Monday, March 2, 2015

Miracles Totally Happen

                                                             Sister Call and me
Seasons greetings! 
What a week! I guess the biggest thing that happened this week is transfers! Sister Achziger is safe and sound in Colorado :( I'm gonna miss her! But I got a new tongban of course! The lucky contestant is Sister Call :) She's from Ammon, Idaho and this will be her 3rd transfer.  Greenie busting! Haha I was a little surprised to have someone younger than me, but it's been fun so far! She's a little quiet, but I guess that's kind of forced me to step up and be the leader, and take control of the lessons.  So we're doing great! 
                                                          Crazy sock Sunday...
                                            Brother Tingen's way of "spicing up" Sundays
We drove up to the transfer meeting with Shira, and somehow Sister Achziger got a hold of the keys before we left, so we drove all the way back to our area without car keys or house keys! That was quite the adventure.  Luckily, the AP's were able to bring them the next morning, and our apt manager was feeling generous that day and let us in.  Tender mercies (: 
                                               Our last pic together!  I'll miss ya, Sister A!
                                             Precious elders...they made a good-bye cake (:
                     The district:  Elder Herrera and Eldridge, me, Sis. A, Elders Reber and Stewart
We're probably moving apartments soon, but in the meantime, we had a guy come and spray for cockroaches since they've been DISGUSTING!! But good came out of it.  We talked to the guy, and apparently he had been to Utah and saw the Salt Lake temple.  Of all things! Score. So of course we had to give him a Book of Mormon and we referred him over to the elders.
We got a good handful of people on date to be baptized this week! We were talking to our district leader about it, and he asked what the change was from last week. Honestly, it was just because we actually invited more people to have a baptismal date.  It was that simple.  I don't know why we've been holding ourselves back! Specific questions will get specific answers, that's for sure. 
So we have one investigator, who had all the lessons previously, but could never make it to church.  He's progressing quite nicely, and is pretty stoked to be baptized! We got to teach one of our other investigators again! We actually got through the whole restoration, and I just love teaching it in such simple terms.  We were trying to help him understand what the spirit feels like, and we just decided to sing "I am a Child of God." We hardly said the first phrase before he screamed, "I can feel it!" Oh, the power of music.  We should probably sing more hymns in our lessons. 
And then Carlos.  Sweet, sweet Carlos.  We actually met him like right as my time was up at the library last week so I couldn't tell y'all about him, darn it! Haha okay it was so cool though.  So Sister Goggins  was at the library, and she randomly talked to this guy who was sitting next to her.  She brings up church (of course) and starts talking up the missionaries.  We get up, and she's like, “they're right there!” So we introduce ourselves and set up a time to meet, and give him  a BOM.  He's so awesome!!! We've already taught him the first two lessons, and he's so excited to get baptized.  His only thing is that he might be moving to CA soon, so he doesn't want to come to church and make too many friends before he leaves. He'll totally be baptized though.  Even if it's not with us, he will eventually.  He's so prepared! Miracles totally happen. 
A man that we tracted into  maybe 3 weeks ago came to church yesterday, and we haven't even taught him yet so that was sweet! Another tender mercy - he's from Geyanna (a small country by Brazil) and it just so happened that Elder Stewart is also from there! Of all the many missionaries who could be serving here right now, it was him.  So it was fun to see him fellowshipped and everything. 
Well, that's all for this week! I did my first legit 24 hour fast for my visa to come.  Apparently Elder Morris, who got here when I did and is waiting to go to Australia, he fasted and his visa came the day later at the transfer meeting.  It's gotta come sometime, so I might as well start praying seriously for it! Things are going good though.  Sister Call makes me speak Chinese whenever we're just tracting or something, and she reminds me to pray in Chinese whenever it's just us, so that's been quite helpful. I hope everyone is doing well! Love y'all!

Sister Facer

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