Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Just Opening Our Mouths

Have this free porsche with your moermenjing!

Good morning! 
We just spent a few minutes at a member's house so we could take 3 loaves of fresh, homemade bread home (: our members are the best! This week really was just a fun week.  Well, okay, half the time, Sister Wright was sick so I was stuck at home making calls and stuff, but it wasn't terrible.  I got really good at looking up names in the dictionary so I could actually know who I'm talking to. 

Sick tongban :( hahah--she's so Taiwanese with her kouzhao 
This is what happens when my tongban
is sick and I'm stuck inside all day...
Hahah well, that's Sister Wright (:
This week, we focused a lot on inviting people to church on the street, and we had 6 people come to church! Why was that so simple? Well, I'm not complaining! We're going to keep that up this week.

Just spent a nice lunch at a zhuabing store
our zhuabing!  Probably one of my favorites

Our awesome investigator, Resa
We found another awesome miracle while we were looking for some LA's.  We were just walking along the street and Sister Wright says hello to this dad and his son up on their balcony.  He's like.. "Who are you?" and we said we're the missionaries! Then he immediately invited us up to his home.  He met with missionaries 15 years ago (He had the old version of the BOM) and he said he's still been reading it and praying how the missionaries taught him to do it! Wow! His wife is also Christian, but he doesn't like their church because they believe in the trinity and pray to Jesus. His name is Chen Chong Yang, by the way.  And he came to church yesterday! We're meeting with him tonight, and when we first met him, he agreed to be baptized on Christmas! What a miracle (: 
This week was Tia's year mark for being baptized (from Georgia)! They moved back to Michigan a while back, so I have no idea how their family is doing, if Keegen ever got baptized, or what.  But I keep praying for them.

We met some Mormons that are here in Taiwan for 3 days
The elders revealed this week that they have a soccer ball in their apartment, so we got to play soccer in the mornings with them. Haha I'm way out of shape, but it felt so good to play around again! 

stinky tofu!  Really stinky, but actually not bad tasting
So, good news! I don't know if I already said this, but the new apostle, Elder Stevenson is visiting our mission tomorrow! We'll get to spend the whole morning with him.  I'm so excited! 
We went classy for once! Best banana and nutella toast I've ever had!
We're also singing in a missionary Christmas choir, which entails a lot of performances ba.  I'll tell you about them as they come. We saw the first few traces of Christmas this week, that was crazy! I can't believe it's already that time of year again!

Guess what we're doing for our English class party :)
For this weeks ponderizing scripture, I chose 2 Nephi 9:21, talking about the Savior and how he was sent to the earth to perform the atonement.  We've encountered a lot of people recently who have no idea who Jesus Christ is, and I really think that scriptures outlines his mudi perfectly.  So I'm going to look for opportunities to share that on the street.  
Well sorry I don't have so much time but I love you! Thank you for your love, your emails, and your prayers! The gospel is so true!

Love, Feng Jiemei (:​

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