Monday, February 23, 2015

A Glimpse of Heaven

                                              My art lesson from Br. Adams
Dear friends and family, familia e amigos, jiating he pengyou,
I can't believe I hit 6 months this week!! I can't believe how fast the time has flown by.  I still feel like I'm a total greenie, but I can definitely see that I've improved a ton.  But there's always room to improve! Transfers are this week, and we found out this morning that I'm staying here and getting a new comp.  Sweet! I'm excited for another friend (: Meanwhile, me and Sister Achziger really had some hen hao times. It's crazy that she's going home! My first 'kill' haha.  She's really taught me a lot, and I feel like I've grown a ton just as a person from being her tongban.  I'm really grateful for her example and diligence.
Yes, this week was FREEZING!! I bought some tights, and I've loved having the gloves you sent me, as well as the coat I inherited from last exchanges. That's definitely been a blessing to be taken care of. 
                                             just waiting for ward council to start

Dang, I have a lot of random stuff to share this week! Where to begin... Oh boy.  So last monday we pretty much got verbally anti-ed! It was crazy! We went in for a return appointment with a college kid, and then he just smacked us down and went mad with false stuff about Joseph Smith, our views on grace, and Jesus Christ, and simply said we're not Christian.  It was insane! But I learned a ton from that experience.  First of all, I kind of enjoy those because it just strengthens my testimony so much.  No amount of evidence against the gospel will shake my faith.  I realized that the whole time he was talking, I just felt so gross and I knew the spirit was NOT with us.  I had such a hard time fighting to find words, and it was just bu hao. I'm really glad to be able to recognize when I have the spirit with me. Also, I learned what not to do as a missionary, such as tell other people what they believe, and that they're wrong.  All I'm here to do is add to people's faith and knowledge, and invite them to act on that.  With Christlike love and kindness and charity, of course. 
        the Carthon girls! They're definitely going to be cute little missionaries one day (:

Visa update: 9 more missionaries got their visas, and now I'm 1 of 2 still waiting in the states.   Heavenly Father is definitely telling me that I'm needed right here in Barnesville.
We were able to visit the part member/less active family that we skyped from their house for Christmas.  They just got custody of their son, and so they're really wanting to start getting him in a routine of church, prayer and scripture study, as well as having FHE and stuff.  This should be really good for them though! I hope this will be their turning point.
We were tracting one day (okay, pretty much all day every day) and we taught the restoration to someone right on their front porch. I love when that happens.  It was kind of a cloudy day, but right as I began the first vision, "I saw a pillar of light..." the sun came out and it was so bright! The spirit just flooded over, and it was such a cool experience. Heavenly Father made that happen just for us, I'm sure of it (: He is aware of each one of us, and He'll do any little thing to show support for what we are doing, so that we know He is there.  Tender mercies are the best!
We also met a 'nontheist' while tracting hahah.  He's not an atheist, just a nontheist.  Buuut it's pretty much the same thing.  We've about seen every religion you can think of in the south.  It's great!
We finally had a last house miracle! Twice even! I swear, whenever we tract, it's always like the 2nd or 3rd house that is interested, and then our faith is tested by having to keep going.  I'm glad to say that we finally found someone at the end of the street, or the last house we knock before we turned around.  Hopefully they'll be solid investigators and progress towards baptism!

                                Cookies, PMG videos, and neutral nails.  What sisters do best (: 

I had a really cool experience with Sister Moyer, the less active we found that's not even in our ward records.  We stopped by randomly, and honestly it was a bit awkward at first.  But we got talking about hard things we've been through and trials and stuff, and I felt like I should share my ACL story.  At first, I didn't see why it would have any relevance to her.  But I realized that's not what matters.  I had a trial, and I was able to rely on my Heavenly Father through it. That can apply to anyone.  I know that he specifically hand picked that trial for me, because He knew that taking me out of playing soccer would mean a lot to me, and push me to rely on Him. The spirit was so strong as I shared my experience and my testimony that God gives us trials so we can learn from them and become more like Him.  Okay, so I guess I'm (kind of) thankful that I tore my ACL.. I never thought I would say that! I see that it changed me into a better person and gave me an experience that I could use to lift others up. I'm so thankful for the atonement, and I know that it works for everyone, especially me.  
                                 Sister Achzgier taught me how do the rubix cube! Victory!

As I was doing my studies this past week, something really cool stuck out to me.  Somehow I made my way into the bible dictionary, looking up the word 'earnest'.  I can't remember it exactly, but it talked about how when we feel the Holy Ghost, that's just a glimpse into what heaven is like.  That's so awesome! Considering that when you feel the spirit, you just feel so wonderful,  I can only imagine what heaven will be like! What a sweet thing to think about (: I want to strive to make my life more like heaven by always being worthy of having the spirit and feeling its influence in my life. 
Cheers, yall.

Love, Sister Facer
                                              The chicken eye... In memory of Brigham

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