Monday, January 26, 2015

Standing Firm and Committed

                                              The stop signs here just don't make sense...
Wow, Monday again? This week has flown by, although nothing too exciting has really happened. I'm glad that everyone is doing so good with your health challenge! On the other hand, my tights got tighter this week haha. Let's just say I'll probably be better off healthwise in Taiwan when I can ride a bike every day. 
Every day this week we've had a solid 8 to 10 appointments, and I'd say all but 1 or 2 will actually be there.  I just don't understand why we're not finding people who are ready and excited to hear the message of the restored gospel!  Two people even dropped us this week, saying they've read the Book of Mormon and prayed about it and it's just not for them.  Something isn't right.  
So funny experience: 
Well, not exactly funny, but whatever. So we call up a former and ask if we can see her, and she says to call back next week.  Later in the week, we're tracting and somehow come across her house, and she still said to call her next week.  So it's the next week (this week) and we call her, and she said we can't come over.  The 'colored' kids down the street have been abusing her dog, and so it apparently bites all colored people.  She noticed that one of us is colored, so we just can't come over.  Hahaha so we can't see her because of her racist dog? And besides, Sister A is pretty much as white as me! (Although she's half black). Haha people just don't make sense sometimes.
Since next week is stake conference, we had the opportunity to fast this week, and me and Sis Achziger fasted together to find people who will keep their commitments and want to come to church so we can actually help them progress. We're starting from the basics. 
We've lost all contact with one of our favorite couples, and that just breaks my heart because they are so solid! I was sure they would get baptized.  We keep calling or stopping by every day though, because I know that once we just see them, they'll get right back on track! 
We taught our two Gordon College students once this week, and we just went through the faith cycle.  They said they'd come to church next week, so hopefully they'll follow through! Speaking of church, we finally had someone come! We've just started teaching a member's stepson, and he's pretty awesome.  He's got a lot of baggage, but he just wants to know the truth.  He'll definitely be baptized though, it's just a matter of when.
  We got these bad boys from the older couple across from Gordon.  Love that southern hospitality!

Josue, the Gordon college student who referred us to our investigator, also brought his friend  to church.  Haha it was almost too easy! Josue is seriously the best at member missionary work.  He's even going to have a meeting for one of his clubs in our church building, and he found out that a few clubs on campus like to have people come and share about their religion.  Ahh that's so prime! I'm way stoked for that.  I just wish we could tract on campus or something because the college kids are in the perfect stage of life to accept the gospel. I'm so grateful that the college is in our area though! That's definitely a blessing. 
We had a really nice fast and testimony meeting yesterday.  "Firecross" Tony always runs up to bare his testimony about missionary work, and that just sets the tone for the rest of the meeting. Haha I just love him. It's so awesome to see a lot of members sharing their testimony of sharing the gospel with others, and I definitely want to be an active member missionary!  I'm still trying to figure out how that works in Happy Valley, Utah, but I'll make do with what I've got.
I had a really cool experience of watching the Atonement work right before my eyes, and it was just amazing and so humbling.  A recent convert who comes out with us on team-ups all the time likes to share the latest and greatest of what's going on in her life.  Before she got baptized, her life was literally a mess, and accepting the gospel was just what she needed.  Recently, some problems have been coming back including crazy relatives, court cases, DFCS, and what not.  It's crazy. But literally from one day to the next, I saw a change in her.  One day, she was about going to wring someone's neck and the next day at church she was so forgiving and saw her relative as just another sister in Christ.  That was the most amazing thing to me to watch her being willing to rely on the atonement, and have it work so beautifully in her life. Heavenly Father didn't take away all the baggage and everything that was going on, but He just helped her to get through that trial, ease her burdens, and mend a few relationships in the process.  If the Atonement of Jesus Christ isn't real, I don't know what is.   
I've had to share my testimony of a few things this week, which were hard in the moment because it was exactly against what they stood for.  I shared my testimony of families, specifically the idea that a mother and father is ordained of God, to a lesbian couple.  I shared my testimony and the Church's stance on the Word of Wisdom to a good number of people who smoke, drink, and who knows what else. It's hard at first, but once you share the truth, it is so worth it.  People appreciate that our church has such high standards, and it's because Heavenly Father doesn't drop His standards for those of the world.  His standards will always be the same, no question.  And I'm grateful for that, because I can see so many churches here in the South falling farther and farther away from his standards.  I know that I belong to Christ's one and only true church, and I'm so thankful to be His servant, no matter how hard it may be sometimes.  He never said it would be easy.  Christ himself was crucified.  So I'm willing to do whatever it takes to stand up for Him and preach His gospel.

Love, Sister Facer
                                              Did I mention our apartment is a little chilly?

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