Thursday, October 16, 2014

Layover in Atlanta

                                                      The gang and their new calls

Hey! We got our travel plans a little early! I'm going go ATLANTA GEORGIA!!! So I won't have to buy a coat just yet (: But I'm in the bible belt! eeep! I'm a wee bit nervous about that but whatever haha. It will be such a good experience! Soo I have no idea if I'll be able to call in the airport, but still send the phone if you were planning on doing that, so it can get here on time.  I'm also going with sister giles and sister cardon (I met her in the bookstore before i left). so here's the schedule:

21 Oct travel office at 2:30 am... blehhh
SLC to Denver at 6:35 am, arrive at 7:55 am
Denver to Atlanta at 8:55 am, arrive at 1:39 pm

It's just $20 for each checked bag, the carry on may only weigh 35 lbs... but it also says there's a $35 fee for carry ons.. wierd. I'll have to ask about that. 
Anyway, I'm pretty stoked! I'll still email and have p day on monday, so that will be nice to be able to pack and get everything together.  East coast, here I come!!

Also, Sis Bowman tore her miniscus this morning and got an MRI. We just found out she needs surgery so she's staying in the MTC for probably 4 weeks. Please keep her in your prayers.  
And just so ya know where everyone else is going... and so I can remember when I read this: E Wu is going to Richmond Virginia, E Gray is going to Baltimore, E Anderson was already going to Boston, E Wimmer was already going to Houston, E Sessions and Green are now going to Boston, and E Tang is going to Lansing Michigan, Sis Jensen is going to Mesa Arizona, and Sis Meyer is heading straight to Taiwan (she had to get her visa before she came).  So yeah, just a crazy day at the MTC! Love you!

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