Monday, January 5, 2015

The Miracles of a Missionary Christmas

                                        This went to President, but it applies to y'all as well!
                    Elders Reber and Argyle, Sister Achziger and I, Elders Stewart and Hansen
Happy New Year!!
I can't believe that this whole year I'll be able to serve the Lord and find people to bring unto him.  This is going to be the best year ever! Tell Brigham happy birthday! I remembered it, and we made cookies in honor of him.  He didn't show up to the party, so we were forced to eat them ourselves. 
The weather here has been pretty weird, actually. And it's way different in Atlanta, so don't go by that.  Some days it rains, and then it's so foggy and humid that it's pretty much raining mist the whole day.  Today is nice and sunny.  We haven't had a really cold day in a while, and I'm grateful that it's this nice even in January! 
So you found the mission blog, huh?  Yes, I forgot to tell you that Sis Watts and I sang at our mission Christmas devotional! It was pretty cute. I don't even remember what song we sang, but I sang one verse in zhongwen, and then Sis Cheng (who's from Taiwan) complimented me and said she understood it!  Victory. I probably found out the same time as you that we have a mission blog.  There's also a facebook page, I think it's just called Georgia Atlanta mission? Haha most of the pictures they take aren't that exciting; just us chilling in zone conferences or something. But pictures are pictures (:
We had a trainer/trainee meeting this week, and it was really insightful! One of the old AP's, Elder Wahlen talked about how he's going through the Book of Mormon right now, and learning the gospel literally front to back.  Whenever there's a blessing mentioned, he would turn it around and see what would happen if you didn't do the promise.  Whenever there was a warning, well you get it. I thought that was really interesting though, so I've started to be a little more thorough in my personal study.  It's so awesome if we repent of our sins and receive all these great blessings from going to the temple, but how much worse would it be if we just didn't? Or on the other hand, we're not supposed to smoke and do drugs, but the blessings are so prevalent when we're keeping that commandment.  I hope that makes enough sense.  That definitely opened my eyes, and I encourage y'all to look at the blessings you could receive, or the misery that will come from not obeying.  The scriptures are so awesome when you really study them!
Back to business.  We had probably 8 investigators set to come to church yesterday, which would have been awesome! Haha sundays are probably the most stressful days because you have to make sure everything goes well at church, and you have very little control over that.  Anyway, we only had two people come. But we actually had two people come to church! Remeber the guy we met walking home from jail? He brought his girlfriend, who we've also been teaching.  They're so getting baptized.  Haha fast sundays are always a little scary because you never know what random tangents people could go off on.  But it was a really good meeting, and then there was gospel principles class.. We talked about exaltation, OF ALL THINGS! The whole time I was just praying that they wouldn't think our church is crazy, but they actually texted us later that day and said they really enjoyed it! So that was a relief.  We started teaching them the plan of salvation but didn't finish, so it will be a good opportunity to discuss all the things they had questions about. 
Two other investigators are just amazing.  Their dad was going to come with them to church, but sadly he bailed so they weren't able to come.  We taught them about the word of wisdom and this was my first time teaching so I was a wee bit scared! And you never know what problems they might have.  It turns out they were both trying to quit smoking anyway, and they were super willing to stop drinking coffee.  It kills me how much faith they have!! They're so awesome! 
We met another guy the other day, and it was totally meant to be.  He was chilling outside by his car, maybe smoking? Anyway, we talked to him, set up a return appointment, all that jazz. We came back and his wife was sick so we couldn't talk with them, but he just pleaded that we don't give up on him, and he really wants his wife to get back into church, and how he just knows that he's supposed to talk to us.  Ah it was beautiful! Every missionary's dream! So we're way excited to go back and teach them. 
We taught another family the plan of salvation and it was a really good lesson.  We just can't get them to come to church! But I'm not giving up! They are such a miracle family!
I got a priesthood blessing for my knee, and basically I'm just supposed to have faith that it will be healed.  Although it got a little worse this week, so maybe Heavenly Father is testing me a little. Not really sure what's going on there.  But I keep praying it will heal. It's nothing too bad though, so don't freak out or anything.  Also, I'm where He wants me to be, so that was very comforting to hear (:
I think that's all for this week, but let me know if I missed anything/anyone! I love this gospel, and I know without a doubt that the Atonement of Jesus Christ can heal anything.  Also, Mosiah 4 is a SWEET chapter. Just read it this morning. Have a great week!

Love, Sister Facer

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