Monday, September 1, 2014

Making Progress

Ni hao friends and family!

This week has been a great week! Thank you so much Alicia and Emily for your packages! I loved them! and happy birthday to Dad and Andrew this week! Mom, if you're putting a package together, could you be sure to send my camera charger, maybe my byu hoodie, all the extra floss that's chillin in my bathroom cupboard under the sink, and maybe a little book with family pics? I don't think I actually took the ones we printed out.  To answer some people's questions...
feng jiemei means facer sister (kind of) and feng is just a surname that's kind of close to facer. Haha we can't all have it our way. The food is actually better than I expected. well, sometimes haha. The fruit is way good, and most meals are good.  The veggies are occasionally served with dinner, but they're disgusting! I miss having fresh green beans from our garden! But I could totally see how people gain so much weight.  There's just so much food! And no, they don't have an ice cream machine.   Sundays and tuesdays are ice cream days (:
I did remember that today is labor day today, because we couldn't go to the temple! :(! and they're not handing out mail, AND the bookstore closes at 2.  Our choir number sounded soo good! Tomorrow we'll be singing 'where can I turn for peace.' I love that song! and you can totally use it in any lesson! Such a good song for investigators. Our choir director said we MIGHT be singing in gen conference so that would be sweet! we'll find out within the next few weeks, so I'll be sure and let you know (:
I may or may not be sending more pics from sis Bowmans camera since mine was dead for half the week.  Our companionship is great! it's just me and sis Bowman now, since sis Peine left last monday.  We work well together, and she helps me a TON with my zhongwen! My teachers are good, We just got like two new ones i think? One of them is our investigator, brother gao (now known as wong lao shi - teacher wong) so that was kind of wierd.  The new girl is super hard because she NEVER says anything in english, but it will be so good for us.
SO! where to begin.. please excuse my randomness but there's just so much to tell about! So I just loooove devotionals!! I pretty much feel like I get exalted every time! Sunday's devotional was on how we need to keep a study journal to show God that we can be trusted with His revelation.  Then later on when we're actually acting on his revelation, then He can trust that it will be put to good use.  Also, we watched a video about the ministry of Pres Monson.  I feel like we're pretty tight now! But man, he's amazing.  A true prophet of God! 
Oh and about writing.. haha just do whatever you want.  Dear elders are so great because I can get them any day of the week, but I can't reply.  So if you want a reply either write your email/address on it or whatever, or just email me (: xie xie! (thanks)
Haha so every night, we qidao (pray) together with the girls in our zone, and we all came up with our princesses and spirit animals.  I'm jazmine, and apparently an otter.  Whatever works.
Oh guess what!! on thursday I gave my first lesson without having to write it all out in zhongwen!! Haha if you know me, that's a big deal because I can barely give a lesson in English without writing it all out.  That was way cool to be able to go by the spirit and we just had an awesome lesson! We asked brother Gao to be baptized, but he said he would think about it.  He's still having a hard time believing in God.  But we're getting there! We also made a district goal to be able to pray without the book by sunday and I did it! Ah it's so cool to pray in another language! My prayers are still pretty basic, but I'm expanding little by little (:
During companion study on saturday, we talked about alma 26.  it's amazing! It's filled with so much juice to tell about, but just read it and you'll know what I mean (: hmmm we also had a photo scavenger hunt in order to learn about how to use before and after so that was fun! Haha i had to use Elder Sessions' camera because mine is dead :/ so you may or may not be getting those pics. 
So many people on the mandarin floor in our building have been getting sick.. I'm getting there, but I'm trying hard to stay away and be sanitary and what not.  But nothing will keep me in bed, haha that just sounds awful! 
                                          My nametag.  My next one will be in Chinese!

                                                  Straight is the gate and narrow the way

Sister Meyer got some tim tams from her family, so we did tim tam slams at dinner! Haha so fun! 
It was really nice on sunday during sacrament to realize how much I've improved throughout the week.  Last week, I had no idea what anyone was saying, and this week I could actually piece together some things! I'm definitely not perfect, but I'm just glad to see that I'm getting better.  I'm learning to deal with non-morning people haha.  Patience is definitely a virtue. On saturday we played mandarin soccer!! That was so nice to get out and play again! haha I'm way competitive so it was a little hard to play with people who have never played soccer, but I'm learning to not care as much any more.  It's all for the love of the game.  And exercise, I guess haha. 
I know that this church is the church of God.  I love my Heavenly Father so much, and I'm so grateful to have grown up in an amazing family that has taught me the gospel.  It is so important that we talk to God through prayer all throughout the day and let him know how we're doing.  We literally say like 30 prayers a day! The spirit is so strong here, and I wouldn't want to be in any other place. Okay, maybe Taiwan.  Oh! one last thing! yesterday in the devotional about study journals, he said that the Lord is working on the people in Taiwan right now, and he'll continue to help them when I leave.  He's preparing them for me to come, and I have to be prepared for them.  
Anyway, I love you all so much! Jia you! (add oil)

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