Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Y'alls book is true!

                                                   Happy Valentines Day!
Good morning!
What a cool week.  First before I forget, I just found out that 10 missionaries got their visas! But not me :( Sister Oviatt, who I practice Chinese with on the phone who's also in Georgia is now leaving, so now I'm all alone for practicing.  Elder Sessions who was in my district in the MTC is also leaving, so I'm the last one to get to the island from our district.  Dang.
                                                         Another temple day! 
But other than that, things here are great! We got to go to the temple on Wednesday, and that was just what I needed.  I seriously can't spend enough time in the temple.  I was in the same session as President Harding, and that was just cool.  He is definitely a man of God, and I love hearing what he has to say.  He truly speaks with power and authority.  He even chastised us but because he used the spirit, we were all so motivated to be better! Haha he always says "mighty; " hello, mighty missionaries! be on the same page as your mighty companion! Lessons with your mighty investigators! Your mighty ward members! Haha it's great.

                                   Gotta knock on every door!  (even the invisible ones)
We got to have a temple talk this week with Shira (: She was baptized a little over a year ago, and her missionary was one of Sister A's old companions so that's cool! I just realized as we were helping her prepare just how much I love the temple, and that I can't wait to help my future daughter prepare and go through the temple with her.  My biggest desire right now is to find someone to teach, baptize, and prepare for the temple so I can share my love of it with them.

                                          we did some hard core country tracking this week 
Oh my goodness we had THE COOLEST miracle this week!! It was Friday the 13th and we decided that we were NOT going to have ANY bad luck. We prayed so hard for a miracle that day. So we were tracting, and we wanted to make it quick because we only had a short amount of time.  We went on these two teeny streets, and we just so happened to knock on a long lost less active's door! She's not even on our ward list! She's also another less active's granddaughter and another less active's daughter! She was so excited to see us, and really wants to come back to church! Also, her fiance isn't a member and he wants to start taking the lessons! She kept going off on how she wants to get sealed in the temple some day.  Ahh, that was just so cool. We should have been praying for a specific miracle long ago! Specific prayers bring specific results.  
We've also been working with another less active for a while, and we were able to teach her the first lesson this week.  I really hope we'll be able to help her get back and active in the church again! Also, West came to church this week! It was a little random, but hey that's great! I really hope since he had his surgery, this might be the turning point where he really wants to commit, but we'll see.  Another investigator also came to church with his kids that he recently got custody of! This could be really good for him.  They're the family that we went to so we could skype on Christmas.  Haha the funny thing is, he's the nonmember.  But that's great! Maybe this will get his wife to come back, as well.  
Ah, Valentine's day this week.  We savored every last bite of the chocolates you sent, and it was wonderful.  Thank you. Sis Watts' family also sent me the cutest package with little homemade granola bars for Valentine's day! I'll have to be sure and thank them. 
                                          Package from the Watts family!  How Sweet!
Okay, one last thing.  We had a lesson with a couple last night, and it didn't go as planned but it ended up being really awesome! We were going to talk about the plan of salvation, but only got so far as to Adam and Eve.  The girl had some things happen that really skewed her perception of things, but we read 2 Nephi 2 with her, and it was really sweet to see her countenance change.  She just understood it. She still wanted to believe what she'd heard previously, but everything we said just made sense to her.  She said she had been praying to see if she should keep meeting with us, and if what we've told her is true, and she was asking her dad (he's a preacher of course) about everything.  Then she just said so simply, "I know that y'alls book is true" and held up the Book of Mormon.  "As we read it, I just feel so good.  It's just gotta be true, because the bible is true." AHH! That's something every missionary wants to hear!! That totally made my day.  We testified to her that it was, and the spirit was just so strong.  Oh, the sweet tender mercies (: 
 Haha Sister Achziger has been praying for me when I start my language study.  She's just used the little book that lays Chinese out for you, but she's gotten pretty good! It's quite flattering that she wants to learn Chinese with me, and it's just cute (:
I hope all is well back in Happy Valley.  I pray for you every day, and I know that the Lord is protecting yall.  Have a wonderful week (:

Love, Sister Facer

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