Monday, February 8, 2016

After the typhoon and the earthquake...

Happy Monday morning! 

Today is a beautiful day to move! Yes, we've been living out of half packed boxes and suitcases for a week, but today is the day! Since we have 4 sisters living in our house for exchanges, we needed something bigger, and they probably decided we needed a cute red kitchen with a STOVE! We're living the dream here, folks.  And not just because of the new house. We had a lot of moments this week where you take a step back and think, "Remember that one time we were missionaries in Taiwan?" I love this beautiful land! 

HONGBAO! we each got 168 kuai, which we're guessing has
some special meaning...I'm sure I'll figure it out this week.

One moment was on exchanges this week with Sister Lindsay (from the MTC-- She's one transfer behind me) eating douhua (translates to bean curd.. it tastes so much better than it sounds) in this old creepy alley.  
 Exchanges with Sister Lindsay!  Eating douhua in a Taiwanese alley
Another was getting the first taste of guonian.. CHINESE NEW YEARS!! I love this! It's literally like their Christmas.  We have dinners and lunch with members for every meal this week, so we'll see how much weight I gain haha, I'll try to keep it under 10.  It was really interesting yesterday, after our one hour of church, we had lunch with an all member family, and it was very normal and just like a Mormon family dinner in Taiwan with the Liao family.  

First juonian dinner with Liao family
Then for dinner, we ate with Zhou family, and Sister Zhou and her brother +his wife and kid were the only members there.  So we got to see the rest of their family bai bai! That was interesting.  Bai bai literally means worship, but they basically mumble some stuff while they hold the incense stick over the food and I think that blesses it so their ancestors' ghosts can eat first.  Then after 10 mins or so, someone randomly says, Okay let's eat! I'm learning, but I've gained a respect for their culture and why they do things.  Family is so important to these people, just like us, and that's just the only way they know to respect them.
 I love everything about this picture:  Temple, MLC, and Sister Juarez. And me (:
 The Jedi Council!!! All the Zone leaders, STLs, and President/Sister Jergensen
We had MLC this week, and it was awesome! We're doing a lot more to work with members and actually getting legit referrals, especially for guonian where we'll be visiting a lot of members.  I'm excited for zone meetings this week! 
Good news, and bad news! So the good news, Chantelle passed her baptismal interview!!! Literally no  problems. She's great! But the not so good news, she accidently slept in for church yesterday, so we have to push her date back a week to the 20th, when it was originally planned for.  That's okay, it's probably better that way.  She's so excited though! Definitely keep her in your prayers! 

Just your average lesson with Zheng Yi Ting (: or as I like to
call her, peng peng

Hmm, what have I learned this week? It's important to have confidence, because a lack of confidence isn't right.  (That sounded better in my head, and also in Chinese) But especially to have confidence in Heavenly Father.  He's the reason why we have everything and He's the reason why we can do everything. I sometimes get discouraged because my Chinese isn't where I'd like it to be at or something, but then I realized how MUCH I've been blessed!! I've been in Taiwan for what, 7 months? There is no way that I could be who I am today without the help of my Heavenly Father.  Of course, you still have to nuli and prayer, but it's mostly Him.  I'm thankful that He has taken my weaknesses and what I lack and made them strengths.  It's blessed me, and it's blessed those who I've served and taught.  
Love you, hope y'all have a wonderful Chinese New year's week (: 

Love, Feng Jiemei

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