Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Recap

It was so good to see everyone on Christmas! You'll have to excuse my typing today, all the computer places are closed so I'm typing on a 7 year old's tablet. I'll probably make it quick. Thank you so much to snoopla and john and arica for your letters! And mom I opened your package and the one from Manuel so thank you very much! Very useful and appreciated. Also I opened Sharon's Christmas letter. thank you so much! 
Our microwave broke this week, along with our toaster so that was interesting. this morning I had oatmeal cooked on the stove and toast from the oven. I'm learning to appreciate things a lot more. We also made cookie for a ton of people which was a goof reason to stop in on a lot of people.
On Christmas Eve our car battery died. I didn't have dad to call but luckily some members were able to save the day.
I love seeing my recent convert Lucille at church every Sunday. I'll definitely never forget her. Ashley is still doing wonderful although in her new ward she was disappointed that most people were on their phones the whole time. it's so sad to me that a recent covert didn't enjoy her new ward because of something so simple. Please remember that there is always someone watching and put your phone away during church! I can promise that you'll be able to feel the spirit more as you pay attention and try to receive Revelation at church.
Brock is great, we werent able to see him this past week but we'll have an awesome lesson this week! West got approved to move into an apartment so hopefully that will happen soon. He's still doing good though. We taught Jared and he's awesome! Haha sorry I promise ├«ll be able to write more next week. But it's hard when people don't fully understand the apostasy so that's something were working on teaching better as well. I love y'all so much and thank you for all your emails, love, letters, and prayers. I had such an awesome and humble Christmas. Missionary work is so cool! Happy new year!
Love, Sister Facer​

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