Monday, September 21, 2015

Project Purification

Good morning beautiful family! I swear I say this every week, but I can't believe it's already another Monday.  Libai yi kuaile! Things are just going great here in Yilan.  The sun is shining, the sewer smell is only mildy strong, and the natives are up and ready for the day!
Transfers are this week, so we got up early go to see the sunrise on the beach! Plus a little frisbee and a nice run added in there.  I guess it's a district tradition now? This island is so beautiful though! I'm in love. 

Best tongbantuan ever!
Ming Yuan (Guo jiating son) came back from dangbing for the weekend! I think it's some kind of military training, but everyone has to do it.  We just have a few more commandments to teach him, lesson 5, and he's all set to hop in the water! Since it's bu yiding (not for sure?) what weekends he'll be back, we're just going at it with a weekly basis.  He's so stoked to be baptized though! As we've been teaching all the commandments, he keeps saying, "I'm already keeping that!" Haha he's great.  It definitely helps that he's already Christian and knows all the basic stuff. Guo DX can't wait to baptize his son! What a cute happy little family (: The older sister and brother might take a little longer, but they'll come around!
                    Our favorite little Asian friend, Carly.  And the cool tractors photobombed us... 
We had exchanges this week! I sometimes dread exchanges, but I left my area this time, so it wasn't so stressful.  I went to Beitou (in Taipei) with Sister Sagisi, she's awesome! She's from Hawaii, and she actually goes home next transfer! Crazy stuff! But we had the coolest miracle while we were together! She wanted me to try all this food that we don't have in Yilan, so at night we were planning out everywhere we wanted to go.  I have no doubt that Heavenly Father was listening to our planning session, because there is no way that we found Liu JM by accident.  We were debating to get a drink with dongxi in it, and we figured what the heck, haha.  So as we were just on the side of the street drinking, this woman comes up to us, and just kind of stops, like she expects us to talk to her. So we did of course! It turns out that she's Christian, and she was just so humble and wanting to listen and learn.  We set up a time to meet with her, and she accepted baptism.  It just amazes me how perfect our Heavenly Father's plan is.  He knew exactly where we would be, he helped lead Liu JM to us.  And to think that he's doing that to everyone, all around the world! Man, the gospel is so cool!

District sunrise beach party
Sister Sagisi gave me a cool talk to read called Project Purification (sorry I don't know who it's by but go find it!) It basically went through every aspect of missionary work (but can also be applied to every day member life, of course) and it talked about what a social missionary would do, an honorable missionary, and a sacred missionary.

District paidui at mai dang lao (McD's) plus Carly and Craig (:
Even the littlest of things that seem so insignificant but are still disobedient will take the spirit away from you.  Then there was an invite/plan that I definitely want to do this next transfer! So you fast to know which things you need to change to have the spirit more in your life.   Every morning, ask for help through prayer in making those changes, and every night report how it went, repent if needed, and recommit. I'm going to start at the beginning of the transfer, and I expect to see miracles! It will be great.  
  Funnest food I've eaten yet! 
I have no idea what they're called haha.  
You crack it open in the middle, and you have to squish 
out this red bean/potato stuff. 
Haha it's an odd concept.
​Exchanges with Sister Sagisi!

Hong dou bing! It's got cream stuff in the middle,
or red bean stuff.  Too bad they're not in Yilan :(
I just want to thank everyone real quick.  Thank you for your prayers, your letters and emails, your encouragement, and your love.  Sometimes it's weird being on the other end of all those, since I've had 3 brothers serve a mission.  I'm the missionary now! And we do need prayers because we definitely can't do it alone! But I'm so humbled and so grateful to be serving a a mission for the Lord right now. I literally can't think of anything else I would rather be doing than teaching the restored gospel to these precious little Taiwanese ren.  I know it's true, and they will too (:
Love, Feng Jiemei!
                                                         Good morning, Taiwan (:

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