Monday, December 21, 2015

A Personal Savior

Gotta love the panda shop! 
Do you want s'more?
Well who knew, it's already been another week! We finally had to pull out the heater and start sleeping with a blanket this week, although yesterday and today have been quite comfortable.  I am so not missing the Utah weather! We did make fake snow for our English class Christmas party though, so that might have helped (: 
I did get my Christmas package, thank you! Sister Wright opened it to see if there was anything needed before I open it on Christmas, so we decorated with tinsel and my stocking from last year.  It looks great! Thank you!
 My bestie, Xie jiemei is leaving next week.
We met on outdoor zone conference, and I'm going to miss her!!
 Reunited with my Yilan Sistas!!  Sister Strong and Carly (:
Man, this week was awesome! We had transfers, and even though we weren't being transferred, we still got to go to the meeting because Sister Wright's sisters are all dying early for school.  AHH I can't believe they're all gone! It's just the generation above me that was in the MTC together.  Things are getting serious here. We're excited to start a new transfer though, and with the splitting of the stake, we're now over two zones (5 companionships) as STL's so we'll be really busy! 
 Taipei Zoo
 Heavenly Father's got our backs :)
Teresa, Elder Hawkes and Boyce, Lin DX (LA), Jia Qi (member), me and Sister Wright
 The elephants--trust me, they are cooler in person
Last week for P day we went to the Taipei Zoo, and that was so fun! Today, we're going bowling and we'll go to this poop-themed restaurant... haha I'm not sure what to expect but the members were really excited to go with us! 
We  have all the time in the world now that we don't have choir practice every monday! We still have performances though, which has been so much fun.  We just had our Christmas party in Beitou and we had such a good turnout, including 6 investigators and 2 of our LA's! Our ward is so great (: 

So... This is what we did for our English class Christmas party

 THE missionary Christmas choir
 Two of our RC's-Chen hui mu and Huang ye ye.  They're the cutest!
 Yi ting, Teresa, and Hui Ci at the Christmas party
 Da jia! The elders, Chantelle, Sister Wright, Yi ting, Teresa, Brother Su, 
Judy, Zeng JM, Jia qi, me
We had a ton of miracles this week! So one day, we got fang'd (can’t remember the exact translation... they didn't come to our lesson) and we only had 15 mins before we had to go to a meeting.  We just walked around the MRT and we talked to this guy, Xie dixiong, and he was so awesome! We've already met with him once, he committed to a baptismal date (even after hearing about no coffee), he came to our Christmas party, and church yesterday! I'm so excited to keep teaching him! Then right after we walked away, this guy came up and talked to us, and it turns out that he and his wife are here from Singapore (he served in Malaysia)  to get sealed in the temple! That was so gandong to hear. We're so lucky to have a temple so close to us! 
 This is the guy and his wife from Singapore who are
getting sealed in the Taipei temple!
Then, right after that, we went to a Starbucks to go to the bathroom and we talked to this woman who just so happens that her sister is a member, and they're both from Texas.  Haha she said they've been trying to convert her for years.  But we made a good impression on her and said a prayer for her sick grandmother.  Okay, just one more! Yesterday, this guy came to church (and the Christmas party)  that we met probably 3 weeks ago and hadn't had any contact with! And this is even better: as he was walking up the hill to the building, another random guy asked where he was going, he told him he was going to church, and so they both came together! Haha when do these things even happen?? This is so great. 
My ponderize scripture is 3 Nephi 1:12, talking about how the Savior will be born.  How comforting that would have been to know that a Savior would be born in their lifetime! We did a little activity for temple training a few weeks ago that we did really silly things, and then right after, shared our testimony about the Savior.  Then in contrast, we closed our eyes and thought about what the Savior means to each of us, and then shared a really deep, heart felt testimony.  I've been trying to remember that as I share my testimony of the Savior with others.  How much he really means to me, and why we actually celebrate Christmas.  What a wonderful time of year! Well, I'm excited to get to talk to the family and see everyone! I told dad already, but it will be MY TIME Christmas morming at 9am.  Haha sorry, you can figure out what time on Christmas Eve that is for you.  Love you!!

Love, Feng Jiemei (:
 I met Mr. Ding and shook his hand this week.  He's
a candidate in this year's elections

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