Monday, May 18, 2015

God Was Willin, and the Creek Didn't Rise

                              This is Jessica.  She's moving to Decatur, but we'll be besties for life.  Maybe
                              I'll get transferred there and continue to teach her and baptize her (:

Hey y'all! 
This has been the most bipolar week ever! We got kicked out of an apartment complex, got all kinds of swearing text messages from a little stalker investigator, and had to postpone a baptism. And Roy dropped us :( well, more like his mom dropped us.  But we have to respect her wishes as well.  So many good things happened! 3 of our investigators got jobs, which we prayed for, and another one found out he doesn't have to be on dialysis, which we also prayed for.  Prayer totally works! I hope they see the connection of talking to the missionaries and receiving blessings (:
I just found out this morning that I'm being transferred on Wednesday and becoming a sister training leader! I'm so stoked for the challenge, and I know that Heavenly Father will help me out.  That will mean doing exchanges at least twice a week, which I'm a little nervous about, but I'll definitely get the hang of it. I'm going to miss Barnesville so much though! I've never known anywhere else, and I'll definitely miss the people here, the Stowe's, Keegen and the Curl's, Shira, Monty, Sister Campbell, Momma and Papa Benich, and the whole bunch. But I'm excited to see what the Lord has in store for me elsewhere (:   
We actually had 6 investigators come to church! Haha that was way stressful but so awesome! Chris and Tony Deal came, and Chris got called to be a scout leader.  I didn't know that was possible since he's not a member, but that will be great for him! That was also their first time coming to sacrament meeting, and Tony was so reverent.  Neosha A and her 3 kids came, and a lot of sisters were so awesome to step in and help with them.  She's got a 7 year old, an 18 month, and a 3 month baby! Thank goodness for relief society (: Michelle came with her less active fiance, but she had to leave after sacrament.  I hope she liked it! Melissa also came, and Sister Frierson (her future mother in law) was with her the whole time, so that was great.  Unfortunately she's got a screamy two year old, so I wonder how much she really got out of church.  Bishop Allred broke his hip a few weeks ago, and yesterday was his first week back, and he gave a great talk on the Sabbath day, callings, and attending your meetings.  Taylor, a new investigator, also came.  He’s quite clingy and we're not sure if his intent to be baptized is just to find a girlfriend in the church, so we're trying to be really careful with him and keep our distance, since he likes to call us about 4 times a day for a prayer.  We're doing our best with that one haha. Sister Campbell was planning on giving the Curl's a ride, and we were so excited! A less active bringing a less active/investigator family to church! Genius.  But, I guess God wasn't willing, and the creek rose.  She couldn't get her car started on Sunday morning.  Ah bless.  She finally made it about halfway through sacrament meeting, but I'm guessing she thought it was too late to try the Curl's.  Keegen was so excited to be baptized this Saturday, dang it!  We'll shoot for the next Saturday, if we can just get him to church. He's still so excited! We had an awesome Word of Wisdom lesson with Sister Campbell, and made a little plan to help her quit smoking.  By the end of a month, she'll be down to a half pack a day.  She used to smoke 4 packs a day! She's doing awesome!
We haven't been able to meet with the Stowe family again this week, but they've been reading the Book of Mormon! The kids even fight over who gets to read it! Haha they're so  awesome. Kenny just has a lot of health problems, so we've had to cancel appointments and they couldn't make it to church.
                      A Methodist Church, our 2nd biggest rival, after the First Baptist Church
We also didn't have the chance to teach Bran and Marsha, but they're so excited to learn more still! We read 1 Nephi 1 with them, and they just loved it.  I think their favorite part was 'as there have hitherto been.'  I'm so stoked to see what happens with them in the future! They've got amazing faith, and they love our phrase, "Sacrifice brings blessings". We're going to nail that into their heads so hard! 
This week, me and Sister Call have been studying way deep stuff! We had some cool chats about the celestial kingdom, charity, the atonement, life after death, and who knows what.  I've been reading true to the faith, and she's been reading Jesus the Christ.  The gospel is so cool! Haha as we find out more about life after death and stuff, I'm almost excited to die! Well, of course not, but we have nothing to fear about death. Also, Sister Call and I have been getting along really awesome the past few weeks, and I'm really going to miss her! I feel like we've finally figured out how to work well together, and how to teach together.  I definitely need to keep in touch with her and make sure she takes care of my home town (: She used to be quite shy, and it's been really cool to see her blossom and become really comfortable teaching and talking to everyone! 
Also, I'm reading through the Old testament, and I read in Leviticus 16:29, it mentions my birthday (: (seventh month, on the tenth day of the month…) that's all. There's nothing too exciting in there.
Things are going so good.  I can't believe that I'll be at 9 months this week! Man, has time flown by.  I'm loving every second of my mission, and I am so excited to be in a  new area and see what miracles will come with that.  We see the Lord's hand in our life daily, and it is truly amazing.  I love this gospel so much!

Love, Sister Facer
                                                           Proper Barnesville attire

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