Tuesday, September 30, 2014

To Be in His Prescence

                      Sister Olsen, me, Sis. Johnston.  They're in our zone, but going to Taichung
I've already found a few situations that I just don't know what to say (like my farewell talk) but I'm trying really hard to be receptive and listen to the spirit. So what's the update on Lys and Manuel's house? I'd like to hear from them once they get settled down but for the time being, I understand they're super busy with the house and everything. I can't tell you how thankful I am that dad found all those names for me to take to the temple.  I haven't had any experiences with those people yet, but I know I will.  Someone said in a devotional or something to pray for angels to help you, and now I know which angels I'm praying for to help me.  
Thank you so much to Becky Tanner for sending me a package! Also for all your letters and dear elders.  They really do make my day so much better (:
Me and Sis Bowman are learning a lot.  We are different in so many ways, which can be hard sometimes (nonetheless, thank you so much for teaching me the importance of being on time) but we've learned to work things out so far.  Everyone in my district is going to Taipei, except for Elder Anderson who's going to Boston and his comp Elder Wimmer, going to Houston.  I'm wearing all my old clothes, except for the dresses. Sometimes you just have to throw on a dress and go, you know? But I'm definitely glad that I'm keeping all my new stuff for Taiwan. The immunizations I've gotten are ones I needed for the Taiwan visa, and my boosters were just out of date.  While I'm on the subject, we signed our new visas last monday so hopefully it should only take 30 days and we'll be able to go to Taiwan on time! But Yeah, I shouldn't need any more shots.
SO. Now for the good stuff. This week has been a great week of learning and improvement. We made new language goals, and that's been really good to help keep our district on task and working hard.  For the Tuesday devotional, another apostle came! M. Russell Ballard!! Ahh it was amazing to see another apostle.  The spirit you feel when he walks in is just incredible.  We (the choir) sang Joseph Smith's First Prayer, and it was really cool to kind of bear my testimony of that in front him.  Our choir director, Brother Eggett, said that just in our 500 or so missionaries who were singing, we'd all probably share that story a million times over the next two years.  That's overwhelming to think about! I can't imagine how much good that will do.  And I finally memorized Joseph Smith's first vision in zhongwen! That was a rough one.  Now I'm working on D&C 4... pray for me please haha. So anyway, Elder Ballard talked about missionary work, and how it's important to gain all the knowledge and skills we can right now, because it will last throughout all of our lives.  When he left, he shook the girl’s hand who gave the prayer, and it was so precious.  I can't imagine what it would be like to be in an apostle's direct presence and shake his hand. Then that made me think of would it would be like to be in the presence of Christ, and touch his hands.  What a day that will be.
On sunday nights after the devotional, we always watch some kind of movie.  This week we watched legacy, but in mandarin.  Haha we all thought it would have subtitles. Psych! It did not.  So I understood about 4%.  They talk so fast! Haha and it was weird to see Joseph Smith and all these white guys talking in zhongwen.  I guess that will be me on day though!
Our investigators this week... oh boy.  I'll start with Liang Jiemei, our less active.  So she's engaged, right? She finally told her fiance's mom and then her mom flipped and said she won't let her marry her son unless she goes on a mission! So here's our friend, Liang JM, drinking and partying on the weekends, doesn't pray, hates reading the moermenjing, hates the missionaries, and is dead set on going on a mission just so she can get married.  Me and my tongban couldn't help but just laugh when we got out because we had no idea what to think! I mean, it's great that she wants to go but it's for the completely wrong reasons.  the next lesson we tried to get down to her testimony and find out what she really knows, but that didn't end up too well.  Any insight on how to explain the atonement without being too harsh because of her sins and that she needs to repent would be much appreciated (: However on sunday, I did watch a really good talk that might help. It was an old BYU devotional with Brad Wilcox about grace.  We're going to try talking about that and see how it goes.  But hey, even if it doesn't, it at least broadened my own understanding! I highly recommend watching it (: Our lessons with He Jiemei were fine.. She's growing a testimony but it's just a slow process. I did get to teach the jiu en jihua (plan of salvation) for the first time and that was good. You just can't progress without faith though.  
On sunday I also bore my testimony for fast sunday, and it was actually pretty decent! I guess I'm better than I think I am.  Okay that's false, pretty much all I can do is bear my testimony hahah. But I'm working on everything else (: I also translated for Sister Woodfield, and that was pretty cool! We're the oldest district in our zone now, and it's crazy to think that once I had to have it translated for me.  I really am loving the MTC, I don't care what anyone else says.  We have so much fun, we learn so much, and we feel the spirit all the time.  I know that this is God's work, and that he's helping me literally through every step of the way.  I love you guys! Jia you!

Sister Facer

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