Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Because We Promised Father

Happy late birthday to me!  I finally got my own bike!
Dearest family,
We had just an awesome week. Things are going great, and I am so happy.  Not because it's easy, not because we're having a ton of success, but because I'm choosing to be happy.  Why wouldn't I be? We are sharing the greatest message in the world, and we have the Lord on our side. I can't think of anything better. 
Real quick, Happy birthday on Saturday, Grandma Sumner! I hope it was a good day for you (: 
Also, I got a letter from Snoopla (gahh missionary brain.. I can't even remember her name) this week! Haha she probably sent it like a month ago but I definitely appreciate it (: and Connie sent me a little birthday package! That was so sweet of her.  She's such an awesome example to me!
Oh boy.  So first things first, I LOVE GUO JIATING!!!!!  They are just so legit! We taught them the Gospel of Jesus Christ this week, and Guo DX is so excited for baptism.  Guo JM couldn't make it to two weeks of church because of gongzuo but she'll get there.  We told Guo DX that he could baptize his wife, and he got so excited!! And he wants his Christian son and his other two kids to come to "our church".  Ahh he's the best! Haha of course, the temple somehow pops up in every lesson, and he's so excited to go.  We were thinking about it, and if Guo JM can get baptized soon, in a year they could get sealed in the temple and I come back and watch them!  Sorry, baby steps haha. Baptism. Yay. 
We got a new ward list of all the active members who could help pei ke, and I realized everyone has the same name!! It's either Chen, Li or Lin. Haha but Li and Lin you can never tell the difference when they say it, so that doesn't really count.  
I had another "real missionary" experience! Well, they're all real, but I just felt pretty xingku. So we walked out of a lesson with this guy and it was hardly sprinkling, but he was insistent that we put on a rain coat or something. (Oops, I still need to buy one.  I've got a dress poncho thing though, don't worry mom!) The rain picked up as we rode probably 30 minutes to an LA family we found a few days before.  Haha the mom fed us this gross soup stuff and gave us towels to dry off.  There is literally no way look professional in the rain.  That was our firm decision for the week! Anyways, we had a great lesson, and on the way home, it just started pouring.  I think that was my first real Taiwan rainstorm.  It was awesome! Haha I was just thinking while riding, we probably look so xingku right now.  I'm in a skirt first of all, my silly poncho dress doesn't even cover half of me, and it's literally pouring buckets. I couldn't help but giggle to myself and remember why in the world I'm doing this.  I'm serving Heavenly Father, of course! I would never even dream of coming to Asia to get caught in a rainstorm for anyone else but Him. So I just rode home with a smile and a happy heart the rest of the way (:
I told my first Chinese joke yesterday!! YES!! Okay, a little background.  Last week for English class, we had a little extra time, so we told jokes! That's advanced English stuff, right? They were just your classic "why did the chicken cross the road" stuff, but no one understood them:( they're totally not as funny after you have to explain it.  We gave them all homework to bring a joke to class next time.  I'll probably have to give the credit to Curtis Graham, who always made us bring a joke to soccer practice.  Anyway, we were at the bu yesterday (mission office) and we were talking about how I still can't figure out North south, east and west! Seriously, I think the sun rises on a different side of the world every time. Also, dong means east and xi means west.  but together, dongxi, means stuff (but literally, it means east west).  So I was saying how I can't keep my directions straight, then I said, "what is this dongxi??" Hahah okay I'm sure none of you will get it, but that's okay.  We all had a nice laugh. 
We finally got to have interviews with President Jergensen!! He's so great.  Everything I said, he was just so thankful and appreciative of my comments.  He's so loving, and a great listener.  He's so excited about the work too! Haha I actually ended up giving him homework, instead of the other way around! Not sure how that happened, but I'll follow up with him at the temple today (: Y'all can do it too! Well, they're missionary talks, but they still apply. Read The 4th Missionary (not sure who it's by, sorry!) and A Consecrated Missionary by Tad R Callister.  WAY good talks.  I'm trying to be a more consecrated missionary and work towards being the 4th missionary.  It's definitely a slow process, but what an awesome goal to strive for! 
One last thing! Oh, okay two.  So we went on exchanges yesterday, and I was with a bendi, Sister Guo! I even stayed in my area! Haha that was interesting.  We almost didn't find our way home, but we made it eventually (: She helped me so much with my zhongwen though! I realized that I definitely need to speak more with Sister Strong. It's just so easy to speak English, but I've got to work harder since my time so short! So she came to district meeting yesterday, and we were talking about why we invite everyone to baptism.  Someone said so simply, and humbly, "because we promised Father." Aww. How true that is.  Of course we're here to help these people make covenants and stuff.  But we promised Father we would find His children when we came out here.  Before that even, I'm sure we made that before we came to earth.  I think that will be a good continuing motivation.  Because I promised Father.  
I love y'all.  I really do. Thank you for allowing me to serve a mission, and helping me get to where I am today.  I love missionary work.  It has made me so happy, I can't even describe (miaoshu.. Yes! I just studied that yesterday). Anyways, take care.  I hope all is well on the other side of the world (: 

Love, Feng Jiemei 

PS It's 5 in the morning and we get to go to the temple today!!! WHOOO!!!

This is from Elder Herrera back in Thomaston! Melissa finally got baptized!! WHOO!!

Melissa Stanford was the baptism. The really cool thing about that is I sent Elder Gammon on splits with Brother Adams to teach her the commandment "Keep the Sabbath Day Holy." He committed her to make sure her work schedule would never interfere with attending sacrament meeting. She hasn't had a problem coming since! Plus, he confirmed her a member yesterday in front of the mission president! I am so excited for him! He truly is coming along very well.

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