Monday, August 17, 2015

The Garbage Is Gone

 GUO QI XIANG'S BAPTISM!!! with Guo DX, Guo JM, and Chen Ren Jie baptizing him

Libai yi kuaile!! Happy Monday!
Boy do I have news today! We had so many awesome miracles this week. But first, happy birthday to Grandpa Sumner, and happy anniversary to you and grandma as well! Dad, I'm stoked about your new calling! The MTC will bring you so much joy (: 
So First of all, Guo Qi Xiang DX got baptized!! It was a great service, and the spirit was just so strong.  He came up out of the water and just looked so happy! I got to introduce him, and I didn't do too bad! I couldn't help but think as I sat next to him that he's come so far to get to this point.  Both of us have, really.  Even just since I met him.  This week, we were literally  out of ideas of what to share with them.  We've taught all 5 lessons (multiple times haha), we watched the resto DVD, even talked about and gave them a family proclamation! So we decided to have a little testimony meeting.  Both Guo JM and DX's testimonies were so powerful! Guo JM said that at work, she looks for opportunities to help others because that's what Jesus would do.  Guo DX said he always knew what he had was special.  The fact that we have one God, let alone our loving Father in Heaven, was the biggest thing that really got his attention.  He knows the Book of Mormon is true, and that Joseph Smith really saw Tianfu and Jesus Christ.  When we asked them why they both want to be baptized, Guo JM said, "I want to be baptized because I love God, and he wants me to be baptized." and Guo DX said, "I have finally found what I'm looking for." AHH!!!! They're amazing.  Seriously, I could go on forever.  But I'll stop. I love Guo jiating (:
 One last district pic :( Elders Gray, Wheeler, Mertz, and Francis, and me and Sister Strong

 Our last pic with Craig! He's the best member ever! and Huang JM, one of our investigators
We had a temple tour training, and our mission really has some big goals! Since we have temple sisters that do tours at the church by the temple, they really want it to become like another visitor's center.  So when we do temple tours, we'll get ipads, and do a lot of other upgrading stuff. I just love mission meetings because that means we get to listen to President Jergensen.  He is so easy to relate to! He knows exactly what we need, not just as missionaries, but as individuals.  Ah he's great (: 
 Another free cake from an investigator!  Next time, we're hoping for steak
I'm almost finished with Phase 1, lessons 1-3! So I should be right on track to be completely finished at the end of this transfer in 6 weeks.  Everyone says I'm going really fast, but I don't really see any other way to do it, haha.  I'm sick of ting bu dong-ing anywhere other than in a lesson! I will learn Chinese!
 A taipei district came down for p day to go to the 
Fulong beach with us, but it was closed because of the taifeng :( Still fun though!
 Somehow, I always seem to find Sister Jensen...
Yesterday before Sacrament meeting started, like 30 Mexicans walked in the chapel! Haha that's something I was not expecting.  It was so fun to talk to them though! And they were all from Joseph's misson! They're here for a festival thing in Dongshan, which is in our area.  Anyway, I don't know why but having them there just made me feel at home.  I've completely forgotten how to speak spanish, but listening to them was awesome because I could understand them.  Now Chinese from the pulpit and Spanish coming from behind me almost blew my mind, but I lived through it haha. The spirit was so strong though! Just knowing that the church is exactly the same anywhere you go in the world was such a cool thing to think about. Guo DX got confirmed, and they had no idea what they were saying, but they knew what was happening because it's all the same.  Hurray for the true church!
 Playing a uke on the train?  Seems like a pretty chill p-day activity
Have I told you about Lin Xian Shan yet? He's legit.  We found him on exchanges with Sister Graham, and he was baptized Christian 10 years ago, and has read the bible a few times.  He's so sincere though and he's already come to church twice.  He came up to us after the baptism, and said, "I know this book is true!" Haha both me and Sister Strong were both like "what? We just gave it to you yesterday!" So apparently he prayed right after we left and told God to that if the garbage outside his house from the taifeng is gone, then he'll believe the BOM is true.  What do you know, it was all gone! I don't know how it happened, but that was enough for him! Haha miracles really do happen. 
Well, that's enough happiness for one email! This week was really just wonderful. We're just enjoying to the end over here in Yilan. 

Love, Feng Jiemei
Update from Elder Herrera in Thomaston, Georgia--Christ Deal finally got baptized!

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