Monday, June 1, 2015

Millions of Miracles

Hey y'all!
This week was just fine and dandy (: I'm just starting to get the hang of things, and how it all works with YSA and in the big city.  It's a huge change, but I'm loving it! We drive a ton more, so we don't have as many appointments throughout the day, and if we ever have a spare second, we're street contacting.  I WILL get good at it! It's just taking a little extra time. Oh by the way, before I forget, here's our new address if anyone wants to write or something:
3311 Renaissance Way NE
Atlanta, Georgia 30308
I forgot to write this, but as we were saying good bye to Shira last week, she asked me if there was one thing I've learned from being in Barnesville.  I think it would definitely have to be patience, trust in the Lord and His timing, and that everything works out for our good. I feel like I've gained all the patience in the world, which I'm sure will help me in the future one day.  
                                                             My favorite bridge 
So some updates on the people we're teaching: Jordan has had a bipolar week, unfortunately. He totally dropped us on Tuesday, then on Saturday we asked how his week was, and he said he's been thinking a ton and wants to meet with us again, and he came to church on Sunday! He got all hung up on callings, and then we realized that he doesn't even know if he has faith in Jesus Christ, but he wants the meaty doctrine because he's a philosopher… He's a tough one haha.  Last week, we sang some song about the prophet, and he wasn't too fond of that.  Sister Manzer and I joked that we'd sing "Praise to the Man" this week in church, and we actually sang "We Thank Thee, O God, For a Prophet,” the next best song.  And he actually sang the last verse! We think that his heart is slowly softening. 
                                       Sister Manzer, Mika, and me.  Mika just got back from
                                                       teaching English in China 
I TAUGHT MY FIRST ASIAN!!! CHAO is so legit.  Other missionaries were teaching him before I came, but he's been in Utah, and he saw the 'big, beautiful Mormon temple' (I love when he texts us and uses bad grammar.  Haha it's so cute.), and I actually understand why he says certain things according to his language, so it's cool. He said his first prayer in Chinese, and it was so precious! I'm excited to see him grow (: 
 We had a million miracles this week, but I'll just share a few.  So we met a guy named Carl at a mall somewhere, and he was awesome! He started giving us his number, and then just decided to call us so we'd have his number, and then we totally forgot to save it :/ So we prayed all week that he would call so we could see him again, and yesterday he texted us! Heavenly Father is a God of miracles! I'm excited to teach him this week (: 
                                     This is Hannah, who is incredible.  She was baptized the
                                        Saturday after I got here, from the North mission.

Also, on Saturday night, we got out of a lesson late, and got home late, which meant we weren't able to get gas for the car, and it was already on empty! We still had all of Sunday to drive, 30 mins to the church, 30 minutes back to an appointment, and 10 minutes home.  We were debating on whether we should call someone to bring us gas just in case, or just buy like a gallon of gas, but we decided it would be best to just pray really hard and let Heavenly Father do the rest.  Ah, the Lord always provides (: Blessings of keeping the Sabbath Day holy! 
Speaking of the Sabbath, we also talked about that this week.  President Harding went to a leadership training thing, where they talked about the leadership training for all the general authorities.  They spent two whole days talking about the Sabbath Day! Let's stick to the basics, y'all. Since we're sister training leaders, we got to go to the mission leadership council and hear about it all.  We even got to meet at the mission home (: It's beautiful, by the way. I felt that I don't think we realize how important the sacrament is! They said something about when we take upon us Christ's name, that entails taking upon us all of his works and his thoughts.  Do we really do that every day? We've all got room to improve.  Anyway, it was really cool to have a little bit more personal meeting with President and Sister Harding.  Of course, Sister Harding pointed out that the lowering of the mission age change has spiked marriages of people from the same mission! Haha so I guess it had more than one perk (: 
                                        Leadership Council at the mission home.  Looks like
                                                    a Utah wedding reception.
                                          And this is Stockton Harding, the mission's son :)

Well, I better finish up.  Things are so awesome, I can't even express how much I love it here. I know that this is truly the Lord's work, and His hand leads every second of it.  I love this gospel so much, and I'm so grateful to be a missionary at this time in my life! I love you all, y’all!

Love, Sister Facer
                                             Look at me--killing a bug!  How brave is that??!

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