Monday, November 30, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving y'all!!

 rooftop pic
This was the Thanskgiving'y-est shirt I had...
I hope y'all enjoyed Thanksgiving weekend and found things you're thankful for.  I was reading in Psalms this week, and it seemed like all they did was give thanks! This week was so fun-- We actually kind of got to celebrate Thanksgiving, and not only because it was the coldest day so far since I've got to Beitou.  I had to break out the cardigans again... No one really knew it was Thanksgiving so we would remind everyone we talked to be thankful for their blessings.  It's crazy to think that last year at Thanksgiving, I ate three thanksgiving dinners with huge Christian families and almost had to force myself to puke from eating so much. This time, we got qing'd to the Royal Host, which is a semi-American place and we got to eat turkey (or chicken?) and potatoes.  Just as satisfying (:
                                                           Best Zhuabing place ever!
Happy Thanksgiving from my beautiful tongban!

I just wanted to say thank you to the Eliason's for sending me a little Thanksgiving card! Thank you for your love to our family and for thinking of me!

Sister Kunzler and I were in the MTC together, and now she's a temple sister.
She's also Sister Wright's old companion

Wow, where to even start?? This week was so awesome.  We started out with a mission conference with Elder Stevenson of the quorum of the 12! He might be a new apostle, but Heavenly Father has definitely qualified him.  We all got to shake his hand, and you just look into his eyes and he's just so loving.  He talked about obedience, and how the white handbook is just a book full of blessings.  It's so true! What other time in your life do you get blessed for getting up at 6:30, exercising, and leaving the house on time? This is the life and I'm loving it! He just broke it down so simply.  When we obey, we're blessed, and that makes us happy.  When we don't obey, we're not blessed (or punished) and we're not happy.  So we're helping our investigators understand that.  He also talked about the power of testimony, and I love how President Harding would always say that you summon the Holy Ghost down when you share your testimony.  Ahh, there's so much! Just look at my notes later (: 
We also had MLC (mission leadership conference.. or council?) and I have been spiritually fed this week.  Our main focus that we'll be teaching at zone meeting will be to be obedient unto faithfulness, having the faith to drop eternal investigators, and finding efficiently. This will be my first time doing the training so wish me luck tomorrow! I'm excited!

My building in Luodong is growing. I take that to mean
that I, as a missionary, am also growing. :)
We've made progress this week with the language, and someone actually told me that I don't have any accent! I couldn't believe it! That was the best compliment I've gotten! Haha but then I tried taking the phase 2 test, and failed.  No worries, I'm not even all the way through the 2 boxes of vocab, I just took it to see what it's like.  I also started learning how to text, and it's so hard and takes forever!! Luckily, one of the trainings we'll be giving is to text everyone you met that day to make quick contact with them.  So I'll be getting a lot of practice! 

Take 1 of Phase 2: fail.  mei guanxi. Xia yi ci!
 Exchanges with Sister LeFevre, and our first meeting with Theresa
okay, where else in the world can you find Rabbit Toast?? 
I love Taiwan and its random little shops
Happy Thanksgiving y'all! The elders' investigator with me and Sister Wright,
Liu Jeimei, and Elder Hawkes and Elder Boyce

We had a total miracle this week.  So last week during emails, this girl Theresa called us and said, " I don't have a phone, but can we meet on tuesday at 11 at the chapel?" but of course! Haha we figured we'd either get fang'd or she'd be totally awesome! Turns out she was totally awesome! She's been living in Utah doing a foreign exchange thing, and she's been going to church since July! She already knows the Book of Mormon is true, Joseph Smith was a prophet, and she committed to be baptized on Christmas!!  So we'll be having a white Christmas after all (: 

Theresa came to church yesterday!

We have a lot of people we're working with that are so close to setting a baptismal date, so stay tuned for next time! We got to go on exchanges this week with the Yilan sisters! So I was with Sister LeFevre (we stayed in Beitou though, darn it!) and Sister Wright got to go to Yilan.  I at least got to go there to switch back.  It's already changed so much! There's tons of construction there because they're building a night market, I've heard.  I'll definitely have to come back after the mission and check it out! I also exchanged with Sister Hadley, and we went to Neihu! I love getting to  go to other places, it's so fun! 
 Exchanges with Sister Hadley in Neihu
 A cute little LA that we visited, fang jiemei
We've continued to see miracles every day, and I'm so excited to see what miracles December will bring with the spirit of Christ in the air.  Thank you for your prayers, they are helping!

Love, Feng Jiemei
                                                              We love the Jergensen's!

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