Monday, August 24, 2015

I'm Missionary First of All

 We shared some awesome mango ice cream to celebrate my one-year mark!
Hello there!

This week got so busy in the snap of a finger.  We ended up having to go to Taipei 3 times this week, while planning for two baptisms, and who knows what else! It was awesome and we got really good at going to Taipei! I'm pretty sure I could do it on my own now, despite the 12 elevators, bus ride, and 2 subways.   
This is by one of the escalators.  Taiwan is way more creative...
Haha I never thought I would get the hang of public transportation! The first time was for our trainee/trainer follow up meeting, and then I got made the English unit leader so we went up for a training with that. We're really starting to improve the program, and I'll be making a few changes in our ward to make it more of a finding activity, rather than just teaching English. 
 Just relaxing before temple tours
Then on Saturday we did temple tours again! Honestly, we were both kind of dreading it, but we found so many miracles from it! We literally did 5 tours all one after another.  We got to help a RC start on his family history, but I have NO IDEA how Chinese people do family history! Everyone has the same last name! Haha so we just left it to the specialist.  
 We saw a wedding as we were doing temple tours.
I can't wait until Guo family gets sealed in the temple!
We also had the cutest family from China randomly walk in to the church, and they were awesome! Surprisingly, one of them already knew a good deal about Christianity, and they were all super interested and they loved the tour about the life of Jesus Christ! As we were sharing about the Atonement and giving them a Book of Mormon, I just wanted to cry! Christ suffered for these people, and they don't even know it.  They're so hungry for the truth, and we just gave them a piece of hope, but they'll go home and not be able to do anything about it.  The people in China are so prepared! I know Heavenly Father is preparing those people so when the government allows freedom of religion, the church will just explode over there.  That's definitely something I need to keep in my prayers. 
 Found this in a random little neighborhood on a wall.
Maybe missionary work is a part of their culture, too?
Okay, I feel like I need to talk about Guo family in every email haha. They're doing great! Guo Dixiong received the Aaronic priesthood yesterday so he can help his wife get baptized this Saturday! That came so fast!! They're both so excited (: I've really noticed a difference in Guo Jiemei, even just since GUo DX got baptized.  They've been reading the BOM more, and they've been so much happier, and her testimony has really developed.  Ahh the Book of Mormon works miracles! Haha They're just so funny.  They were starting to fill out Guo JM's baptismal record, and they couldn't remember when they were married! And in Taiwan, it's the year 104 so that made things even more complicated.  Haha I don't even understand what they're saying half the time but they're hilarious!
We're also working with a Lin Xian Shan, and he's so awesome! He's the Christian guy we found on exchanges with Sister Graham, who was baptized (sprinkled) 10 years ago.  He wants to be baptized on Sept 9 because that will be exactly 10 years from when he first got baptized.  He literally set up 5 appointments in the future with us so we could finish all the lessons with him! Haha he also loves the BOM.  He has a ton of questions about it, which is awesome.  
 Our trip to the festival got rained out, so we went to the beach.
haha, that's Hanny in the rain coat, an RC.
That's what all the Taiwanese wear on their scooters (:

Our stake (East Taipei) has a goal of splitting into two stakes by November 1st.  I didn't realize there's so many numbers behind these kinds of changes! We're working really hard to find 9 more melchezidek priesthood holders, or bringing back LA's who hold it.  Yilan just became a ward at the beginning of the year, but they want to split it again! We're just going hard in the paint!
 I think Taiwan wins for the most scooters.  I'll probably need one when I get home.
 We found a Krispy Kreme!! Hurray for American food!
Ah, bless. Last week I hit my year mark. I'm officially old. I can't believe how much time has flown by! I've had a lot of moments this week where I just take a step back and think about what I'm doing.  I'm a missionary first of all.  I represent the Savior Jesus Christ in preaching his gospel.  I'm in Taiwan.  And I love every second of it.  It's definitely not easy, but it is so, so worth it.  I love the gospel so much, and I am so humbled to be teaching these people about their Savior. Until next time (:

Love, Feng Jiemei

Love that Benadryl cream!

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