Monday, May 4, 2015


That was what our last minute zone training was about this week.  We've got to find those people that are crying out for help! We focused on increasing our faith to find miracles that we deserve by being exactly obedient.  Everyone knows this - obedience brings blessings, exact obedience brings miracles. It's that easy! You can expect them and pray for them, and they will come. We talked about getting rid of any barnacles, and that we're all sailing our ship of life in the salty water of the world. Sometimes barnacles stick to the bottom of our sailboat and slow us down; whether it's pride, contention, false traditions, etc.  But we have to sail upstream to the freshwater in order to get rid of those barnacles! Well, it makes more sense if you know about that stuff because I didn't explain it very well haha. But that's what we're focusing on this week!
                     Karen's daughter, Jersiah.  She's the little doll who painted our nails last week 
We really had an awesome week though.  It was our sacrament summit, and we found so many miracles.  Let me start off with the fact that we had 17 people set for church! That's unheard of! Okay, so only 3 actually made it.  But 3 souls actually made it to church! That was amazing.  Especially because Keegen came! and Tia! Keegen looked so cute with his hair all combed and his little button up shirt (: He's been such a good example lately.  Tia and Jenny are struggling a bit, and Keegen has been so good to make them read with him and say prayers at night.  One day he came home from school, and he had looked up 'missionary', 'god', and 'baptism' in the dictionary and circled them.  Atta kid (: The Deal's also came to church, too! They come on a whim, but it's nice when they do come.  Really, the only thing that's holding Chris back from being baptized is that he won't quit smoking.  He knows everything about Mormons though, since his wife is a less active member. One day.. 
I love walking into church and seeing Lucille there! I always try to make a point to talk to her, and she always tells me how grateful she is for everything that me and "Ciara" did. Haha it wasn't too much, but I'm glad she recognizes that this is a big deal.  I can't wait to meet that woman in the spirit world as a young lass. 
Well, Carlos finally moved.  We made him promise that he would talk to missionaries if he ever saw them.  I know how Heavenly Father works, he's gonna see them all the time! 
Sister Campbell continues to crack me up. Every time we go over there, she's got a new saying or two.  This week in response to our asking her if she would be at church was "If God be willin' and the creek don't rise!" Last week she didn't make it, and she was gave us, "Well squashbuckle that idea!" Haha she even explained it.  You squash the idea, buckle it up, and throw it away.  Makes sense. 
                       The ONE stoplight in town, and I got pulled over.  Not cool, Police...
Uhh so I got pulled over.  Haha it wasn't anything bad, I promise. I was already pulled out in the intersection because the car in front of me was going left, and I was just going straight.  The light turned red, I drove through, and the copper had a front seat view. No worries, he just wrote me a warning.  He said he's seen our car before and knows that we're with 'the church' so that's why he just gave me a written warning.  Praise the heavens! Another miracle.
                                       Said good-bye to Ashley, for probably the last time :(
We said our good byes to Ashley this week because she'll be home for the summer :( I really hope she'll keep going to church and stuff without our encouragement.  It's hard because she's in a different ward than us, and the elders in her ward aren't that involved with her. We're praying for more miracles! 
Well, that's about it for this week! We didn't have legit lessons with our main people on date for baptism, but we'll see them all this week.  Montavious, Keegen, Neosha, Jackie, Roy, the Stowe's, and CJ. Oh yeah! Bran and Marsha called.. haha they're awesome.  They asked us the steps for prayer, and wrote them all down! I have no idea how to go about things with them, and we're trying to get in contact with President to ask for his advice.  We'll see! We've got high hopes (: 
Canyon, I'm so glad that you made the choice to get baptized! I'm so sad I couldn't be there to see it but I'm proud of you buddy! I'll see y'all next Sunday! 

Love, Sister Facer

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