Monday, June 15, 2015

Nothing's Better Than a Great Day in Georgia

 Humid day at the park
 Always a good time at Good Will
 Last picture with Pres. and Sis. Harding
 I came out with Sis. Barry
Happy Monday y'all!!
What a  wonderful week.  I'm still on cloud 9 from last week's news, and I'm just so excited to see what will happen for my last week or so in Georgia.  First though, thanks mom for the package! I loved it (: And tell the Gonzalez' thank you for that awesome talk, and Sharon for her Christmas letter! That was a little rude to make me wait, haha, but I promise I'll save it until Christmas (: Also, Happy birthday on Thursday, Lys!! I hope it's a great day (:
Wow, mom, that's sweet that you had so many connections this week! Definitely tell Jenna hello (you've come in a few times while we were working together) and I'll be sure and look for Sister Johnson.  I was debating on whether I should take my big coats that I inherited, or if I should just buy a raincoat there.

Our Fab 4

 Sister's P day! Me, sister Manzer, Russell (from AZ) and Aiono (from Australia)

Exchanges with Sister Russell
Anyway, this week was great! We had our last two exchanges, and they went really well.  I stayed in our area with Sister Russell (from Atlanta ward, they live in the same apt complex) and it was awesome! Haha we were walking down the street and I said hello to an Asian, then I choked! She asked me why I didn't talk to her, and I wasn't sure why! So she yells at her from like 30 feet away and asks if she speaks Mandarin.  Haha whatever works, right? It was sweet though! Her name is Alice, and we just spoke in Mandarin and I told her what we do, and we'll be teaching her more this week (: Yay!! That built my confidence in my Mandarin, and lead to another experience back with Sister Manzer and I talked to a whole family of Asians! One of them was even Christian! They weren't interested, and I'm not sure how to deal with rejection in Chinese yet, but I'll get better! Wo ai zhonggo ren (:
Sister Gubler (she reminds me of Katie Henderson)
Then we did exchanges with the Smyrna sisters, and I went with Sister Gubler.  We're like the same people! She loves soccer, piano, the ukulele and we're just going to be  besties when we get home (: She recently got an ingrown toenail fixed so we couldn't do much, but I think the exchange was more for me than for her.  We just talked forever, and she helped me get some stress off my back so that was wonderful! 

Me, Sis. Gubler, Manzer, and Suda!  They're the cutest (:
We did have one lesson this week that really stuck out to me.  We were teaching Jordan with two members there, and we decided to go back to prophets and watch the restoration video.  That thing does wonders! Most of the time, anyway.  For a second, he was caught up on John 3:16 and how we only need to believe to be saved, and we don't need baptism.  Somehow we ended the lesson on a great note, and asked him to pray specifically to know if Joseph Smith is a true prophet and if the Book of Mormon is true.  It was awesome! Haha usually when we do that, people still pray in their own way with their set little sayings, but Jordan was so sincere! He asked specifically, and then waited for what seemed like 10 minutes.   The spirit was so strong, and we were all praying that he would feel the spirit that was in the room, too.  We left it at that, and told him to write down his experience.  He told us that since we've been meeting, he's been able to regain his faith in Jesus Christ, and he never thought he'd be able to do that again.  That was very fulfilling to hear.  He'll definitely take a little longer, but he's doing so good! Jordan is amazing.
 Sis. Manzer doesn't like to actively kill bugs, so she lets them suffer a long and painful death

Missionaries: 1, Cockroach: 0
bug bite, mole, bug bite, bug bite

 It's like herding cats
Seriously, things are just wonderful. I've even got to use what little Spanish I can remember with a lot of people! Haha all I can say now is that we represent Jesus Christ and we have a very important message about the restoration of his church. And the Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ! and then I get their number and tell them that better Spanish-speaking missionaries will call them (: haha works every time. I have loved every minute here.  I'm so thankful to be a missionary, and that I am happy, healthy, and growing every day spiritually.  I can't think of a better thing to be doing.

Love, Sister Facer

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