Monday, December 1, 2014

Feeling FULL of Gratitude

Hello everyone!
I hope y'all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Mine was definitely interesting, not to mention jam-packed! Literally.. First, thank you mom for the package! I've started reading the ensign, got my stocking put up, and hid the presents away for Christmas (: And thank you to the Krause's, Williams', Hubert's, Bro Tanner, Sis Reinhard, and Papa George for all of your notes! It's nice to hear from the ward family and I appreciate all of your prayers and support! Also, thanks to Betsy for the letter. Such a cute family pic!
II'm glad everything went well for Thanksgiving and I'm proud of you for putting up the tree! Even if the grandkids won't be there too much, you and dad will still enjoy it (: We're making ornaments with the RS this week, and I think I might just hang them on the window? Haha or maybe my stocking.  I did think about y'all on friday morning, and was glad that I didn't have to get up to do some black friday shopping.  I hope everything goes smooth with peru and vegas for Lys and Manuel. I'm glad to hear that everyone is doing well!
My thanksgiving really was good.  We had so many people invite us over, and it was nice to see that people cared. We ended up picking (just) three families.  First was Pamela, the librarian that we're good friends with.  She had a big family of at least 20 or 30, so that was really nice to feel somewhat like at home.  They say "It's not the holidays without the strays" so I guess it was cool to be the strays for once.  I'm sure that's what it was like at gma Facer's house back in the good old days, and I'm glad that I could experience what it's like to be taken in.  Maybe I'll start doing that. Haha and the grandma sent us home with pocket new testaments. Classic (: By the time we ate there, we were already going to explode. But that was only round 1... 
                                     Pamela (the librarian), her mom, and us after round 1. 
                                               Such a sweet family! And great weather!

Next, we went to the home of a single lady from the ward who lives with a non member lady and her daughter. Haha they are just crack ups! We go to their house occasionally for sunday dinner.  We just had dessert there, but I was still just so full that I was really scared to go to our next appointment for another whole thanksgiving meal. So that was round 2. 
                                (from oldest to youngest) Cassidy, Katie, and Kelsie Carthon. 
                    Cutest girls ever! and Cassidy reminds me of Savanna (: this is after round 3

Round 3 was with the the cutest black family in our ward who got married so they could be baptized a few years ago! They're pretty sensitive about food though, so the sister made it clear that we need to eat at least a good plate.  That was all I could do and more! I was praying between each bite that I would stuff it all in, and by the end I had to run to the bathroom in case I threw up. I never did, but that was the fullest I have ever been in my life. Haha we had to take a break in our car to lay down for a bit before our next lesson. It was a really nice day though.  I was surprised how similar the meals were, except for a few things.  Everyone loves green bean casserole here, and I can tolerate it now.  Sweet potata pie is wonderful (I don't think I've ever bothered to try it because it looks gross) and pecan pie is really big here too! Georgia is famous for their peaches, peanuts, and pecans, and boy, did we have pecans that day. 
                                        we really felt after round 3

There's this awesome 3ish minute movie out right now called "He is the Gift". There have been some  similar ones in the past but this one is about how we should put our focus on Christ, especially during the Christmas season.  It's a huge deal for the church, becuase they're taking over all of youtube on december 7, and advertising in Time Square. We have pass along cards and have been sharing it with everyone. But y'all should watch it and share it on facebook or whatever! Just go to (:
Now my investigators! I'll just do two quick ones.. So Ashley is still set to be baptized tomorrow! Well, I'm pretty sure.  It's really complicated because she lives in the Jackson ward boundaries, but since we found her at Gordon college, we're in a completely different stake. So we're still trying to work it out with the stake presidents and everything.  At least it should be sometime this week. 
West is still doing awesome! He actually introduced us to his son, Chris, his brother, Willie, and his cousin, David.  Haha Willie is the most Southern Baptist I've ever met.  Everything we said was, oh hallelujah! glory, glory! oh jesus! Haha it was funny at first, but then it was a bit offensive.  But hey, that's just how he was raised.. along with everyone else here haha.  David was really cool to meet; he'd actually never really learned about the bible.  We were talking about 1 Nephi 3:7 and he was super interested in learning about the background and reading more.  So we'll definitely followup!
                                        Only in the south would they have Jesus candy (:

West is doing so good though.  Today is one week from when he last smoked, so hopefully he'll stick it out this week and make it for a baptism on saturday! I can't remember where we were reading, but somewhere it talked about fasting, and he asked us how he could fast because he takes medicine and has to eat and drink.  Sis Watts suggest doing a "doubt" fast, and that worked miracles! All of last week, he was just so happy! He even started doing a "smoking" fast, and so far it's been wonderful.  Haha yes, it's the same thing as quitting smoking, but I think the fact that he's doing it for the Lord has changed his mindset and helped a ton!
                                        random pic after church.. me and Sis Watts, JaLyn 
                                            (is getting married so he can get baptized!) 
                                              E Richardson, Bishop Allred, and E Argyle

Now for the news... Transfers! Oh boy. so Sis Watts is actually leaving, after 9 months! I'm stoked to get a new companion and see how differently she trains, but I'm also really sad! Me and Sis Watts are besties! Also, I'm a little nervous.  I've only been out for 6 weeks, and I'm supposed to know everyone, where they all live, and now I'm in charge of the phone. I don't feel ready at all to be the expert of the area.  Haha but I'm still training so it's a little weird.  In Betsy's letter, she said something about how it's hard being in limbo and not knowing how attached to get to people. I totally agree, but now I wish I would have become more attached.  The first half of the transfer, I was kind of holding back, thinking I'd leave any minute, and the last half I settled in more and established some really good friendships.  I just wish I would have developed better relationships throughout the whole transfer! But it's okay, I'm still here and I'm going to put my whole heart into loving these Barnesville folks until I'm in Taiwan. 
Speaking of Taiwan, I found out that Sis Cardon and Giles (from the MTC) are leaving on tuesday.  And I'm left here... So I'm not sure what that's all about, but it's obvious that I'm needed more here in Barnesville than I am in Taiwan right now. I would like to know if I'll ever be needed over there.. But I'm patiently waiting until another call comes. 
I hope y'all are doing well.  Thanks for all your prayers and love, I really do appreciate them! I can't believe it's December already! Love you!!

Sister Facer

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