Monday, July 27, 2015

There really is nothing better...

 Last P-day at Toucheng Beach
Happy Monday! I'm not even sure if anything has changed since last Wednesday.  The weekend flew by! We did get to go to the temple on Wednesday, and that was simply amazing.  I took the family names you gave me, hoping to just give them to someone to do sealings, but apparently in Taiwan missionaries get to do more than just an endowment session! So I got to do the sealings as well for the children (: I really miss being in the temple so often.  The temple president came in and did a few in English so we could understand, and that was awesome! I'm not sure which is harder, looking a Chinese map, or understanding Chinese temple words. Luckily, we got to do a session in English.  Everything about it was just so humble.  You know the people that work in the temple have sacrificed so much to be there, and they go because they love their Savior and want to serve Him.  I can't wait to go back (:
 temple selfie... Yeah!
 I LOVE this place!!
Oh, Happy pioneer day! We actually did remember it this time, and we celebrated with KFC and ice cream from McDonald's.  That's about as American as it gets here! I guess pioneer day is a Utah thing though.. Anyway. 
 We tried to look for something red, white, and blue
for pioneer day, and this was the best we could do
 Wednesday, post emailing, 7 am.  We sacrifice to go to the temple here!
We've doing a lot of tracting lately, and it's funny what things we've run into.  One lady we were talking to only spoke Taiyu (Taiwanese) but she was still being respectful and trying to talk to us.  Haha at one point we were trying to ask if anyone else was home that speaks guoyu, but she just screeched, "WO TING BU DONG!!" I don't understand!! I hear ya, lady! Hahah.  I do feel like screaming that more often than not, but I try to hold back (: 
 Carly, Sis. Strong, me, Elder Francis and Elder Mertz
                    Took a little gander in a gondola!  Everyone here is from the MTC, by the
                  way:  Elder Gray, Robinson, Wheeler, Dorius, and Sister Strong's chin...oops
 Our view from the gondola.  That's Taipei 101
on the right.  Taiwan is SOO beautiful (:
It's also interesting to see who Heavenly Father has prepared.   Most everyone will just tell us 'buyong' (don't use.. wait that doesn't make sense in English) and shut the door or walk away. It's so obvious the people he's prepared! They'll just let us talk and pray with them.  One husband and wife we talked to yesterday was so prepared! We said simply that our message enables you to have an eternal family, and lasting joy.  They just accepted it so easily.  'Yeah that sounds nice.  Let's keep listening.' was basically what they said.  haha it's just too easy to recognize those people, it's awesome! They don't come around too often though.  You know you've been led by the spirit when you find them!
 Exchanges with Sis. Guo, My first bendi!
 The terrifying squattie potties...Guo JM made me use it
Sunday night member visits to Guo Jiating (:
If all goes well for his baptismal interview, Guo Qi Xiang will be getting baptized on Saturday!! I love him so much.  He's been so prepared! We've been teaching him the Word of Wisdom, chastity, tithing and fasting and all that stuff, and he's literally had ZERO problems! He's so awesome. His son was already Christian, and you can tell that's definitely softened his heart.  We've still got to get Guo Jiemei on board and coming to church! She has work all the time.  Xingku ta.

Another sweet lesbian made us a cake for our lesson!

So I found out something way cool that might possibly have been the miracle I've been waiting for. Sister Strong was looking through her journal the other day, and found out that she and Sister Fan found Guo Jiating on June 1st. Then I got Elder Danklef's text saying I'm going to Taiwan on June 2nd! He's got to be the reason it took so long for me to get here.  I can't think of anything else. Haha I don't know why I couldn't have been waiting in Taiwan to be transferred to Yilan, but that will come to me later. Ever since I went through the temple for myself, I knew that I wanted to find a family to teach on my mission and watch them go to the temple.  I really think Guo Jiating is the family I've been praying to find.  Of course it might take a minute with Guo JM and their son and everything, but I know that it can happen.  I'm so excited to see what will happen with them (: 
 Just a picture scavenger hunt--yellow flower:  check
 Oops, I thought that was an Asian form of Joseph--guitar,
amp in one hand, and another instrument in the other...
I hope everyone has a great week! I can't believe CaLea and Braydn are already home! It's so crazy to me that people of my generation are coming home from the mission already.  I just love this work so much.  There really is nothing better than being in the service of God.  

Love, Feng Jiemei (:

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