Monday, August 3, 2015

Hearts are Changing

 Elder Wheeler found a frog during English boarding.  He reminds
me more and more of Brigham (: Elder Wheeler, not the frog...
Hello my beloved family! 
It sounds like y'all had a busy week! I'm glad grandma/grandpa camp was a success yet again! Also, happy birthday to Manuel on Wednesday! And mom, I'm not exactly sure how my bike worked out.  We took out money to pay for it our first day on island, then never did anything with it... I'll ask the next time we're up in Taipei. I've been thinking about Dad getting released ever since he told me! Thank you for your endless hours of faithful service, daddy (: 
First off, in case y'all were wondering, Guo Dixiong's baptism will be on the 15th.  Everything is okay, we just had some scheduling issues.  He's still so stoked! And he took his son, Ming Yuan, to church yesterday! We had an awesome lesson with them this week, and now he's on date with his mom for August 29th. Ming Yuan is already Christian so he thinks he knows everything, but we'll keep teaching him.  He's just way busy because he has to do military stuff.  He's excited to be baptized though, and we know that Guo DX can do it!! 
We also inherited the Yilan elder's investigator! Haha I think it's because he's in our area, but he's legit. His name is Steven and I think he just came to the English class one day, and he asks way deep questions! He was already on date for some time in September but hopefully we'll be able to make that a little sooner!
 Matchy matchy skirts
This week, I had my first day in a long time where I just couldn't find any motivation do go out and do work.  We haven't taught a real PMG lesson in a long time that I've been able to fully participate in (the WOW and law of chastity for Guo JT are a little past my intellect right now) and we've just been doing a lot of knocking.  We had district meeting, and that helped a little, but then right after, we were able to teach Pan JM, a less active of 20 years that actually came up to us a few weeks ago.  We had an awesome lesson with her, and I just felt the spirit so strongly teaching through me. I realized that the way to get through those hard times is just by sharing the gospel.  It's that easy! It just brings such a simple, yet profound spirit that can brighten up any day.  Ahh, the gospel is just wonderful. 
I also love the fact that we get to hear people pray for the first time.  These people either don't believe in God, or they believe in hundreds of Gods.  But when we teach them about their Eternal Father in Heaven, they get the chance to communicate with Him and begin a relationship with Him.  Some people will say, "good afternoon", or "Hi, it's me, Feng Jiemei".  It's so cute.  Their prayers are so simple but it's so meaningful to them, and I love being a part of that special moment. 

Exchanges with Sister Graham
We had exchanges this week, this time with the temple sisters, which I think they're the equivalent of the AP's.  I went with Sister Graham from Spanish Fork, and she's awesome! She was actually born in Yilan as well, and she trained Sister Jensen. She was here for 5 transfers (knock on wood)! Haha it was funny.  So originally we were planning on one companion switching, one staying.  Just like normal.  But they decided to both come to our area, so we had to plan for two schedules, where we didn't have anything set up in the first place! Then everything went wrong haha.  Our phone just stopped working (it still doesn't work.. ahhh) so we couldn't get a hold of them. Sister Strong's bike tire was completely flat and probably had a hole, so we were running around (literally) trying to get that fixed. Then we were going to be late to both of our appointments we had, which were at the same time so of course we couldn't just go. We prayed to know what to do, and the whole time trying to get in contact with the other sisters, I just felt like we were in the middle of a miracle.  Well, it wasn't what I was expecting, but we did get Ming Yuan on date to be baptized that night! And the other sisters were able to fix both of our A/C units so that was great too!

Shopping at the Luodong night market
Seaweed wraps and watermelon milk--my favorite!

This week, I was also able to step back and just think about how far I've come. Haha we're still trying to figure out our working  A/C, so I've spent a few nights freezing or sweating and unable to sleep. Anyway, I am just amazed at how far I've progressed.  From the MTC to the end of my time in Georgia, my personnel has changed so much.  I hope that was the right word to use.  Sorry mom. But I can see how much Heavenly Father has molded me into being a better servant.  I've grown to love my circumstances and the people all around me.  And from my short time from when I got on island, how much He has helped me with the language.  I still ting bu dong a ton, but I can see how much I've improved since the MTC.  I don't deserve to learn this quickly, but Heavenly Father knew I would have less time to learn.  He has definitely helped me.   I'm starting to see the promise of "speaking as if you were a native" coming true.  
One last thing.  In my studies this week, I've been reading through 1 Samuel.  One little line stuck out to me, and I keep thinking about it.  in 1 Samuel 10:9 it says God gave him (Samuel I believe) another heart.  I feel as if God has given me another heart.  Even since I got to Taiwan.  I have had a greater desire to serve, to love and to learn.  I've been given a greater capacity to love and to feel the spirit.  I am thankful that God has given me another heart to serve His children in Taiwan.

Love, Feng Jiemei (:

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