't have an ice cream machine.   Sundays and tuesdays are ice cream days (:
I did remember that today is labor day today, because we couldn't go to the temple! :(! and they're not handing out mail, AND the bookstore closes at 2.  Our choir number sounded soo good! Tomorrow we'll be singing 'where can I turn for peace.' I love that song! and you can totally use it in any lesson! Such a good song for investigators. Our choir director said we MIGHT be singing in gen conference so that would be sweet! we'll find out within the next few weeks, so I'll be sure and let you know (:
I may or may not be sending more pics from sis Bowmans camera since mine was dead for half the week.  Our companionship is great! it's just me and sis Bowman now, since sis Peine left last monday.  We work well together, and she helps me a TON with my zhongwen! My teachers are good, We just got like two new ones i think? One of them is our investigator, brother gao (now known as wong lao shi - teacher wong) so that was kind of wierd.  The new girl is super hard because she NEVER says anything in english, but it will be so good for us.
SO! where to begin.. please excuse my randomness but there's just so much to tell about! So I just loooove devotionals!! I pretty much feel like I get exalted every time! Sunday's devotional was on how we need to keep a study journal to show God that we can be trusted with His revelation.  Then later on when we're actually acting on his revelation, then He can trust that it will be put to good use.  Also, we watched a video about the ministry of Pres Monson.  I feel like we're pretty tight now! But man, he's amazing.  A true prophet of God! 
Oh and about writing.. haha just do whatever you want.  Dear elders are so great because I can get them any day of the week, but I can't reply.  So if you want a reply either write your email/address on it or whatever, or just email me (: xie xie! (thanks)
Haha so every night, we qidao (pray) together with the girls in our zone, and we all came up with our princesses and spirit animals.  I'm jazmine, and apparently an otter.  Whatever works.
Oh guess what!! on thursday I gave my first lesson without having to write it all out in zhongwen!! Haha if you know me, that's a big deal because I can barely give a lesson in English without writing it all out.  That was way cool to be able to go by the spirit and we just had an awesome lesson! We asked brother Gao to be baptized, but he said he would think about it.  He's still having a hard time believing in God.  But we're getting there! We also made a district goal to be able to pray without the book by sunday and I did it! Ah it's so cool to pray in another language! My prayers are still pretty basic, but I'm expanding little by little (:
During companion study on saturday, we talked about alma 26.  it's amazing! It's filled with so much juice to tell about, but just read it and you'll know what I mean (: hmmm we also had a photo scavenger hunt in order to learn about how to use before and after so that was fun! Haha i had to use Elder Sessions' camera because mine is dead :/ so you may or may not be getting those pics. 
So many people on the mandarin floor in our building have been getting sick.. I'm getting there, but I'm trying hard to stay away and be sanitary and what not.  But nothing will keep me in bed, haha that just sounds awful! 
                                          My nametag.  My next one will be in Chinese!

                                                  Straight is the gate and narrow the way

Sister Meyer got some tim tams from her family, so we did tim tam slams at dinner! Haha so fun! 
It was really nice on sunday during sacrament to realize how much I've improved throughout the week.  Last week, I had no idea what anyone was saying, and this week I could actually piece together some things! I'm definitely not perfect, but I'm just glad to see that I'm getting better.  I'm learning to deal with non-morning people haha.  Patience is definitely a virtue. On saturday we played mandarin soccer!! That was so nice to get out and play again! haha I'm way competitive so it was a little hard to play with people who have never played soccer, but I'm learning to not care as much any more.  It's all for the love of the game.  And exercise, I guess haha. 
I know that this church is the church of God.  I love my Heavenly Father so much, and I'm so grateful to have grown up in an amazing family that has taught me the gospel.  It is so important that we talk to God through prayer all throughout the day and let him know how we're doing.  We literally say like 30 prayers a day! The spirit is so strong here, and I wouldn't want to be in any other place. Okay, maybe Taiwan.  Oh! one last thing! yesterday in the devotional about study journals, he said that the Lord is working on the people in Taiwan right now, and he'll continue to help them when I leave.  He's preparing them for me to come, and I have to be prepared for them.  
Anyway, I love you all so much! Jia you! (add oil)