Monday, August 10, 2015

Mission Interrupted--the first typhoon experience

 Our tongbantuan and Carly walking up to the hike
 We like the beach
 Just pondering the questions of the soul...
 We got to see the beautiful beach...again
Da jia zao an (: 
This week has been quite an eventful one.  We definitely learned that numbers are not a big deal.  We helped specific people come closer to Christ and progress towards baptism, and that's all we're here for.  Haha I hate that we have to keep track of the key indicators.  Jiu haole. 
So last p day we went on a way fun hike by the beach! Well, if you call paved roads and stairs in the middle of a mountain a hike, haha. Taiwan is so pretty, I don't think I'll ever get over that fact.  I saw my first huge Taiwanese spider, ate a whole fried shrimp (still gross) and had a sample of octopus and squid jerky.  Those actually weren't bad! I'd consider it a pretty adventurous day for my stomach. And I still haven't gotten sick yet, so I'll keep going! 
 The district:  me, Sis. Strong, Elders Wheeler, Mertz,
Francis, and Gray.  And Ben from our ward.
 Fried shrimp.  One was enough.
 Squid and octopus jerky.  Not too bad!
We had zone conference this week up in Shilin, and I always enjoy those.  This month's theme was being captained by Christ.  We talked about one story of Jesus turning water into wine, and how we are like the servants, who take the nasty water to the governor and are just praying fervently for a miracle. It will come if we pray with faith, and have the faith to act! We also talked a lot about keeping an organized area book, and how it would be if the Lord were to come to our area and ask to look at it.  That was a little call for repentance, especially this weekend when we had a taifeng! a typhoon! That was crazy! It poured and was blowing like crazy for at least 24 hours straight. So we got to spend a whole day or so calling a million people and cleaning our house (: That was probably needed haha. The taifeng was crazy though!
Our cute rain gear
Let the taifeng begin!
 For exercise in the morning, we just went around to different buildings in our apartment complex (we have an underground parking) up to the 7th floor and got different views of the storm. Everything in our apartment is fine, so that's definitely a blessing.  It's so crazy to drive around though.  There's huge trees torn up out of the ground, stoplights ripped off the pole, street signs blown flat to the ground.  Some members said it was the biggest one we've had in 20 years! Secretly, we were praying that we could see a taifeng, but that we'd still be safe.  Prayers answered (: 

Safely tucked away, watching the storm
 This pictures doesn't do the taifeng justice!
 A great and spacious building right before the taifeng hit
 After the storm
We also got a new sim card for our phone when we went up to zone conf so that was definitely a blessing as well! It came just in time. 
This weekend was baba jie! Taiwanese Father's Day! it's on 8/8, or baba (dad).  Unfortunately, no one got to celebrate it outside because of the taifeng.  But happy father's day everyone!

Found this Foujiao stuff in a cave on our hike

We also got to meet the new senior missionaries! Elder and Sister McOmber, from somewhere in Utah.  They're actually Sister Jergensen's parents so that's sweet! I miss seeing senior couples in the office since they had 3 or 4 in Georgia, so they'll be a nice addition (: 
Alright, this is the week! Guo Qi Xiang is getting baptized on Saturday!!! Everything is ready, he's excited, and Guo JM even came to church with him for the first time yesterday! It was so sweet to see their sweet little family all together at church.  I'm not sure if I've said this yet, but I'm convinced that they're the reason I had to wait so long to come to Taiwan. I've been praying to help find a family that will be able to get sealed in the temple, and I just know it will be them.  Guo JM and their son, Ming Yuan are both excited to be baptized by their dad, and they  all can't wait to go to the temple (: Ahh families. Too good. 

Guo Dixiong, Guo Jiemei, and Guo Ming Yuan
 all together gospel principles.  This made my week (:
I read a talk this week in the August Liahona (does that exist in America?) that I really liked.  It was called "Patience: more than waiting." I thought it totally explained my thoughts about everything up to this point on the mission, and it opened my eyes of the bigger picture that Heavenly Father sees for me.  My patience was tried every day in Georgia, but I feel like I've become more of who He wants me to be because of it. I'm serving a mission to help other people, but of course Heavenly Father wants to help me out along the way as well.  Anyway, I definitely invite you to read it!

Carly and Craig

I am constantly amazed at how wonderful our Father in Heaven is.  How perfect His plan is for each one of us, how much He loves each one of His children, how beautiful His creations are, and His hand manifested all throughout the day.  I love everything about this gospel.  It has brought me so much joy, and I'm so thankful I have the chance to share it with my fellow brothers and sisters. 

Love, Feng Jiemei 
No one was yet awake, but we went on a sunrise bike ride this morning

This must be what Heaven looks like

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