Monday, December 14, 2015

Icing to My Dangao

​'Tis the season! Even in a Taiwanese hospital!
Well darn, the awesome email I was just writing somehow got deleted.  So you'll get the short version! This week was crazy! We had a ton of performances with our missionary choir, and it's been so fun to get to travel all around taipei and perform for the different wards.  We also had a nativity thing that we sang for for the English ward! 
 This is why we be on time...and don't run in the chapel halls.
 So I may have met a few famous people this week.
 Yup, I passed off Phase 2!!!!!
Back with Xiao JM in Yilan
I got to visit Guo Jiating on exchanges--Best day ever!!!
Also, I passed off phase 2!!! I still haven't memorized all 2000 words, but that will be done by the transfer, which is this Thursday! AHhhh time is going by too fast.  We had exchanges with the Yilan sisters, which meant I got to go back to my birth place with Xiao JM, and we even got to eat dinner with GUO JIATING!!! That was the icing to my dangao. 
We had stake conference, and because we were splitting the stake, Elders Toronto and Funk (of the Asia area 70?) were there. That was such a neat experience to see, especially since I've been in this stake my whole time here.  So now we're the North Taipei stake, and at the transfer we'll probably be north taipei zone! The work is hastening, y'all!
 What a beautiful day at Jin Hua for stake conference!
Update on Teresa, our most shining golden investigator: She's doing awesome! She came to the nativity thing on Saturday night, Stake conference on Sunday.  We met with her last sunday at a members house, and the member was talking to her after we left.  She told her if she doesn't know something, to just pray about it.  (haha why didn't we think of that? I guess even golden investigators have doubts?) so She prayed to ask if God was real, and then she opened up the Book of Mormon to Mosiah 4:9, "Believe in God, Believe that He is, that he created all things..." AHH that was perfect! So now she totally knows that Heavenly Father is real, and the Book of Mormon answers our questions! What a gem she is.  
 We went to the hospital this week...That place is completely organized chaos!
 Finally cool enough for a nice cup of buy-one-get-one hot chocolate (:
Sorry this is a totally lame email, I promise it was going to be better! Thank you for your prayers and everything.  This week I'm working on humility, patience, and being diligent.  Your continued prayers would be so appreciated! Love you so much!

Love, Feng Jiemei (:

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