Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Recap

It was so good to see everyone on Christmas! You'll have to excuse my typing today, all the computer places are closed so I'm typing on a 7 year old's tablet. I'll probably make it quick. Thank you so much to snoopla and john and arica for your letters! And mom I opened your package and the one from Manuel so thank you very much! Very useful and appreciated. Also I opened Sharon's Christmas letter. thank you so much! 
Our microwave broke this week, along with our toaster so that was interesting. this morning I had oatmeal cooked on the stove and toast from the oven. I'm learning to appreciate things a lot more. We also made cookie for a ton of people which was a goof reason to stop in on a lot of people.
On Christmas Eve our car battery died. I didn't have dad to call but luckily some members were able to save the day.
I love seeing my recent convert Lucille at church every Sunday. I'll definitely never forget her. Ashley is still doing wonderful although in her new ward she was disappointed that most people were on their phones the whole time. it's so sad to me that a recent covert didn't enjoy her new ward because of something so simple. Please remember that there is always someone watching and put your phone away during church! I can promise that you'll be able to feel the spirit more as you pay attention and try to receive Revelation at church.
Brock is great, we werent able to see him this past week but we'll have an awesome lesson this week! West got approved to move into an apartment so hopefully that will happen soon. He's still doing good though. We taught Jared and he's awesome! Haha sorry I promise ├«ll be able to write more next week. But it's hard when people don't fully understand the apostasy so that's something were working on teaching better as well. I love y'all so much and thank you for all your emails, love, letters, and prayers. I had such an awesome and humble Christmas. Missionary work is so cool! Happy new year!
Love, Sister Facer​

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Miracle on 34th Street, Barnesville Georgia

Hi y'all!
I can't believe how fast the time has gone. First though, I forgot to wish Scott and Alicia a happy anniversary on the 16th! So.. Happy anniversary! Also, thank you to the Eliason's, Lesser's, President Hughes, and the Levie's for your letters.  They are always greatly appreciated (:
So, down to business. The skype call! We're going to go over to a family’s home at 3 (my time).  I'm not sure if they have one or two computers, so plan on 3, or possibly 4ish if I'm going second. Sorry for the uncertainty but I'll do my best!
We had a solid talk with our sweet brother who missed his baptism last week.  A million things were going on, and he just got mad, and then didn't want to talk to us because he knew he would flip his lid. He knows the next thing he needs to do is move out of the hotel so he can have some sanity again, but that's a struggle. So we're not meeting with him as much, maybe once a week until he's ready for the commitment again.  It seriously breaks my heart to see him like this, but I just have to keep reminding myself that he has agency.  That's about the only thing that's getting me through that one.
                                                    For those cold nights, you know?
On the other hand, our other investigator came to church yesterday! Ahh what a stud! Haha the whole time, he had that big smile across his face, and I'm just so glad he came.  We're definitely going to commit him to a date to be baptized this week since we weren't able to see him last week.  I'm way excited for him though!
We also had an awesome lesson with the sweetest black momma with three little girls, whom we just tracted out. Her husband is  a truck driver so we still haven't met him yet. But we taught her the restoration and she read through the pamphlet beforehand and everything.  She's excited to start reading the Book of Mormon, so we're definitely just moving right along with her!
As far as our other truck driver family, we met with the mom and daughter this week.  The father should be coming home soon so we can finally teach him the restoration. They definitely want this to be a family thing, so we've been waiting to decide on a date for baptism until we can talk to him again as well.  I just love their family though! They'll be a solid addition to the ward. 
MIRACLE TIME!! We were tracting this older looking street (okay, what street in Barnesville doesn't look old?) and not one person answered their door.  In the back of my mind, I was thinking, "it's like those stories you hear where the house at the end of the street is the golden investigator!" but NO haha, except that we turned the corner to loop around back to where we started, and at that exact moment, we saw a guy walking on the other side of the street. For a split second, we made that awkward eye contact where you're not sure what to do.  I wondered if I should go talk to him, and the next thing I knew, I was practically running across the street.  I guess the answer was YES, I should definitely go talk to him! Thank you, Holy Ghost, for making that decision for me. His name is Jared, and it turns out that he was literally walking home from jail. He said he was there for just a few weeks, but we'll be careful haha. What are the odds that we would see him just after he’s been a little humbled? But my comp and I both just knew with a certainty that it was meant to be.  Our return appointment isn't until tomorrow, but I just have a good feeling about this, and I can't wait to start teaching him! And don't worry, we'll have a member with us always just in case he's a psycho lunatic.  Man, Heavenly Father's perfect timing is so cool! Earlier that day, one of our appointments fell through, which led us to go tracting on that street, and ah it was all just so beautifully orchestrated! Plus, It's way cool to be the instrument for the Spirit to work through.  I love being so in tune with the spirit! It's an amazing gift.
                                                                    Temple trip!
                                                            What a cute tongbantuan
We had mission conference this week, which meant we were able to go to the temple! We are so lucky we get to go every transfer. It was wonderful as always, and I actually learned a lot of things as Sister Achziger and I had a solid discussion afterward.  We did have to drive up in our car though, which was the scariest thing ever! Atlanta traffic/the drivers are insane!! But we made it out alive, and I can now say that I've driven in Atlanta.  We also got a ding in our car - someone hit and ran us in the parking lot - so we got a new temporary car.  It's weird getting used to, and it totally doesn't help that I'm still terrified to turn out of our street after seeing the big accident a week or so ago.  But I'm getting better. Oh, and I met Elder Hogan! Sister Hughes' nephew I believe? Haha that was cool to run into him though after you had just asked about him.
                         Our lego Christmas lesson! Probably the coolest lesson I've ever had.  
                                   Okay, probably because I got to play with legos. But still.
We had a cool lego lesson with Keegen, Jenny's son.  He's probably 9, but wasn't raised with any religion, so we're slowly working with him.  We taught the story of Christmas, and next lesson will be the restoration, lego style of course. 
Well, things are going great.  I can't wait to talk to you on Christmas! As for everyone else, have a Merry Christmas!

Love, Sister Facer

Monday, December 15, 2014

How Christ Must Feel

                                  EEEWWWW!!! That lizard was in our house! Not cool. 

Hello! I'm happy to announce that I'm alive. We were doing some hard core cleaning this morning, and we found a lizard in some boxes that were there for I don't know how long! I swear it was bigger than it actually turned out to be, but we were both freaking out and had to ask a neighbor to help us.  They didn't ever come outside to rescue us, so we put our big girl skirts on and I kicked the box out the door! I still got my soccer skills (: That wasn't the only thing we survived this week.  We also saw a pretty bad car accident right as we were turning in to our lane. Of course that's made me paranoid to drive, and especially to turn left as what happened in the accident.  I just have to keep reminding myself that I haven't driven for a year and I need to be careful.
Ashley, who was baptized last week, was my very first lesson I taught. She has a boyfriend, but you're thinking of another girl, who's boyfriend is on a mission.  She's gone for Christmas break but she was excited to meet with us in January when she'll be back on campus! Also, Brother Adams told me that Ashley's mom is now taking the lessons with the elders in Jackson! She could totally be baptized by the time I leave! Man I love their family. Lucille is doing great.  She comes every week with her son who's a member, and  I always make sure to talk to her and give her a big hug. She's just the sweetest! We can't go to her house though, because apparently it's a mile or so off the street and you need a truck to get through their driveway.  They used to have horses to get from the street to their house (:

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Spirit of Christmas

Happy December!
I can't believe how fast the time has passed; It still feels like we're in the middle of August! Emily and Sean, thank you so much for your sweet card and the money.  Shauna, thank you for the package and money! It's so nice to have some Christmas music to listen to, along with the other motab that mom sent (: and Canyon, thanks for your letter! I'll definitely send it back so we can play tic tac toe (:
                        Ashley's baptism! Her mom, Tammy; her dad, Kevin, Ashley, and us (:
First, I have to tell about our last baptism! Ashley was baptized on tuesday, and it was such a sweet experience.  Her parents came, and even a few friends, and her boyfriend cared enough to face time from his home for the whole thing.  It was so awesome! Her parents are super supportive, and I just know they felt the spirit, especially since we were able to watch a bit of the restoration video.  She's going to go to the Jackson ward from now on, but I just know they'll be baptized one day! I'm definitely going to keep in touch with her when I get home.  She was confirmed on sunday, and it’s amazing that every time I hear those words, "receive the Holy Ghost," it's as if I'm receiving it all over again.  That's so powerful! It's interesting how they say 'receive'. It's not forced upon you, but it's there if you're willing to let it be.  That's always a good reminder. We also got to share Joseph Smith's First Vision a few times, and every time I hear or talk about it, it's just so powerful! That story brings such an amazing spirit into the room, and there's just no denying it. 
                                              Me and the new comp! Sister Achziger (:
Transfers were on wednesday, and my new companion is Sister Achziger (Ahk-zigger). She's from Colorado, and has been out for 15 months, so she'll probably die here in Barnseville.  She's so sweet though, and a really good trainer.  I've already learned so much from her! Haha her driver's license actually expired on her mission, which makes me the designated driver.. That's been interesting! Luckily, she has a GPS though, and we just learn where the streets are together. It's been a whole new experience from being with someone who's been here for 9 months, to being here for only 6 weeks and working with someone who is new to the area.  Haha let's just say we've done a lot of finding and tracting this week.  My favorite quote so far: "Could we say a prayer with you?" "No, thanks, I'm Christian." hahah I wonder how people feel after they slam the door in our faces. 
So we're still working with West, and he went through a little bump in the road when Sis Watts left.  He's doing a lot better now though.   We asked him to pray specifically to know if he should be baptized, and now he's a  lot more confident about it! Specific prayers get specific answers! What do you know? So hopefully he'll get 'dipped' (as he likes to say) this weekend or next weekend.  This week we met Carlos from Mexico, and that was a tender mercy.  At first he was a little hesitant in talking to us because his English isn't too good, then I start talking to him in Spanish! Strike! Haha it was so hard because these Chinese words kept coming out, but I'm so glad I was able to bridge that gap between us.  For some reason, it just makes them trust me when I tell them I have two brothers who served in Mexico. Insta-friends! So hopefully we'll be able to teach him some more this week! Speaking of Mexico, I found out that Sis Achziger's brother also served in Cuernavaca! What?? I think it would have been right as Brigham was leaving, but that was still cool to find out! 
We also met Brock while tracting, and he's totally going to get baptized!! We taught him the restoration, and the spirit was so strong! We invited him to church, and he texted us later and was like, "I can't come to church, but don't give up on me!" Later he said, "the book you gave me is so awesome!" the Book of Mormon, of course.  Ohh man I'm so excited to teach him some more!! I just love when people are so prepared. 
We were fortunate enough to be able to go to the Christmas devotional last night.  That was really good! I liked how they compared each of the characters, and really went deep into the parts that they played.  I just love Christmas (: and it's seriously the perfect time to talk to people! The spirit of Christmas is a real thing! 
No visa updates, but honestly, I'm okay with that! I would love to spend Christmas in Georgia.  I'm glad to hear from everyone that that all is well! I love you so much, and I so appreciate all your support and prayers.  Stay on the boat!

Love, Sister Facer