Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Loving Hotlanta

                                                      New companion, Sister Manzer
                                     Guess who goes to church across from the temple???  :)
                                                            Welcome to Atlanta!
It's been a while!
It feels like forever since I last wrote, even though it's just been two days more.  Before I forget, Happy Birthday tomorrow, Joseph!! And I'm way jealous of your NY trip.  You'll have to take me when you go again (: 
                                                           Good bye, little home
We've had an awesome week! As I said last week, I got transferred! It was so sad to say good bye to everyone, and I actually got to see everyone that I wanted to except for Bran and Marsha. So I'm now in the North Point YSA ward with Sister Manzer! We're right in Atlanta (: This place is crazy! Sister Manzer has been out 11 months, I think just one more transfer than me.  She's from St. George and played tennis, and she's an awesome missionary! She's been an STL before, so she's helped me out a ton! We get along great, and I'm excited to see what will happen this transfer! So Hotlanta... It's great. First of all, it's obviously way more fast paced than Barnesville, but I love it! You can go street contacting anywhere, anytime, and always find new people.
                                                        Happy Memorial Day
                                                  My good friend, Sister Caw
                      Good bye Benich's. (I've got a story written down to tell when I get home.
                                                                Keyword: Chili's)

                                                            Keegen, mah boy!!
                                  The last church on the Barnesville tour.  The dreaded JWs... :)
                                                      Barnesville District--Sister Call, me,
                            Sister and Elder Benich, Elders Herrera (DL), Eldridge, Head, and Compton. 
                                                    They don't always wear mustaches...

Unfortunately, I have like zero street contacting experience! But I'll just apply a little Ether 12:27, rinse, and repeat! I think I've been a little culture shocked, because Sis Manzer will go talk to someone and I can barely keep focused! My mind is still trying to take in all the different varieties of people, traffic, and buildings.  There's so many Asians here though! I'm so excited to actually get to use my zhongwen (: I've been studying 9 months for this! Strike!
                                                             West and Neosha
                                                   Geisha.  She will be baptized one day.
                                                            Ahh, Jenny Curl
                         The Stowe Family!  Kenny and Bridgett, Saronda, Jordan, and Kyle
Being in the YSA ward is a little weird.. I love it though! We get to go to FHE and institute and everything, and I love that.  The ward has little stereotypes of everyone like the bug guys (selling pest control for the summer), Georgia Tech, GSU, and Emery. Everyone knows where you belong.  It's not bad though, and everyone is so good with fellowshipping new people! I think it's a great ward.  We actually cover all the way to the top of the mission like Sandy Springs and Smyrna, down to Dunwoody, Atlanta, and Stone Mountain.  Don't get me wrong, I have no idea where any of those are.  Good thing I'm riding shotgun and we've got a GPS (: We also get a ton of dinner appointments! compared to my last area, we get fed almost every night! I love it!
Some investigators that we're working with right now... We have Ada, she's from Nigeria! She's on date for some time in June, but I'm not sure how legit that is.  She doesn't have a car so it's hard to get rides for her, but she loves coming to institute and stuff! Colo is Melanie's (a member) boyfriend, and he's from some island I've never heard of.  He's muslim, and it's cool to see the little bursts of light he gets when we teach! Derrick is awesome! I don't know too much about him, but he loves coming to church and making friends.  Jordan is also incredible.  And hard.  He's Baptist and a philosopher, so that's been quite interesting.  He met the sisters a few weeks ago, and they just gave him little pieces of the restoration, and he came to church and heard pieces of lesson 1 again and lesson 2. He has a million questions, and we finally got to teach him the full resto, which brought up more questions  and doubts.   He has to have everything make perfect sense, and has trouble trusting his 'feelings' to get an answer from the Holy Ghost.  Yesterday we were talking with him and somehow slipped in the Plan of Salvation and it answered a ton of his questions.  When we brought up the kingdoms of glory and temples, he just soaked it all in and had nothing to say.  I hope he won't let his philosophical mind get in the way.. But he's great!
 Dinner with the Albanes family! Adriana (YSA), Bellen, mom and dad.  Bellen went to temple square and knows Nichelle, Ellen, and Kirsten (: 

I've been thinking of how I'm going to apply my mission to when I get home and am a member missionary.. Especially seeing all these RM's be so awesome at it.  Even the bug guys occasionally will bring up the gospel while they're knocking doors.  But I realized I've seen mom do it all my life.  I remember sitting next to Clixie, Lexi, and who knows who else.  I don't even remember if they were new, less active, or what, but I appreciate your good example of always being someone that shows love to new people! 
                                          I don't drink or anything... Just read my BOM!!!

I was also reading in 1 Nephi again, since I just finished the BOM. In chapter 11 where the angel asks Nephi, "Knowest thou the condescension of God?" that made me really think hard.  Haha first of all because I didn't know what condescension meant. It's something like humbling yourself and going below what you normally would do.  I thought it was really cool to think about that.  The Savior descended below all things, even though he was the Son of God. He didn't have to do that. But he was so humble and loved us all so much that he had to do it. I love the gospel (: Every day I strengthen my testimony, and there is no way that I can deny the truthfulness of the restored gospel on the earth today. What a miracle.

Love, Sister Facer

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