Monday, January 25, 2016

A Taste of Winter

Sorry I'm writing a little later today, we had a zone party today up the mountain in Danshui at Sister Jin's house! She's the best! We got zone t shirts, and she made all kinds of food.  It was so fun! Man, I just love Taiwan. It's so beautiful, especially from the 12th floor of a mountain apartment. Speaking of mountains, it snowed up there on Sunday! Apparently it's the first time in maybe 20 years since they've had snow! Hahah Last night we were contacting up the mountain a bit and there were hundreds of cars coming down, and about every third one had a snowman built on the windshield (: I just love Taiwanren! That was great.  It's been SOO cold though! We heard it was -5 Celsius (you do the math).  Hopefully it should be warming up. We're lucky that winter started late this year, and it should be ending pretty soon too!
                      We found this sweet litte ama who said we reminded her of her grandkids.
                                                                How precious (:
Oh ps, we had some technical difficulties so we'll be watching the missionary broadcast tomorrow.
Our people that we're working with are doing so good! So there's Chantelle, and she's great.  She came to church again, and she's working on buying a new wardrobe  so she can be modest. Ah, I love her.  Then there's Chen Lei, who also came to church.  Her mom is reallyyy Buddhist, and doesn't want her to get baptized.  She's like 50, by the way.  But Taiwanren really respect their parents. 
 English class
Anyway, she's doing her best to keep the word of wisdom, and she actually set a baptismal date!! March 8.  So we'll just keep jiayou with her! There's also a Brother Deng, an LA.  He's like 28 and he knows everything about the church in and out, but just lost his testimony a few years ago and never came to church for 5 or 6 years.  We had dinner with him one night, and he's come to church for two weeks in a row and even helped us peike! Umm.. he was the member present? yes. Wow huge miracle! 

We went on a ton of exchanges this week! I got to go with Sister Guo again, who is now the tour sister. She used to be my STL, so that was fun to be with her again! I learned a lot from her.  Always find something you can complement someone on! Then I got to be with Sister Qiu again.  She finally got her visa! So she'll go to the MTC around Feb 23, and then to temple square! I'm so excited for her (: I also got to be companions with Sister Nau, from Florida.  Ah, she's great! I've had so much fun getting to go on so many exchanges and getting to know everyone.  We've definitely seen the blessings in our area, and we've seen so many miracles from it! I always tell the sisters to expect miracles when we go on exchanges.  They just happen! But why not expect them every day, you know? It's been happening!

 Zheng Yi Ting
 Exchanges with Guo Jiemei.  She also goes home this week.
 Last exchange with Sister Qiu before she goes to Temple Square
Haha so something funny I found out.  To abbreviate 'thank you' when texting, they say '3Q'.  you say 3 as 'san' so it's san-q. say it with a Taiwanese accent and it sounds like thank you! Haha too funny. 

Man, Sister Wright goes home this week.  I've really come to love her so much, and just love being a missionary with her. I had my first breakdown of not wanting to go home as we were having language study.  Okay I have to admit, I've definitely been learning Chinese really fast, probably faster than I deserve.  But since my time in Taiwan is almost done, it seems like not fast enough! I just want to take this last transfer and work my very hardest and do everything in my power to please the Lord and find whoever He needs me to find. I know that He is guiding us every day. There is no other way back to Heavenly Father than through Christ.  But what an awesome way! I love this gospel! Have a great week! Love you!!

Love, Feng Jiemei
 Eating lunch with the sisters on exchanges

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