Monday, December 7, 2015

Temple Tour Miracles

 Happy December!!!
I'm freaking out that the holidays have arrived!! But I'm loving it (: This week went by soo fast! Before I forget, it was Ashley's year mark on the 2nd-- I wrote her a little letter, so maybe she'll get it by Christmas or something. 

Tis the season!  Wrapping a white elephant for zone meeting

I hope Lys and Manuel have a safe trip to Peru! 
We had so much going on this week! So we had our zone meeting, and it went really smooth. Time was a bit of an issue, but other than that it was great! We started with a little white elephant/get to know everyone thing, so that was fun! 
 Taipei East Zone
                               Sister Howell and Qiu at zone meeting--I just love these sisters (:

 Lu Jiemei, another Taiwan missionary who's waiting to go to Temple Square
 MTC REUNITED--Sis. Bowman, Jensen and I got to see each other
four days this week for all our performances

We went  on exchanges with the temple sisters, so it was way fun to be temple sister for a day! temple sister is basically like sister AP's.  Haha but it was nice to see that even they are not perfect, and even they don't know what to do sometimes. 
                      Exchanges with the temple sister, Sister Kunzler-We were in the MTC together
Sat next to Sister Lindsay at temple tour training.
We were also in the MTC together

The Chen Chong Yong that we found a few weeks ago on his balcony dropped us, dang it! He even came and did a temple tour with us, and the next day he called us and said that it would be easier to not be baptized so he doesn't have conflict with his Christian wife.  Sometimes the easiest choice isn't always the best choice, but I'm not sure he could wrap his mind around that.  I really hope this doesn't come back to bite him later, but we're still praying for him. 

Kao digua (BBQd sweet potato) and xiancao (grass jelly).
It's not a drink if it doesn't have dongxi!

Teresa, on the other hand, is doing awesome! She's the one here on vacation that's been living in Utah for like 10 years. She also came and did a temple tour with us, and came to church yesterday, and we're so excited about her! 

Angela from China--I'll definitely need to come back and visit her

So temple tours this time was AMAZING!! We just saw miracle after miracle!! My favorite one, I must tell. So we went out to dinner, and this girl asks us if we're Christians.  Then she asks if she can follow us back to our church.  Haha gang hao we're doing temple tours that day. So her name is Angela, and it turns out she's from China!! I don't know what it is with temple tours and daluren.  Anyway, she was baptized 2 years ago, but we did a restoration tour with her and she was so excited when we invited her to be baptized on Christmas!! Unfortunately, she's the AP's area, but maybe we'll get permission or something to see her baptism! We're all on team Jesus, right? Ahh She's amazing!!! 
 Haha Yi Ting is a great pal (:
We also met a member from dalu, who was baptized in 3 DAYS!! I didn't even know that was possible! China is so great (: 
This week’s ponderizing scripture is Ether 12:27.  Yes, I have weaknesses, and they have been very prominent (woah, that was a gaoji word) especially this week.  But I know that the purpose of my weaknesses is to make me humble and help me to rely on my Savior to become stronger.  
That's all for this week! Love you!

Love, Feng Jiemei (:

At church, instead of water fountains, they have water bucket
things and paper cups (:
There's the random tidbit for the day...

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