Monday, January 12, 2015

What? Missionary work in Orem?!

                                           Post-temple trip selfie, with the wind blowing...
It's been another great week! Happy birthday to WOJ(ie?) today and Avery on Saturday! Mom, I just hope you know how grateful I am for the wonderful example that you and dad are to me.  I can't believe how blessed I am to have grown up in a good family that's active in the church and taught us to live by righteous principles.  It just made life so much easier. How have your classes been going to far? Haha, a recent convert in our ward that just had her baby also wants to start a diet to get rid of her baby fat.  She's trying to get us to do it with her, but it sounds miserable! Only fruits and veggies for a few days, then just liquids for a few days, then back to fruits and veggies for a few days.  I think not! But I'm glad that the whole family is in to it and has the support of each other! Wait so they're making an Orem mission?? That's crazy! I had no idea that there was even any missionary work going on in our stake.  I'm so motivated after I get back to do member missionary work and to do my part in working with the missionaries.  Even in Happy Valley, Utah, it's such an awesome opportunity.  Speaking of, I had an offer to me that kind of threw me off.  We tracted into the sweetest couple, Robert and Betty, and they live right across from Gordon college. They've been looking for someone to vacate their upper level, preferably someone that's focused on school and not messing around with guys.  They even offered to pay tuition.  It probably won't happen, and I don't even know how serious they were, but it just opened my eyes that I guess there's more options than BYU.  Haha but I'll probably end up just going to back to BYU, so no worries haha.
Transfers are this week, and two elders of our district, Elder Hansen and Argyle are probably going to leave but me and Sis Achziger are staying put! Score! 
We got to go to the temple again, along with zone conference, and it was just wonderful as always.  President Harding encouraged us to read our patriarchal blessing before going, and then try to receive inspiration as to how we could fulfill our blessing.  That was the coolest experience! I guess I never really thought of my blessing like that.  If I want those blessings, I have to work for them and make them happen, along with being faithful and living righteously of course. I'm definitely going to look for opportunities to fulfill my patriarchal blessing. Zone conference was really good, as well.  I love listening to President Harding, as well as Pres Jewkes.  We talked more about the cycle of faith, and helping our investigators actually progress.  Then on sunday, President Jewkes visited our ward and just kind of pumped up the members about having lessons in their homes and teaching with the missionaries.  Have you ever thought about doing that?  Seriously, the missionaries will love you if you offer your home to them! Just do it, k? Blessings!
Also, I was told that the next time I'm up in Peach Tree City (which is like never..) I need to sign a ministerial certificate.  I already have mine in Chinese, so I'm not sure what that has to do with my visa, but hopefully that won't prolong it too long.  
                                                          Cute Christmas outfits!
So our investigators are doing awesome! We taught them the word of wisdom and they are doing just splendid.  Sadly they couldn't come to church because they had to go out of town for work, but they'll definitely be back next week.  I can't wait to see them in white! Another couple are also doing pretty well,  although they also didn't come to church this week :( but we're still working with them and we're going to have a lesson at a ward member's house this week, so hopefully that will motivate them again! 
Okay, miracle time! We were tracting one day, because we had like 6 appointments all in a row and they all fell through one after another! Rough times haha.  We probably talked to maybe three people while tracting, and it was just sad.  We finally found a woman who was so excited to let us in to pray with her, and she even wanted to hear our lesson right on the spot! We taught the restoration, and it turns out that she received a Book of Mormon like 10 years ago (she was leaving to go somewhere real quick but two elders stopped her and gave her one - thank you, random elders!!) and she read it and knew it was true because it totally went along with the bible! Haha me and Sis Achziger just didn't even know how to react.  She couldn't come to church with us this week, but she definitely wants to come next week, and she said she wants to be baptized! I'm so excited to teach her again! That was just such a testimony to me that our efforts are never wasted, and the fruits of your labors definitely plant seeds, no matter how deep.  
I should have shared this last week, but I forgot.  One of my new year's goals is to imagine everyone I meet wearing white, going down into the baptismal font.  It's totally changed my  perspective, and definitely helped me to have more faith in everyone.  And I guess lose a few pounds, seeing that I gained a bit over the holidays.  Oops. 
Sis Achziger goes home after this transfer, so I'm helping her not get trunky haha.  It's a struggle, but we're working on it together (: 
I hope y'all have a good week that's filled with missionary service! I know mine will be.  Haha obviously.  Oh, I lied. This week was freezing! The weather is kind of like Utah, except it never snows.  But it's just super unpredictable.  
Anyway, I love you so much and I pray for you every day!

Love, Sister Facer

                                                   Our sad little Christmas scene.

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