Monday, December 15, 2014

How Christ Must Feel

                                  EEEWWWW!!! That lizard was in our house! Not cool. 

Hello! I'm happy to announce that I'm alive. We were doing some hard core cleaning this morning, and we found a lizard in some boxes that were there for I don't know how long! I swear it was bigger than it actually turned out to be, but we were both freaking out and had to ask a neighbor to help us.  They didn't ever come outside to rescue us, so we put our big girl skirts on and I kicked the box out the door! I still got my soccer skills (: That wasn't the only thing we survived this week.  We also saw a pretty bad car accident right as we were turning in to our lane. Of course that's made me paranoid to drive, and especially to turn left as what happened in the accident.  I just have to keep reminding myself that I haven't driven for a year and I need to be careful.
Ashley, who was baptized last week, was my very first lesson I taught. She has a boyfriend, but you're thinking of another girl, who's boyfriend is on a mission.  She's gone for Christmas break but she was excited to meet with us in January when she'll be back on campus! Also, Brother Adams told me that Ashley's mom is now taking the lessons with the elders in Jackson! She could totally be baptized by the time I leave! Man I love their family. Lucille is doing great.  She comes every week with her son who's a member, and  I always make sure to talk to her and give her a big hug. She's just the sweetest! We can't go to her house though, because apparently it's a mile or so off the street and you need a truck to get through their driveway.  They used to have horses to get from the street to their house (:

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