Monday, May 11, 2015

He Gives Us What We Need

                                                 Happy Mother's Day, y'all (:
It was so good to see my family, and see how much all the kids are changing.  I'm sure Christmas will be here before we know it! Also, Happy cinco de mayo to everyone who cares.  Sadly, I don't think anyone in Georgia knew about it, but I celebrated it proudly and ate a burrito. 
                                                          Ole! Feliz cinco de mayo!
This week was another great one! We have so many progressing investigators right now, but we just can't get hardly anyone to come to church! Faithful Sister Campbell came, and she even stayed all three hours.  We just need to help her with the word of wisdom and she'll be awesome! 
                                              Found this little fella outside the church
We did some service for her with the Benich's this week, and that was way fun! We painted the trims all around her house while Elder Benich mowed all of her lawn and Sister Benich played with her granddaughter. We just painted and enjoyed her crazy stories (: 
                                                         Our first 100 degree day
                                    Yep, we have red dirt!  This is the back of our apartment
The primary kids sang a song for Mother's day, and I played the piano for them.  Sister Call and I even got a flower at the end of sacrament meeting :) I guess I'm somehow qualifying as an official mother now… We got to give the lesson in the gospel principles class, and it was totally last minute, but it went great! It's cool that I've finally reached the point that I don't freak out about giving lessons in church anymore.  Just keep talking and ask questions, and they'll think you're doing great. Oh, and probably teach with the spirit, too.
                                                 We're starting a church scavenger hunt.
                                         This is probably the biggest baptist church around.
                                                                 Good intentions.
We had awesome lessons this week with four of our investigators.  One is struggling a bit committing to another date since he's had a few before.  We just went back to the basics and taught him the restoration using our cups object lesson, and he asked a ton of deeper questions, which was great.  We feel that he's making progress again.  
                                                Just a little nature walk last p-day 
We taught our little investigator the 10 commandments, and even added hand signs so he could remember them all. He's so excited to be baptized, but the only thing holding him back is getting to church!  Every week it's another excuse, but we're not giving up! 
                                                The one not-ghetto place in Barnesville 
Another investigator is.. haha. Well, she's quite the talker.  We were there for like two hours, and we only got through about two points of the first lesson.  She said it herself, her brain chases squirrels. Of this I can testify.  She's awesome though! Her fiance has been less active on and off for like 20 years or so and is now just starting to come back.  She has even been reading a kids Book of Mormon with her kids at night.  She's great! 
                                                             Pet goat?  I like it!
We taught another amazing investigator, a member's less active son's fiance.  She has been so prepared! We taught the POS (plan of salvation) to her, and she loved it all.  She even wants to start doing family history so she can take some names to the temple! She loves the Book of Mormon, and was ready to be baptized since before we even met her.
                                                     Our handywoman masterpiece
I think it was on Saturday when we had the worst luck! We taught one lesson in the morning where they weren't even interested, and then throughout the day appointment after appointment cancelled on us or they weren't there.  We were tracting in an apartment complex, and we got kicked out haha.  It was the worst! 
                                                 7 months later, I feel truly welcomed.
We had one appointment left of the day, and we went not knowing what to expect because there were probably 10 people present when we had originally met the family.  Well, we went to their house, and there was Mary, the mom, and a pastor.  I think that meeting may have been more for us than for him, and it was quite humbling.  It's always weird when other people preach at you, but you just kind of take it and try to be loving.  But this guy was so loving and genuine; I couldn't help but think that this was to humble us and to encourage us.  He didn't bash or anything, but he encouraged us to stay strong in the faith and keep spreading the gospel.  He'd even read the Book of Mormon before and knows about Joseph Smith, and said he knows it's all true... he just doesn't see a reason to act on it. 
                                                My first real alley--not too creepy.
 It wasn't a waste of our time though. The Lord always knows what we need, and he was watching out for us all throughout the day.  The tender mercies of the Lord are truly over all those whom he hath chosen, BECAUSE OF THEIR FAITH, to make them mighty unto the power of deliverance. This is true, my friends.

Love, Sister Facer

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