Monday, April 27, 2015

A Miracle-Full Week

Greetings, friends and family!
What an amazing week. It was quite eventful! We stayed so busy and literally had appointments every hour for a 9 hour block most of the days! Crazy stuff.  The Lord provides (: Oh mom, so I dived more into my package, and I found the vocal point CD with money! Best day ever!Thanks so much! Seriously, we needed new music haha.  The stuff we have is great, but it was time for a change. Just so you know, we can listen to hymns/nashville tribute band during the week, and EFY on p day/during exercising. 
                                                            Sis. Mahone and me
We had exchanges this week, and that went really well! Sister Mahoney came down from Peach Tree City, and we had a miracleful day! She's from Nova Scotia (Scott's mission!) and she's actually serving on temple square, so this is just her outbound mission.  
                                              I made a holder for my cups object lesson
But we found the most amazing family in our old complex! Who would have thought? So it's Kenny and Bridget, and their kids SaRhonda, Jordan, and Kyle (7, 8, and 9. Two baptismal age!) They've been wanting to get back in church and we just had the most amazing lesson with them! We taught the restoration with our new cups object lesson, and they loved it so much! Even all the kids were attentive, and when they'd talk or get up, the parents would shush them and make them listen haha. It was great though! They all accepted our invitation to baptism, and they would have come to church this week, but they already planned a trip to 6 flags, haha dang it.  Next week! They asked for our numer when we originally met them, and I gave them a pass along card with our number, and it was the one with the SLC temple on it.  He asked about it, and they're pretty much preparing to go to the temple right now! They're so prepared, it's crazy. FINALLY WE FOUND A FAMILY!!!

 We also had zone training, which means we got to go to the temple! It's been like two months since we went! Temple craving = satisfied. President Harding pretty much did the whole training, and it was awesome! Every week this transfer, we're working toward different summits.  We've had baptismal dates, member presents, and now this week is church.  President is a little intimidating, but he's the kindest, most Christlike, faith-filled, diligent, and motivational man. You just have to know he's called of God.
Before we went to the temple, me and Sister Call had a Pearl of Great Price party! We read through it all in preparation for the temple, and I didn't realize how much stuff I don't know! Seriously, Heavenly Father is so cool! We literally had to break it down sentence by sentence to understand, but it was sweet. Kolob, post-earth life and such. Good times.
                                                           Elder Facey and me 
We finally got to teach the lesbian couple, Bran and Marsha! They're the coolest! For some reason, I just kept feeling like we need to keep trying, because we went by so many times to set a return appointment, and then they weren't there but we just kept going back.  They appreciated that we were genuine, not just trying to see how they live and what not.  We taught them the restoration with cups, and they were reading the Book of Mormon before we even left. Something Marsha said about our missionary work made me respond with "Sacrifice brings forth blessings" and she loved that! Haha we're going to really nail that into their mind (:
All our other people are doing great from what we've seen! Roy is just sucking up everything that we give him and loves to learn and ask questions.  Montavious, we actually haven't seen all week, but we'll see him on Wednesday and make sure he's still progressing. We couldn't see Keegen either, but we're having FHE with them tonight and he's excited for that! I still have no idea how to get that family to church. Satan's powerful, let me tell ya. 

                                                              I love exchanges! 
I was thinking of my setting apart blessing during church yesterday as we were talking about the priesthood, and moved along to priesthood blessings.  Someone said you just know that it's not them talking when they pause for a minute, and let the Spirit work inside of them to know what to say.  I know dad's blessing he gave me was definitely not his own words.  I've just been waiting for some things to be fulfilled, and to recognize those angels that I helped, when they help me. Things are really going great.  I'm excited for an awesome week this week, and we're hoping for many more miracles to come.  I know that this is the Lord's work, and that we cannot do this alone. I know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ revealed themselves to Joseph Smith that spring morning in 1820 in an answer to his humble prayer.  I'm so thankful to be a servant of the Lord, and I wouldn't want to be doing anything else at this time in my life.  I love my Savior, and because He lives, we have this wonderful opportunity to partake of the many blessings in store for us. 
Have a blessed week, y'all (:

Love, Sister Facer


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