Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Still Faithful

Good morning, sorry I couldn't write yesterday as it was MLK day! I hope everyone enjoyed their day off.  As for me, we were glad to find some families that were home, and enjoyed the high 60's all day.  I did get your package, and the package from the young women, thank you so much! The brace fits perfectly, and it's helped as I'm running.  My knee is doing better, it's just when I pick up the pace or pivot weird that it starts hurting. But all is well (: And as for the young women, haha yall are awesome.  It's so weird to me that you're in the phase of life that I swear I'm still in, but I really appreciate the package and hope yall are enjoying your last few months in YW's! Trust me, enjoy it while you can!
This week as I've been reading in my personal study, I've really been able to understand the storyline more, especially as I've started to read about Alma and Alma the younger.  What an awesome story! If we could all just have the faith of his father to pray for a miracle such as that.   It's a little sad that I've never really read through and got much out of it, but it's amazing how Heavenly Father works in that way.  I set aside a few months of my life to serve him, and he blesses me with more of an understanding in my reading.  It's as simple as that. And I'm so thankful for it.
                                 We only stopped to take the picture, not because we had to
Haha we filled up on gas the other day, and it was $1.92! What?! Is it just in the south that it's so cheap or everywhere? I've heard living costs are pretty cheap as well, but food is pretty expensive.. who knows. 
As I've been doing my language study, we've had the opportunity to do a 3 way call with some other sisters in the area that are also waiting to go to Taipei. It almost seems like a fantasy that one day I'll go to Taiwan and actually get to use my zhongwen.  Haha and the MTC seems even more of a fantasy.  2 straight months of only zhongwen, then I come out here and not a single person has the slightest knowledge of any foreign language.  I realized the other day that I'll only get to be in Taiwan a year or so... but I've noticed that my accent is getting pretty awesome! I just need to work on vocab a bit more, but that will come with being surrounded by it.  Anyways, I haven't given up on it when it seems useless sometimes.
                One last pic of our old district. Elders Hansen and Stewart, Sis Achziger and me, 
                                                          Elders Reber and Argyle
We got some new elders in our ward, E Herrera and Eldridge, and Elders Hansen and Argyle transferred out.  It's crazy that I've been in this ward the longest out of our district! We had dinner at the Druce's on sunday night, and it was so nice to have a real family sunday dinner.  It was a little weird to be on the other side as a missionary, but it was a nice experience. 
In church on sunday, we were talking about prayer and how someone's little boy prayed so sincerely that he thanked Heavenly Father for doorknobs (: He truly was thankful for them because he loves opening doors! I thought that was so sweet, and we could all be a little more thoughtful in our prayers.
We visited with a woman this week, an older less active lady who can't get out of bed.  It surprised me that she had been working on her family history work! Oh it just warmed my heart.  I was so happy that we were able to help her print off the names of her brother and his wife, and give them to someone who could take them to the temple.  I have such a testimony of family history and temple work, and it was so cool to be able to share that love with her!
                                                  Headbands that Sis Druce made us...
                                                   And hats that Sis Goddard made us!
This week was... well, not the most successful haha. I swear, every day we would have 6-8 appointments, sometimes one every hour for the whole day, and one by one they would all cancel on us or not be there when we came. We did a lot of tracting to say the least. It was a bit frustrating that people would just blow us off.  Then on sunday, we had 4 people set to come to church, and at the last minute, they all bailed. Not again! But we're doing our best to just worry about what's in our control.  It's just a little discouraging at times. From the people we did talk to, we saw A LOT of evidences of the apostasy.  It's all just too real.  One person flat out said she would not read the Book of Mormon after we taught her the restoration.  We pretty much told her at the judgment bar that she would be judged for this (seems harsh, but President demonstrated how to do so), but she still refused. That's just sad.  We've seen tons of ministers that are so proud of the fact that they're the best minister in town, and they went to college and got all these preaching degrees.  We learned about Catholicism and the Apostolic church, and you can literally pick out where they went wrong.  Haha one lady even explained in detail why Jesus is God, and they are all one person.  Ahh it's just so sad!! I can't believe that people actually believe this stuff, just because their pastor told them, and the love their pastor, so he must be right. My testimony of the apostasy grows every day, but more importantly my testimony of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints grows every day.  I know that this is the ONE and only church that has every single bit of truth that Christ established while He was on the earth, and I CANNOT deny that.  It is all too perfectly organized and the doctrine makes too much sense for it not to be of Christ.  What a wonderful thing to be a member of!
       just waiting for an investigator in the college dorm commons.  An odd feeling as a missionary.
So cool story time. a guy who is a student at Gordon college, (grew up a member) and who sometimes comes to our ward because it's the closest building, told us a few weeks ago about a girl he randomly talked to.  She's the coolest cat! She's from Nigeria and was raised Catholic.  At first she was pretty timid to meet with us when we called to set up an appointment, but we promised we'd keep it on a get to know you basis.  When we met, she just kept asking questions and wanted to know more about literally everything! It was almost hard not to talk about the gospel and the Book of Mormon and prophets and missionaries.  It was so cool! Haha somehow we even casually slipped in the Plan of Salvation and gave her a Book of Mormon. The next day, well yesterday, we came back and taught her the Restoration, and she even brought along her 'agnostic' friend! Oh, how beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of those that do missionary work because they want to share their happiness with others! She said that she grew up catholic, and always will be one but when we invited her to baptism, she was strongly considering it.  She said she definitely would if she knew for herself that the BOM was true.  She kept saying that all of this just makes too much sense, and that we're 'real Christians'.  Her friend didn't really have a good view of Christians while growing up, so I'm so thankful that she was able to run across true representatives of Jesus Christ.  Wow, I just can't wait to meet with them again! They are so awesome and they actually WANT to learn more! 
Good stuff.  On the other hand, we finally got in contact with our other investigators after like a week of calling and dropping by.  Lame! But he's been doing awesome with the Word of Wisdom so that's good! Unfortunately, satan called him into work on sunday morning, so he wasn't able to go. We're still working with them though, so no worries. 
Well, for as hard of a week as it's been, I guess it wasn't half bad.  There were never bad days, just humbling and hard days.  But it really does make the good ones all the more worth it.  I love being a missionary, and I love sharing my testimony with other people.  This gospel is just truly amazing.

Love, Sister Facer

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