Monday, September 28, 2015

Watching for Miracles in Phase 2


 One the left-Moon cakes, and we got our 3rd cake yesterday
from the RS president.  Maybe it's the cool thing to give free cakes?
We're not complaining!
Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!!
Honestly, I don't really know what that means, haha. But it's going on right now in Taiwan. I think all it means to the people here is everyone BBQ's and eats moon cakes! TONS of moon cakes. We've definitely not gone hungry this week! 
Apparently everyone's visas that were supposed to be coming this week got delayed for a minute, so we're having transfers this week instead of last week! Haha I don't quite understand, but I'm happy to have another for sure week in Yilan (:
To answer some questions: 
I loved the sisters in Zion song at the MTC! Whenever we sing that here, I always think of the words that had been written specifically for sister missionaries in the MTC.  It always made me a little teary-eyed (: 
That's cool that the missionaries get to watch the funeral at the MTC! I can't believe that 3 apostles have passed away since last GC. this will definitely be one to remember! I heard both Elder Scott and Elder Ballard in the MTC, so I'm grateful that I got to hear from them in person at least once. 
I think we'll do the RS meeting like we did in the MTC, we'll watch it the same time that the elders go to priesthood meeting.  And it takes a week to translate everything, so we'll watch conference the weekend of the 10th. 

Xu Jiemei, a LA who took us to her son's restaurant

Carly will be coming to the MTC in January, about the 20th? Her English is actually pretty good, her major is English or linguistics or something, so I don't know if she'll be fast tracked for just 2 weeks or what. Definitely look for her though! 
Our 10-year old friend at McD's who rejected us
So honestly, on paper at least, this week didn't go too well! Haha we had every reason to get down on ourselves and just pout about being xingku. Literally every person we talked to rejected us! Or we would even talk with people for a good 5 or 10 minutes, definitely long enough for us to share a brief restoration, and then they would reject a prayer for them, or a BOM.  Haha we even met a little 10 year old girl at McDonald's before a lesson and she wouldn't leave us alone,  (She was cute, so that part was okay) but she just wanted to speak English with us, so we gave her an English tract to come to our class, and then she wouldn't even take it! We got rejected by a 10 year old! That was a new low.  
 The cards in front are lessons 1-5 of phase 1.
The big stack in the back is only 1000 out of 2000
words to learn for phase 2.  Lots to work on!
One more thing, I passed off Phase 1!!! So now I'm starting to learn random foods and stuff.  Haha so of course, the day I passed it off, someone told me that they didn't understand a thing I said. Clearly, they didn’t realize I had just passed off my phase 1! 
 Finally getting home from cat village after missing our train
 Beware of humans crossing, and cats falling
 Last p day we visited this crazy cat village.  Literally the whole city has cat stuff everywhere!
It's actually a little creepy...
 Cat wall, of course
Despite all that stuff that happened, we still found success.  We still were happy.  We still had hope that a miracle would be right around the corner, and there was. One, we were able to take to members to meet a LA Melchezidek priesthood holder (that's been a focus since we're trying to split the stake and ward).  His phone didn't work and half of the month he's out of the country for work, so it was definitely a miracle that we found him when we did! 
 I think this is from the last taifeng.  That's why most houses are made from cement
 Yes, there is a dog's head sticking out of the backpack
And another one, Ming Yuan is getting baptized this week! He's the Guo son.  We were able to have two lessons with him this weekend, get his interview, and he's all set! He said he can't wait to go to the temple with his parents to do baptisms (: Okay, one more.  Guo DX passed the sacrament for the first time this week! That was so humbling to see him sitting up there with the 3 other deacons and teachers.
 Sunday night dinner with Guo Jiating (:
During the sacrament hymn, I just had one of those moments.  You think of the Savior and all that He has done for you, and then you take a step back and think of your circumstances and what is happening around you, and it’s almost more than you can take  in.  We are so blessed.  I am so thankful for the time I've been able to serve in Yilan.  It's seriously the promised land! This week, if everything goes as planned, 6 people will be getting baptized in the ward! I just know that the Lord is hastening His work here, and he's doing it through us and the members.  
We have been humbled so much this week, and I'm so thankful for that.  It's what I've been working on a lot, actually.  Tianfu definitely knows what we need, when and how we need it.  I love this gospel (:
Love, Feng Jiemei

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