Monday, July 6, 2015

Still Adjusting...

 tongbans (:
zao an!
I can't believe I've been here another p day.  I keep telling people I've been here for a week and they're so surprised at my zhongwen, but I guess eventually it will have to change to two weeks, and so on.  To answer a few questions... Yes the weather is always humid! Haha I'm already kind of a sweaty person so the humidity just makes me always sticky and gross.  Maybe one day I'll get used to that. Happy birthday to Lisa, Ben, and William! And thanks everyone in advance for the birthday wishes!! and PS, I'm glad y'all enjoyed shrimp without me, but I think I like it now! I tried it on the plane over here and it wasn't half bad.  I probably won't want it for my next birthday though. 
I thought I would basically just be translating to zhongwen using the same way I usually teach, but no, it's totally different! It's been so weird to go from "our church has the fulness; here's what your church doesn't have (in a Christ like way, of course)" to, "meet Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. They will bring you eternal happiness with your family."
 One handed!
I have been able to the play the piano in Relief Society, go figure. The Chinese hymn book is the same, but just a few songs are missing.  It's weird when I lose my place and I can't find it by listening to the words anymore.. #Chinesemusicianprobs
We actually got to celebrate the 4th of July somewhat! We were doing temple tours in Taipei on Saturday all day, and while we were riding back, we heard some fireworks in the background.  I figured our Sunday was your Saturday, so I seized the opportunity to wear red white and blue to church! That's about as good as it gets outside of America.  
 On the bus ride to Taipei.  TAIWAN IS SO PRETTY!!
Haha my feet have still been pretty swollen.  Sister Day said that happens because of the airplane ride, but it seems a bit odd.  I think I still have a bit of jet lag, but if I stay busy, I'm great! Also, I found out that my passport was lost 3 different times, and it finally made it through on the 4th time.  Heavenly Father really had more of a hand in this than we think... 
I love how the members are just so happy here.  We'll be walking on the street and say hello or good morning, and sometimes people won't even look up at us.  Haha it might be because they know what we're trying to do, but still! But the members are always so friendly and happy to see you and will ask you about everything.  The gospel truly does bring an added measure of happiness.  It's awesome (: Someone told me the other day, I think it was even a member, that I have such a light about me.  I didn't realize that was actually noticeable. These people notice a difference about us, and they want it, but they just don't know it yet! 
            Another pic on the way to Taipei.  They have cute little decorations on the buses (: 
We get to teach an English class every Wednesday, and I love that! Sister Strong and I are in charge of the kids class, and they're so smart! These little 5-7 year old kids are pulling out paper to take notes! in English! Haha they sure do it right here in Asia. Everyone testifies of English class and what an awesome tool it is for finding prepared people.  This week, a new mom and her probably 10 year old kid came to our class, and they were so excited to learn more about the gospel! We do a little spiritual share related to the lesson and we pray with them, and it's just such an awesome opportunity to get a little bite of the gospel.
  Bus selfies and breakfast baozi! Ready for a long day of temple tours
We're teaching a few really cool people right now! First there's Guo Jiating (family). They're legit! They're probably my favorite family.  That's the first lesson where I think I actually understood what was going on.  They just take everything in.  We're also teaching a guy named Ben.  He came to the English class randomly, and wanted to meet with missionaries, and we got him on date to be baptized pretty soon! Also, we had the coolest miracle last night.  I was a little discouraged because I wasn't understanding much yesterday at church.  Haha it might have been because of fast sunday, but who knows.  I kept having to give the phone to Sister Strong because I couldn't understand what people were saying.  Anyway, we were tracting for an hour or two before it was too late, and we had a crazy last house miracle! We met Joseph, who is so prepared! He speaks almost fluent English, and he was so willing to talk with us, and we taught him the whole restoration right on the porch! First of all, it was a totally cool miracle. Second, Heavenly Father blessed us to find someone I could feel comfortable talking to! Haha I think He knew I needed a little break.  He really is so aware of me personally, and for that I am so thankful. 

By the way, all letters and stuff have to go to the mission office: 

Taiwan Taipei Mission
4/F #24 Lane 183
Chin Hua Street
Taipei 106

Sister Strong says it only takes about 10 days to arrive and they're (usually) pretty reliable! If you feel so inclined, feel free (: 
 Happy American eating jipai (:
Things are really going good.  I think I've finally gotten accustomed to our neighborhood, so our house doesn't randomly pop up anymore when it's time to go home. Taiwan is so pretty.  I am just so thankful when I look around at this beautiful place, and realize that y'all prayed me here. Thank you so much for your faith and prayers.  Heavenly Father truly does know what's best.

Love, Feng Jiemei (:

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