Monday, March 9, 2015

It's Your Airplane

Why, hello!
So much has happened this week, I have no idea where to begin.  Okay, so I guess the  news that everyone always asks about.. my visa! No luck this week.  I got a call from President Harding, and he said they possibly lost my passport on the way to the consulate, and we'll have to start everything over.  I'm so grateful for Elder Danklef in the office, and all the other senior missionaries who have been so helpful in getting this process moving though.  That's definitely been a blessing to have their help whenever needed. After hours on my knees, pouring out my thoughts in my journal, and talking to President, I just know that this is all up to the Lord.  His ways are higher than my ways, and like President Hughes once said, I just have to take my hands off the wheel and say, "it's your airplane." There is nothing else I can do except for hand it all over to Him, so that is what I will do. 
                                     Sister Mason, my companion at the doctor's for an hour!
                                                        AKA legit mission nurse
We had zone conference this past week, and that was definitely an appreciated break from work.  I even got to go on a field trip to the doctor's office for a physical to get my passport stuff started again.  Anyways, Elder Morris was there, and he was one of the elders who traveled over to Atlanta with me so we became pretty tight.  He just got his visa to go to Australia! His testimony of why he was delayed in Atlanta was definitely for me though.  Basically he said how he took ASL for 3 years in high school, and one day while he’s been here, they found this drunk lady, got a return appt, which led them to find Calvin, who's deaf.  He just knew that he was specifically supposed to find Calvin, and we are all here for a very specific reason.  Everyone says that, but it just touched me because he's in the same boat I'm in.  I am so determined to find my reason for being in Barnesville, Georgia of all places!
                                                  This is the best part of the wall 
Sis Call and me were playing around one evening doing "faith flips" in the Book of Mormon.  So we'd ask a random question, and open it up to find an answer.  Isn't that how it's supposed to be used? So she asked when my visa was going to come, and flipped open to Jacob 5:29.  Another tender mercy! It said something like 'wait a little longer, but it will come.'  I know we were just playing around, but it was just too perfect. It will come; just in His timing. 
We finally got to teach Tilwania this week! Last week we were going to see her when we lost the car keys, so that was a bummer.  But oohhhh she's so awesome! We just knocked on her door (she was a last door miracle) and she said she saw us tracting one day on the longest street in Barnesville.  (Might I add that we found NO ONE from that!) Well, all that work wasn't for nothing (: Anyway, she just couldn't stop smiling, and she was so excited to meet with us! We taught her the restoration, and she absolutely LOVED the story of the first vision! She was so excited to start reading the Book of Mormon, and read the pamphlet with her 7 KIDS.  Wow.  I'm so stoked to see her again. Sister Call mentioned something about families being together forever, and she was just like, "Wow, that's an answer to my prayers!" We testified, committed her to be baptized on April 4, and the rest is history. 
                                               Can't miss a door, you know?!
We also met with Sister Campbell this week, a less active that we've slowly been helping come back. We set a goal with her to get to the temple in 6 months from now! Then she actually came to church, and Tony Clark and his family (seriously the best convert story) all talked about temples in sacrament meeting! Tender mercy! I'm excited for her though, and we should be getting a senior missionary couple in the ward this week, so that will definitely help as well!
Haha so we were walking along the street one day, and these two black kids were like, "why is your skin so white?" What are you even supposed to say to that?! I just told them that I haven't been out in the sun much, and he seemed to be satisfied with that. 
Okay, just one more tender mercy.  We were following up with people yesterday, and I remembered a referral we got the other day from a potential investigator.  We were able to meet Salisia, who referred us to Brenda, who referred us to Anthony, who referred us to Clay.  Holy cow! That was so cool! By small and simple things are great things brought to pass.  Later on we were tracting and literally had no idea where to go, so we decided to say a prayer and ask where we could best use our time.  We decided to go to a richer area and finish up where we had been from the day before.  Literally everyone on that street either didn't answer, or they "already had a church".  typical haha.  So Sister Call and I decided we were going to find someone whose mother had just passed away, hoping their heart would be a little softer.  A few houses down, we talked to a woman who wasn't interested, but we asked her who she knows that might be, and she said that their pastor lives just around the corner, and his wife's mother just passed away, and they're out of town at the funeral as we speak.  BAM-- tender mercy! So I guess what I'm saying is in all this craziness and stress with my visa and passport and everything,  Heavenly Father has definitely shown me that he is very aware of me, and He is still watching out for me.  I am so thankful for that knowledge.  No matter how alone we may feel, we are never truly alone.  Our father in heaven is very aware of us, and he just wants us to be happy.  God works in mysterious ways though, that's for sure.  I am so thankful for His hand in my life.  

Love, Sister Facer

                                                         Just chattin' with the locals

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