Monday, January 11, 2016

The Mission Vision

It’s a rainy Monday morning in Taiwan! We still took advantage of the rain and went on a nice run this morning though (: We had an AMAZING week this week! I don't know if it's due to the two exchanges in our area, making there be 4 sisters in Beitou, or if the Lord is just pleased with our efforts and rewarding us for it.  Okay, so actually all of our baptismal date investigators dropped... All we have left is Chantelle, who's an English student.  She reads and stuff, but she still hasn't come to church.

Dad would be so proud! We made a desk in 6 (not-so-simple-and-also-in-Chinese) steps!
Sis. Jin lives all the way up the mountain. Traveling up to her house
on the bus with Elders Francis and Doug from the Danshui ward 
Ready for the bad news? Xie Wei Jie, who was absolutely no doubt going to be baptized this weekend, brought up that he and his wife are actually (temporarily but legally) divorced, but they're still living together.  Something about the government and legal money safety stuff that I didn't understand.  Man, I was so bummed to hear that. Keep praying for him though.  I know the second they get married again, he'll want to be baptized!  It may be a year or so though.
 Our crazy church turnout.  Kenton (I), Sis Zhang (LA), Bro Tao (her friend), Louisela (I from Phillipines, so we had to translate), Bro Deng (really LA), and Sis Chen (also really LA)
We met this cool guy named Kenton on the MRT the other day.  He's from Grand Rapids, Michigan.  I could not remember for the life of me where Lisa is from though! He's an exchange student, and has a Baptist background, just what I like (: we found out he's actually not in our area, but he'll be with a new family in March that will be in our area! So I'll get to teach him for a minute!
We had our two zone meetings this week, wow that seems like forever ago! It was a little crazy running from Shilin to Jin Hua to do both of the zone trainings, but I think they went great! It was interesting to see the different people's reactions to the new revelation about exchanges and transfer meetings and stuff.  Just have faith, little missionaries.  The Lord is hastening His work, and He knows what He's doing!
 Sister Xiao--Isn't she so cute?
 Exchanges with Sister Lin.  She's the best!
We had two exchanges this week, and I got to serve with two Taiwanese companions! Haha I'm glad I was with Xiao JM in breaking, so now they're not as scary.  I exchanged with Sister Lin, who I met doing the missionary Christmas choir, and we just became best friends.  And then another Sister Xiao, who's training right now and waiting for her visa to go to Washington.
 E'rybody needed new glasses at XiMenDing
 Carly and Hanny
We also had surprise interviews with President Jergensen this week! I love that man so much.  He's just so loving and makes you want to be better. He basically told me to set a goal of how many people I want to see baptized before I go home, and make it happen.  Also, my mission vision is now nothing but "teach repentance and baptize converts".  To go along with that, I had Mosiah 26:30 for my ponderize scripture this week.  Haha sorry I've been forgetting to include that! It basically says as many times as you repent, I'll forgive you.  That's so great, right? I think I'll try to share it on the street this week. 
 Sis. Jin, one of the members, does this for a living.  How cool!
Well, that's about it for this week! We're going shopping today at Taipei Main Station, so let me know if there's anything special you want me to get!
Repent every day, go to the temple regularly, and sustain the prophet! Love you!

Love, Feng Jiemei

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