Monday, November 2, 2015

Celebrating in My Heart

We got to ride on a golf cart while visiting the hospital
Happy Halloween e'rybody!
Sadly, in Taiwan, that means nothing. So I celebrated in my heart, and ate a Dove chocolate bar that a random guy gave me because it's too sweet for him. Zan! 
Quick shout out to Scott—Love ya, big bro, and happy birthday on Tuesday!
 Steven's baptism--Best day ever!! (he's on the left)
Chen Bo Han (right) helped him be baptized
Man, this week was the best.  First of all, Steven got baptized!! I'm so glad I got to be there to see it, especially since I've been able to teach him from the beginning! It's been really interesting to see his learning process.  He's always struggled knowing he has faith.  He questioned himself a lot. But he finally found the faith to move forward! Haha his favorite scripture is Alma 32:21, and I think it fits.  For whatever reason just lately, he's been all in.  He's been reading every day, coming to church every week, and so renzhen about the word of wisdom! He was definitely ready.  Ah, Steven.  As he was sharing his testimony in sacrament yesterday, he shared that he questioned about the WOW (word of wisdom) and why we can't drink tea and coffee.  But he said he would obey, even if he doesn't know the reason behind it.  He just wants to follow Heavenly Father's commandments.  That was great! He'll have better understanding eventually.  And then even better, pretty much every one after him bore their testimony on the WOW! Haha our ward is great.  Hurrah for Israel!
 temple day with Lin DX!  What a happy sight.
Secondly, we got to go to the temple and do baptisms Lin Xian Shan DX!! Oh man, it was great. I think that totally fulfilled one of my goals for the mission.  Go to the temple with our RC's! Guo Jiating is still trying to find time that they can all go together, but I have no worries about them.  They said maybe even this week.  Haha Lin DX was so excited to take his family names though, and we helped him at the family history center afterwards so he can do the ordinances next time.  What a beautiful thing.  As we were teaching him about the temple beforehand, you could just tell he understood how sacred the temple is.  He was so astounded by it.  This is what I am here for, like President Jergensen always says, "to make covenants." We help people get baptized to make covenants with God.  Then we help them get to the temple to make more covenants with God.  We help LA's come back, to renew their covenants with God.  That's what we're all about as missionaries!
 Ate chicken heart this week... and enjoyed it
One more little perk, I saw Sister Strong in the temple! She was there with an RC too.  It was so good to see her! I love those little temple-reuniting moments. I feel like that's how the Celestial kingdom will be. She was very happy to see Lin Dx and to hear about Steven, as well.  She's in Zhongli now, and she's doing great! 
                                            Look who I found in the temple--Sister Strong! 
As we were English boarding this week, we were able to talk with a person from China! I'm telling you, every Chinese person I've talked to is SOO prepared! When China opens, I just know that missionary work is going to burst on fire! I'm calling it: my kids or my grandchildren will go on a mission to China.  Let it be known.  I’ll have to start ‘em young learning to speak Chinese so they’ll be ready!
We had a really cool miracle last night! Haha sometimes I feel like people not from Taiwan are more prepared than Taiwanese.  But anyway, we found this awesome Philippine woman! She's here taking care of an ama, and she'll go back next month.  Her English was awesome though! I think it's when I find English people that I really remember Heavenly Father's hand in my life. I know how to do missionary work in English and relate to people.  In Chinese, I still struggle a bit.  There's talking to someone, and there's relating to someone.  There's teaching, and there's teaching by the spirit.  I'm still trying to find  the difference between those sometimes when I speak Chinese.  I know it will come, but it was just a nice reminder that I do know how to do missionary work.  The Lord will qualify me, and I just have to show my faith and act. 
 I had to climb up to our balcony again for the 4TH TIME!
One day, we will remember our keys.
Luckily, this time is wasn't raining.
This week's ponderizing scripture: Alma 5:27.  Right after my favorite, verse 26.  have ye walked, keeping yourselves blameless before God? Could you say, if ye were called to die at this time, within yourselves, that ye have been sufficiently humble? That your garments have been cleansed and made white through the blood of Christ, who will come to redeem his people from their sins? So this kind of has two parts.  Haha I always love a good self-check call to repentance and being humble.  I can always improve on that.  The second part though, is relying on Christ's atonement.  we just read a talk this morning for zone meeting prep about teaching the atonement more.  Of course, it was by Elder Holland, and he just said we really need to make sure that our investigators and our RC's have a firm testimony of Jesus Christ and his Atonement. Thus, I was humbled again.  We'll definitely nuli this week. 
Well, that's all for now.  I love you, I'm praying for all those that I love at home, and I'm thankful for your prayers (:

Love, Feng Jiemei
                                            These are the elders' investigators...CREEPY. 

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