Tuesday, September 9, 2014

At 3 Weeks

                   Sister Baker and me. She's not in our zone, but she's the sweetest thing (:

                                                 I found Karisa from grounds crew! 

Hey everyone! 
This week has been interesting.  We've been here for almost three weeks now, and we're all starting to go a bit crazy.  Thanks to everyone for your letters, and mom and Alicia for your packages! So first off, I beat the MTC soccer juggling record. 387! It's not even close to my best but that was pretty cool! I've still got it!
We got a few new teachers this week, and most of them are our investigators so that's been interesting. Jin lao shi is our golden investigator, ke lao shi is a new investigator, and wang lao shi is our less active.  With our first lesson with her, it was so hard.  She doesn't want anything to do with us, and we've only got to talk to her twice for five minutes at a time.  Hopefully we'll be able to connect with her somehow.  
This week during comp inventory, I feel like me and Sis Bowman really got to know each other better, and understand why we're companions.  She helps me so much with my zhongwen, and I'm so glad I have her during hard times. 
Oh I forgot to tell you, on the first day, I met an elder Facer! I haven't seen him since though, but I will find him! Also, I haven't seen Lizzy because she's in the Brazil MTC.  But Karisa Tyree came this week so that was so fun to see her! I worked with her at BYU grounds and we were instafriends! I always see Elder Rees and Elder (Tyler) Richardson because they're in the Asia building.  It's always nice to see people I know (:
This week I memorized our purpose in zhongwen! Now I'm working on Joseph Smith's first vision, which is a lot harder.
I swear, I couldn't say anything I wanted to in spanish when I was in Peru, and now that's all I can ever think to say.  It's hard having spanish come to my mind when I'm in 'foreign language' mode, but I'm slowly making the transition.  But I've already got to use my spanish on some missionaries so that's always fun. 
Oh man. Trouble. The group of missionaries that was supposed to go to Taipei this week, their visas were apparently done on the wrong document so they had to resubmit them all over again! They're all getting called stateside for the time being until they get their visas.  Hopefully they will have that problem fixed by the time it's our turn.  They're all going insane after being here for 10 weeks.
We had our first TRC teaching on saturday! That was a way cool experience, especially to speak with people other than our teachers.  And I saw my friend from the Riv that's from Taiwan! I even got to teach her, so that was a tender mercy from the Lord (: I feel like that was the first time I gave a solid lesson so  I'm proud of that.
Sunday was fun, we had mission conference because it was fast sunday.  So all the MTC presidency and their wives spoke.  It was just basic doctrine like priesthood, the godhead, and all that jazz but it was good.  I was surprised during sacrament meeting because I could probably understand 70% of the testimonies! It's so nice to see that I'm making progress each week.  For the sunday devotional, Richard Heaton spoke, who's Laura Heaton (my old soccer coach)'s dad. So that was fun to see Laura's sister there.  Also, Mr. Durstchi (my high school choir teacher) was the organist that day, haha but of course.  I didn't get to say hi to him, but he did a big "Joseph" ending as expected of him.  The opening him was "Army of Helaman" and I couldn't help but think of Savanna (my niece) singing that every sunday.  I miss that cute little voice. Before the meeting started, they announced what to do when an apostle walks in so we all thought someone would come on Sunday, but there's still tuesday devotional... (: I'm betting on it.  
Me and Sis Bowman got called to be the online specialists  (what the?). I'm not sure why us, considering neither of us know anything about IT stuff, but hey I'm willing to serve! All we do is help the newbies when they come with email and TALL and stuff like that. 
On friday, we had the cereal challenge.  ooohh boy. You have to empty out the cereal tower before they can refill it! So we got the whole zone just chowing down on cereal hahah. But we did it! VICTORY. 
In the temple this morning, I had an awesome experience.  We did sealings because sis bowman had never done them before.  So a little background, in the devotional last night he said that even as a missionary it's still okay to ask questions. even the basics.  So last night I prayed to know like 100% if this is the true church, if God is real, the BOM, and all the basic stuff.  I didn't really get an answer though until I was waiting in the temple and I randomly turned to Alma 22. It answered like every single question! Pretty much the whole plan of salvation. So that was really cool. The church is true! It's amazing how perfectly everything is worked out. There's just no way that it can't be true. 
Well that's all for this week! It really has been a great week with lots of growing and learning.  Keep the faith, and stay true to the truth you know! Love you all!

Sister Facer

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