Monday, February 9, 2015

Stupid Satan...

                                                   How's that for companion unity???!!
Happy Valentine's day this week!
I can't believe how much has happened in this past week.  We went on exchanges on Tuesday, and I got to spend the day with Sister Echols! The one person I knew when I got to this mission! We went to Junior High together, and we were in Senor Allred's Spanish class for a year or two together.  It was so fun to work with her! Who would have thought that 5 years later, we'd be standing on doorsteps serving the Lord together.  I definitely learned a lot from her though.  I set another goal to not let another day go by without inviting someone to baptism! I'm doing good on that so far. In her apartment there are two companionships, and the other comp is Sis Cheng from Taiwan and another sister from China! Since I met Sis Cheng in the temple, we've always been excited to see each other, and she sent some "Asian snack" home with Sister A for Chinese new year.
                                                                        Car selfie
                                                           Just playin' around...
                        Sisters Echols, Dutra, me, and Achziger at the end of our exchange               
                                             My Asian snack from Sister Cheng (:
We had a few heartbreakers this week. Geisha had to drop us because her husband didn't want us meeting anymore. Dang it! They'll totally get baptized one day though, when he's a little more humble.  We've been out of contact for at least a month with Brock and Shannon, and we went by their house last night, and Shannon said they’re not interested anymore.  But I've still got faith that we can find Brock and bring him back to the path! And Shannon, too eventually.  Why does this keep happening though?? Like my special needs friend would always say in seminary, "stupid satan!!"
On the other hand, however, Montavious came to church! He met the missionaries when Sis Watts was around, but he always worked on sundays so he couldn't progress. I guess he had this sunday off, and I'm so glad that he sacrificed his time to go to church! He was even rewarded with a linger longer lunch afterwards (: I hope that will help him progress towards baptism more though.  I need more people to be excited about! 
                                   Sis. Echols knows more Chinese than I do from Sis. Giles!
                                          I need to start teaching Sister Achiziger more!
 This week we met with a woman named Lameka, after tracting into her a good few weeks ago.  That was the most humbling experience.  She said she grew up in a religious home, but she hardly knew who Jesus Christ was and what he did.  So we were able to teach her the very basics of the life of the Savior and his Atonement.  It was hard to break it down that much since everyone we've been talking to knows at least the new testament really well, but it was really good practice because that's all I'm going to be teaching in Taiwan.  It was so cool to see her countenance change.  She even asked, "So the church y'all go to is Christ's church.. The only one with all the truth?" If only everyone would realize that!! I'm way excited to keep teaching her. 
We met the nicest  pastor, and I'm sure he'll be a bishop one day.  We just helped him start building a garage, and he started asking questions.  We'll see where it goes from there, but if nothing else, he has a really good impression of Mormons.
                                          Helping out Pastor George! What a daddy's girl (:
Haha we also met the most prideful pastor I've ever talked to while tracting the other day. He basically said that what we're doing is wrong, and one of us is going to have a restless night tonight and that will be a sign from God.  Then he specifically pointed to me and said, "it's going to be you, missy." Oh, that made me so mad.  All we could do was testify with the power of the spirit, and leave him with an invitation.  Honestly, I slept decent that night.  Not great, not terrible.  But I decided that Heavenly Father doesn't need to prove to me that what I'm doing is right. And I didn't need to prove it to the pastor either.  I know in my heart that I am called of God to preach the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and no one can tell me otherwise.  
I don't know how people come out on their missions without a testimony, especially to the south.  You seriously get torn apart here.  But rather than tearing down my testimony, experiences like that build me up so much, and it just strengthens it.  My dear friends at home, challenge your faith.  Share your testimony with others, and let them question you.  Using the power of the Holy Ghost to testify is such an amazing thing, and if it didn't touch that pastor's heart, it definitely touched mine.  I love the Savior so much, and I've had so many experiences this week that I was able to peek into what it felt like to be a true follower.  And what better way to know how He lived than to share his gospel.

Love, Sister Facer

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