Monday, November 16, 2015

Having Faith in Miracles

Aww (: Qiu JM made me breakfast! Zhuabing and QQ dongxi
                                           COOKIES!! Thank you, Sister Wright's mom!!
What a beautiful week this has been! Today, the sun is shining through the window of the wanka and I'm dying to go outside! But first of all, mom and dad, Happy 33rd anniversary on Sunday! Thanks for spending 20 years of it helping me become the person who I am today.  I love you!

 I didn't think they celebrated Halloween here...
 And also, to answer some questions: Sadly, we're not really teaching anyone solid right now. They've just had a few awesome baptisms as I got here, so we're just starting from scratch.  We've literally been finding all week, but with no luck.  We counted, and we got fang'd (not sure what the literal translation is.. they didn't come) 15 times! We're hoping to improve that this next week. 
 Pizza is not a normal thing here.  Taipei is the greatest!
 We got Zhuabing and douhua after our exchange

 with the Shilin sisters! Me and Sister Wright, 
Qiu JM, Zheng Yi Ting (our RC!) and Sister Howell
As an STL, we'll actually be working with all the sisters I already know! I stayed in the same zone (East Taipei) so I'll even get to go back to Yilan, which makes me so happy. We had two exchanges this week, and they went really well! They're not as stressful as they were back in Georgia, I'm not sure what's different.  Our first exchange, I was with Sister Qiu, who's waiting for her visa to serve at temple square, and she's just awesome.  Our second one, I got to be in a trio with sister Fisher, from the MTC (in Sister Strong's district) and Sister Hu, who just left this morning to Utah.  She'll also be at temple square. Fun stuff. Be sure and try to find them if you go to Temple Square! 

Hu JM and me.  Look for her at Temple Square!
 Qiu JM, Zheng Yi Ting and I on the MRT to end our exchange
 Exchanges with Hu JM and Sister Fisher
 We gave in this week...Sister Wright loves chocolate!
I'm still working on Phase 2 of Chinese, and it's coming along pretty well! I just started on box 2 at the beginning of the transfer, which is the second 1000 words.  man man lai. Take it easy haha. 
This week I got to see the primary program in our ward! There were only about 10 kids, and they were so well behaved and great singers.  I was impressed! It made me think of back in Georgia, they would ask me to play the piano in primary so I got to hear all of their songs. It's soo cute to hear them in Chinese! I can't believe I was in Georgia at the beginning of this year.  Time is seriously going by way too fast! But I think it's awesome that for every single day of 2015 I get to represent Jesus Christ and spread His gospel!
 Taiwan has some odd things...
 We went to the new Danshui chapel for district meeting.
                                                    It looks like a temple, doesn't it?
I ate some cool food this week: I had papaya, eggplant, and something else that isn't coming to me right now.  Man, I love Taiwanese food.  They have soo many more fruits and just interesting food.  I love it!
 Eggplant.  I do enjoy this stuff.
Coconut--that was a fun one!

We got qing'd by an ama! 
                                This random little Christian lady bought us noodles for lunch (:
Just satisfying our craves...
This whole week, even though were were fang'd multiple times a day, I just knew that we would find a miracle at the end.  I like to call them "Sabbath miracles" and that's just what we found.  We were led completely by the spirit to find an LA of 50 years that we had just ran into earlier in the week! Right after that, we ran into an LA's wife, and a few minutes later, we met the LA, prayed with him, and got his number for different missionaries.  Right after that, we had a feeling to start walking up this huge mountain, where we found a man walking down the mountain with his dog.  He's Atheist, and he was so moved by our simple testimony of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.  I'm so grateful that we were tested this week, only to find miracles at the end! Another cool experience we had was when we were finding at a park, and we talked with these two friends who were sitting on a curb.  We knelt/sat down to talk to them, and I just felt like the Savior ministering to his people.  We prayed with them, and I thought of 3 Nephi 11 maybe? where He prays for the little children.  I love those tender mercies where you remember the sacredness of your calling.  
 Aww, I found him at the jin hua jie chapel! 
He's from Yilan ward.  Literally ALWAYS smiles.
 Relief Society activity this week.  Beitou ward is wonderful (:
My ponderizing scripture for this week is... not coming to my mind at the moment.  Haha no worries, I've got a whole week to memorize it, and I swear it's written down at home on my desk! But it just simply testifies of Jesus Christ as our Savior and his power of the atonement.  I'm going to start using my ponderizing scriptures on the street with people to bring more power to our contacts.  I know that Christ is my Savior, and I can't express how thankful I am for the sacrifice He made for me personally.  I love His gospel, and I love sharing it with these people in Taiwan.  

Love, Feng Jiemei
Love y'all (:

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