Monday, February 29, 2016

Finding Miracles

 Just an average beautiful sabbath day
Good morning beautiful family! 
What a crazy week this has been.  Not necessarily crazy things happening, but just super busy, and everyone wants to take us out to dinner and stuff.  Okay, so I've gained a little weight haha.  But who wouldn't? Taiwanese food is so good!! 
 Dinner with the Zhang family
                                    PIZZA HUT!!! + Exchanges with Sister Cutler and Guan

Lunch at Sister Chen's

The temple was wonderful, by the way. We did a session in Chinese, and surprisingly it was actually pretty easy to understand.  Mom, I saw Alice again! Haha honestly I don't even remember how she knows you, but it was so nice to see a familiar face from home (: 

Post temple with Sister Juarez

We a lot of cool miracles this week! So we didn't find any new investigators until like Thursday or Friday, which was really weird.  It was probably Friday or Saturday when we had only found 1 or 2, and we prayed so hard, and we literally only had 15 minutes before our dinner appointment to find on the street. Well, no one wanted to talk to us, and we might have even talked to a possessed ama that was just bai bai-ing at a buddhist miao.  We had to go, and we were a little bummed as we went to unlock our bikes, but then this lady, Sister Peng, walked by and kind of did a double take.  Those are the best (: We went to go talk to her super quick, prayed with her, she accepted our invite to baptism, and she set up! I'm finding there's people who are definitely so prepared, and some people just need a little more time.  That was just one of so many miracles this week. 
 Our sweet little Philipino member, Sister Lita
This was outside a cute little pottery place in Yingge (taoyuan) last p day
We ran out of wasi (gas) in the morning during showers, so we had a to call a guy to come.  Haha it's always a little awkward seeing a man in our apartment, but we decided we'd make the best of it.  So we gave our new friend, Brother Zhou a Book of Mormon, and got his number.  Then this week, I kid you not, we saw him riding around on the street probably 8 different times! Last night we finally stopped to talk to him, and set up a time to meet. This has definitely been Shen de anpai (God's setting up..?)
                                                              Cutest agong ever...
 Brother Zhu who owns a guitar shop.  And that's not the only reason
he's awesome--He said he's going to take the Book of Mormon and read it all!
We also met this cool guy named Brother Zhu, who works at a guitar shop! I thought Joseph would appreciate that.  He'll definitely be baptized, but he's just super busy.

MLC lunch at the mission home 

MLC was last week, which means zone meetings tomorrow! Haha it's interesting to work with the zone leaders from both central and north zones and see how different it turns out.  I've definitely learned a lot of leadership skills and how to work with people.  
You know, I'm really grateful for Sister Juarez.  She's been so easy to work with, and whenever we're done with exchanges, we're always happy to be with each other again (: She's definitely been a blessing to me and this area.  
Well, that about sums up this week.  Go to the temple, read the Book of Mormon every day, and pray as if Heavenly Father was sitting there beside you.  

Love, Feng Jiemei (:

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