Monday, January 18, 2016

I could get used to this Chinese thing...

Hello beautiful family! 

Haha so I'm sitting here in the wangka with my stomach about to explode because I'm so full.  Since Sister Wright is going home soon on the 29th, everyone wants to qing us! We just barely had hot pot, which is just a bunch of vegetables and meat and dongxi, all together in a boiling hot stone bowl. I even had shrimp! Boy, how the mission has changed me. Too good! Our members are so great.  Today I think we're going biking up a huge mountain, and then hiking up to a volcano! Last night we had dinner with Jiang family, the family who we went to skype at for Christmas.  It always feels like Sunday dinner at home when we go there (: 
It's been pretty rainy this week, but today is nice and sunny! I still don't believe Sister Wright always telling me that last winter was so freezing, because this year has been hai hao.  I'm definitely grateful that it hasn't been bad at all!
Chantelle came to church--she's so cute!
It felt like we just went finding all day every day this week, but it was more than just that.  Our most progressing investigator, Chantelle (tian tian) came to church! We've been teaching her the Word of Wisdom and the sabbath day and stuff, and she just loves it.  We asked her, "so what do you think of all these commandments?" and she said," I want to obey them!" She's so awesome! We have another new investigator that's pretty cool, a Lin Luo Fan.  He's 17 and soo funny.  He came to church too! Then we have Wu Cheng and Wu Meng, who are brother and sister, 19 and 16 years old.  They're awesome too! They just kept saying that everything we taught them is so "ku" (cool) and they're excited to learn more.  The gospel is pretty ku, isn't it? 
Hui Ci (member), me, Chantelle (investigator), Sister Wright, 
Lin Luo Fan (inv) Brother Huang (RC), Zheng Yi Ting, (RC) and Chen Qi Ru (RC)
So I've been learning characters from phase 3 and it's so fun to use them to read the scriptures, randomly on the street, or in church.  Okay, so I know hardly a fraction of what is helpful, but I've got a start! On sunday, I forgot my hymnbook with the pinyin, so I had to read out of the normal hymnbooks.  I stumbled through a lot of it, but I could do it! I sang "Teach me to walk in the light" almost flawless (: I've also started writing a teeny bit, and the other day I was writing a B, but did it in stroke order.. haha okay that probably sounds dumb to you but I thought it was great! I could get used to this Chinese thing!
 Exchanges with Sister Zhong! She's just doing a week duanchuan, she's from Hualien!
 It's way more fun having all 4 sisters together for exchanges (:
Exchanges with Sister Zhong, and we met this awesome sister who said she's a really deep buddhist, but she set a baptismal date!
We went on exchanges just once this week, and I got to exchange with a duanchuan from Hualien.  Duanchuan is when we don't have enough missionaries so a Taiwanren comes and serves for a period of time.  Her name is Sister Zhong and she was baptized only in October! She's so awesome!! We found so many miracles! I always tell the sisters we go on exchanges with to expect miracles! Something about exchanges just spikes it! And now that they all come to our area, Beitou has been doing pretty well (: 
 This is someone kind of famous--he's running for a political office
English Class
Okay, that's pretty much all I have to say for this week! My ponderizing scripture is.. Enos 1:5-6 when he's forgiven of his sins and feels so much joy! Repenting is such a happy thing, it doesn't have to be scary or embarrassing.  Keep your covenants, go to the temple often, and share the gospel!

Love, Feng Jiemei

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